We were fiddling around doing a little site maintenance when we noticed our recent Zephyr Wright’s Chili Con Queso article was receiving astronomical traffic.

We vectored in on the sender to discover that the Houston Chronicle had featured us in an article on LBJ’s favorite queso recipe that was routinely trotted out by his legendary cook, Ms Wright.

Thanks for the hat tip Craig Hlavaty.

An Oral History of the New Orleans Ninth Ward

We’ll have a lengthy review once we receive our copy of Caroline Gerdes’ “An Oral History of the New Orleans Ninth Ward” but suffice to say we are excited about this release.

Ms. Gerdes grandmother grew up in the 9th Ward and while the younger Gerdes was matriculating at LSU she received a grant from National Geographic to pen a history of New Orleans best known community.

Country Roads magazine has a piece on Gerdes here.

Check out our 9th Ward Daily Photo series.

A Ya Ka Mein Lady Hard At Work In New Orleans

For supper tonight we’re chopping up a head of cabbage, a bunch of green onions, and an Irish potato. We’ll line a casserole dish with the assemblage, pour a cup of master stock on it then top the affair with a roasting hen slathered in T-Boy’s Garlic Seasoning. As the hen roasts the schmaltz drips onto the potatoes, cabbage and onions making for a fine soul food Continue Reading