Little People’s Place in Treme

If you ever get homesick for New Orleans PBS has a vast treasure trove of documentaries about our city here.

Oh, and it is possible to get homesick for New Orleans even if you’re currently living in here. The city we call home is almost unrecognizable right now.

But we will persevere just like we always have; at least for the past 303 years.

Kartchner’s Specialty Meats in Scott, Louisiana

Best Stop, the long-running Scott, Louisiana Cajun meat house has had a serious dent put in their business by rival Kartchner’s. Kartchner’s opened a big fancy meat-based grocery store on the I-10 exit and now travelers have to roll right by it to even get near Best Stop. On recent visits Kartchner’s was packed and Best Stop was a ghost town. Best Stop has reacted by coaxing the controversial Rouse’s grocery chain into carrying their products. Read all about it here There’s plenty room in Acadiana for both companies. Continue Reading