Dixon’s Market In Corbin Is On The Eastern Kentucky Chili Bun Trail

Corbin, Kentucky is famous. It was where Colonel Sanders began his rise to power in the world of fried chicken; it’s the home of the Moonbow, the only nighttime rainbow in the western hemisphere; and it’s the birthplace of the chili bun-one of Kentucky’s signature contributions to the regional foodways of the US.

We sent RL Reeves Jr deep into the Appalachian mountains last month. He filed this report.

New Orleans Soul Food: A Grocery Store Hot Link Stuffed Into A Po Boy Loaf

Beaumont, Texas is one of our favorite cities in the great state. It’s old, rough and around the edges and home to some of the best restaurants in the Lone Star. At Sonny’s BBQ II you can get a square meal of fried chicken, pig feet, homemade hot links, fried fish, smoked boudin, and pork ribs. Continue Reading

How To Dry Cure 12lbs Of Berkshire Hog Jowls

In the 1894 Berkshire Yearbook And Breeding Herds tome, the Berkshire hog is lauded by W.H Embry and Gregory (livestock commission merchants) thusly: “We consider the English Berkshire, as a class, the best hogs for the market. The Berkshire is the best hog to follow cattle as you can make him weigh 300lbs in 10 months and he will walk farther to market than any breed of same fat and weight. Continue Reading

Liberty Cheesesteaks On Freret Street

Liberty Cheesesteaks on Freret spent the past few years in a tiny sub-500 square feet cubbyhole across from Dat Dog. We were on a po boy research expedition when we noticed they have recently re-opened in the old comedy club that stood at Soniat and Freret.

And they have draft Rosé on tap for all the sorority girls.

We are considering featuring one of their sandwiches in our 500 Po Boys Series