Hodge Podge Country Cooking is popping up at Trap Kitchen

You may remember Joel Brown from The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network a few years back. His crew, Grill Em All, a metal-themed burger truck won the grand prize and Brown took his share of the cash prize, and relocated from Oregon to New Orleans to pursue his dreams as a chef. Continue Reading

RL Reeves Jr’s New Orleans Album of the Week: Pops Staples’ Peace To The Neighborhood’

I was working at Charlemagne Records in Birmingham, Alabama the year that Roebuck ‘Pops’ Staples’ classic LP Peace To The Neighborhood came out. The old record store was in the middle of what would be a 43 year run before sadly shutting their doors earlier this year.

We were stunned when the 78 year-old gospel singer’s album was our top seller for six weeks.

How good is it? Continue Reading

rl reeves jr reports on the US soul food scene

In Atlanta, Georgia, Mexican soul food joint Blaxican has closed. They should auction the name as it’s one of the greatest portmanteaus in the world of food. I never had the chance to eat there but I routinely cook mashups of soul food, and Mexican food, and I completely appreciate the gimmick. Here’s the story of the demise. Continue Reading