RL Reeves Jr is eating 500 po boys in Louisiana

Max Landry is working the room. The owner of Arabi Food Store seemingly knows every person that walks into the crowded neighborhood cafe, and he’s not afraid to point out new haircuts, weight gains and the like. There’s plenty good cheer to be had at this small eatery just a big leaguer’s throw from the Mississippi River. Continue Reading

Six years goes by fast. Dublin Dr Pepper, formerly one of our favorite beverages on this earth, fell out of production at Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company on this day in 2012.

The hubris and greed of Snapple Corporation led to the downfall of the beloved family soda pop bottler.

And Dr Pepper has not crossed our lips since.

Here is the obituary we penned on this day January 11th 2012.

2018 Perfect Gentlemen Second Line In New Orleans

It was like a bomb went off when the 2018 Perfect Gentlemen second line crossed into Central City from downtown New Orleans. The crowd began chanting “BACK TO DA PROJECTS!” and the brass band went from hot to nuclear. Sunday January 8th 2018 marked the first second line of the young year, and if this procession was any indicator of what’s to come we’re in for some hellacious rolls til the good times grind to a halt in June. Continue Reading