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Coke and heroin, the uncut shit, I used to fuck with all that . . . That’s how I was rockin’

Has it really been 17 years since James Adarryl Tapp Jr aka Soulja Slim was gunned down in New Orleans? We had Slim’s Hustlin’ Is A Habit on heavy rotation on the hotline at the steakhouse where I worked in that long ago time. Continue Reading

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Lady Marmalade by LaBelle with New Orleans heavy hitters The Meters as backing band, and Allen Toussaint in the producer’s chair hit no.1 on the Billboard chart today back in 1975.

“In the hands of LaBelle, the song became an anthem of sexual assertion and empowerment rather than a camp story about prostitution.” wrote African American Music in 2014. Continue Reading

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

I was a teenager with a fake ID the first time I ever saw Haynesville, Louisiana native Johnny Clyde Copeland perform.

Grundy’s Music Room was a subterranean jazz club in the dangerous part of Birmingham’s Northside. There were painted ladies at the top of the stairs, drug dealers whistling at you as you wheeled up, and the boarded-up buildings on the block bore no signs of commerce. Continue Reading

Schwegmann’s Grocery has burned to the ground

The building that housed Schwegmann’s Grocery has burned to the ground.

Originally opened in 1869, it served as a launching pad for the birth of the modern supermarket in USA. John Gerald Schwegmann was born on Aug. 14, 1911 in the apartments above the old store that his grandfather, a German émigré had founded nearly a half century prior. Continue Reading

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I wonder how much Jax Brewing Company paid Dave Bartholomew to cut this track back in 1950? The song is little more than a two plus minute elegy to the common lager that was widely available at bars and corner stores in that long ago time.

It is a jumper though.

Jackson Bohemian Brewery, locally known as Jax Beer, was founded by 27 year old Alsatian German immigrant Lawrence Fabacher in 1890 at 600 Decatur Street. The building was designed and constructed by fellow German Dietrich Einsiedel. Thos. Hofer was employed as head brewer after being spirited away from rival Weckerling Brewery. Continue Reading

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Juvenile (Terius Gray) was born 45 years ago today.

Since around ’92, he’s needed no introduction to anybody who had a radio, the internet or a cousin hawking cassette tapes on a second line. That was the year D.J Jimi’s Bounce (For The Juvenile) featured a 17 year old Gray on one of New Orleans first bounce records. Continue Reading

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Abbeville, Louisiana native Bobby Charles left a massive imprint on the Deep South music scene but it was a novelty song he wrote that drew him the most acclaim.

‘Later Alligator’ hit the Billboard R&B charts on this day back in 1956, and made a modest impact but when Bill Haley recorded it two years later, the track turned into a monster that saw regular royalty checks cut and sent to Mr Charles.

Not hip to Bobby Charles? Dial up Youtube and put on “Rice N Gravy,” that’s Willie’s band backing Bobby up with Neil Young playing guitar.