The Nice Lady Who Ran The Bean Madness Competition At Shank Charcuterie

We have no idea what Cheezy Cajun put in their red beans and rice at the Beans Madness shootout held at Shank Charcuterie last week. Nor do we want to find out.

Suffice to say, Frady’s One Stop bested the newcomers and has now advanced to the Sweet 16 round of ‘Beans Madness’

Ethyl and Dorothy (RIP) are smiling down from heaven right now. Those two old gals authored the recipe that has powered Joe Frady’s weekly kettles of red beans and rice for over 40 years.

Interview with Joe Frady

Maybe we’ll see y’all out this Sunday?

Sunday March 25th

Frady’s vs. Three Muses

Nola Tilth (1312 France St) – 2 to 4 pm

Iron Age Bacon

In the bacon trade it helps to keep your ear to the ground as new developments in the cured hog belly game are always rising.

Late last year we were hanging out with the butcher at Shank Charcuterie here in New Orleans, and doing what we always do, talking about where the best pork bellies are coming from these days. Continue Reading

When we lived in Austin we routinely visited Texas Sausage Company before we started our own Texas Hot Guts Project.

Franklin Barbecue has famously used the old East Austin charcuterie business for their sausage needs for years.

On sunny weekends you will be standing in a line when you walk in the door as neighborhood barbecue cooks know Texas Sausage Company makes some of the best hot links in the entire state.

We were on a deep dive on the internet this morning when we stumbled upon a fresh photo gallery of the old meat company.

Check out how the sausage gets made in Austin, Texas.