The Best Austin Texas Food Blogs: Stiles Switch, Pop Up Picnic, Whataburger,Lenoir,Gus Fried Chicken

The gals over at Forks Up segue off the fine dining trail and eat at Stiles Switch Barbecue

Ginny Bell! has a food events round up for y'all



Lockhart BBQ's Steve “Bubba” Coddington Wins National Barbecue Person Of The Year

Up in Michigan there's a smoked meat outfit called Lockhart BBQ where pit boss Steve "Bubba" Coddington plies his trade. (ed note: barbecue newcomers now use the word "pitmaster" to describe any person who's ever so much as grilled a hamburger on a Weber grill, we'll stick with the pit boss appellation.)

That's a far piece from Lockhart, Texas but as branding goes you could do a lot worse than invoking a Texas legend to help get the meat out the door.



Massive Craft Beer Party Set To Blow Up In Dallas: Big Texas Beer Fest

To be clear, we have no intention of attending, but this weekend's (Saturday April 5th 2014) Big Texas Beer Fest in Dallas sounds like a good time

To wit: 400 beers from over 100 brewers.



A New Player Enters The Austin Texas Craft Coffee Scene: Wild Gift Coffee

For the past five years, Once Over Coffee Bar in South Austin has been our favorite coffee shop in central Texas.

We go here for perfect Americanos, a soundtrack featuring plenty X, and Jason and the Scorchers and the friendliest baristas in Austin.

They also happen to be deadly serious about their beans. So serious, they've decided to open their own coffee roaster with partner Clancy Rose, a major player in the Texas craft bean roasting scene.



Meet Our Purveyors: Anson Mills' Glenn Roberts Preaches The Gospel Of Organic Sustainable Grits

Much like his contemporary, Allan Benton of Benton's Country Hams, Anson Mills' Glenn Roberts is a rockstar in the community of chefs who treat sourcing like a competitive sport.

While Benton rules the heritage pork game, Roberts is perched high atop the roost of heirloom corn, rice, and other grains; a perch that he built through a decade-plus of hard work searching the back roads of South Carolina for forgotten seed strains of Civil War-era starch varietals.



Aggie Processed Meat Technology School April 24-25, 2014

If you're planning on entering the meat business or just interested in sharpening your skills and/or honing your meat techniques, Texas A&M is hosting a processed meat symposium April 24-25 2014.



This Week In Craft Beer News: Saint Arnold,Brouwerij Troost,Whole Foods,Global Assn Of Craft Brewers

In what world is Shiner Bock considered a craft beer? To be clear, we have no hatred for Shiner. If you walk up to us with one and proffer it, it will be summarily drunk with nary a protest. But is it craft?



Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up 15: East Austin Charcuterie Project

The Scrumptious Chef cooking crew has swollen to nine for our next event: East Austin Charcuterie Project, to be held at Tamale House East Saturday April 5th 2014 at 7pm.

It's a trek through the world of cured meat with all the heritage pork (From Legend Meats Gorman, Texas) you could dream for or want.



Best Dive Bar In Austin Part Eleven: The Jackalope

Should a drinkery be disqualified from being considered the best dive bar in Austin if they sell cans of Pearl, the oldest and cheapest beer in Texas, for $4.25?

Not necessarily. After all, they've got to keep the lights on one way or another.

A far more egregious sin for a dive bar is hiring a snarling harridan to serve that beer.



As Bridget Dunlap Closes Lustre Pearl W/Stevie Nicks Tribute Christine McVie Re-joins Fleetwood Mac


We think not.

Christine McVie has not toured with Fleetwood Mac in 15 years, but now, with a major artistic threat (Bridget Dunlap's Stevie Nicks cover band) looming on the horizon, McVie has announced plans to rejoin her old bandmates.



This Week In Sausage News:Big Boar Hog, FDA, Make Your Own Bacon,Burger King,Clarissa Dickson-Wright

We'll be firing up the big grinder extruder next week as we introduce a brand new sausage at our charcuterie pop up ( It's a smoked seafood, country ham boudin, and we're predicting it will be a stunner.



Southern Aggression! Texas Top Barbecue Pit Bosses Set To Invade NYC For Smoked Meat Pop Up

As we speak, a team of fire-hardened Texas pit bosses are caravanning out of the Great State on their way to NYC for a barbecue pop up.



2014 Food And Wine Best New Chef: Mat Clouser vs Paul Qui vs Andrew Wiseheart

There are non-Austin chefs competing for Food and Wine's Best New Chef, but for the purposes of this conversation we'll limit ourselves to the Austin contingent.

Andrew Wiseheart of Contigo puts out one of Austin's finest (and bloodiest on demand) burgers, and is handy with a cleaver when it comes butchering time. If you like dogs and children then this is your spot.



Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up 15: Meet Our Purveyors: Benton's Country Ham

Madisonville, Tenn. "It's not the dollar that motivates me so much as the compliment."

It's a long haul from Austin, Texas to Madisonville, Tennessee (2000 mile round trip) but when you've got a charcuterie pop up restaurant planned, it's a pilgrimage that must be made.

And one I happily took as the new year began a few months back.



The Best Austin Texas Food Blogs: Blackbird And Henry, Titaya's, La V, Salty Sow, Nobel Sandwich

The ladies over at the Forks Up blog keep on banging out killer content with plenty restaurant reviews. Blackbird and Henry gets the treatment



Five Hour Vietnamese Cauliflower: A Practical Guide

Dedicate five hours of your life to roasting a cauliflower; go ahead and do it Vietnamese-style, you'll have plenty time to lollygag while the task completes itself.

Hot and fast vs low and slow.



Dr. Bryan Townsend Of Austin Shatters World Record With Monster Guadalupe Bass

Sometimes it pays to hire a fishing guide. Shea McClanahan led Dr. Bryan Townsend to a honey hole on the Colorado River, just south of Austin, a few weeks back, and Townsend got down to business by snagging the biggest Guadalupe Bass ever caught.

Anywhere in the world.

Guadalupe Bass are absolutely gorgeous and even prettier once they've been cleaned, fried in clear oil, and put on a nice supper plate with a wedge of lemon and maybe a dollop of tartar sauce.

Congratulations to Dr. Townsend and we close with our "How To Cook A Large Mouth Bass" recipe

pic credit Marcos de Jesus © Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


This Week In Craft Beer News: Kentucky Breakfast Stout,Michael Agnew,Banger's,Prague Beer Museum

Beer lines in Michigan; a craft beer scribe; beer doc; a beer museum, and the state of craft beer in Tasmania are all writ large in this week's craft beer roundup.



Gumbo Cook Off At Rain Lily Farm In East Austin Saturday March 29th 2014

After finishing 2-0 at the Texas Top Cook Gumbo Cook Offs back in the double aughts we retired from active competition so we'll be sitting this one out.

On Saturday March 29th 2014 Rain Lily Farm will be hosting a gumbo cook off with proceeds benefiting Creek People.

The fete sounds like a fun affair with a ten dollar tariff getting you samples from all the contestants.

Think you've got a prize winning recipe? $35 will get your hat tossed in the ring.

Gulf Coast Playboys will provide the live music.

We have no idea what the prize is for winning but if you want to secure victory feel free to use our recipe.

Party starts at noon.


How To Be A Cook

Chef Mark Mendez of Carnivale in Chicago recently penned an open letter to culinary students. It's worth your time.


How To Cook A Large Mouth Bass

Outside of Bluegill, there is no finer eating fish than a common freshwater bass.

Three weeks ago Robert Whitehead of Austin snagged a 13.9 pounder out of Lake Austin. The fish was 27.28 inches long and 19.84 inches in girth. I hope he trundled it home for a fancy fish dinner hot out of an old cast iron pan.

But in keeping with the ShareLunker program ethos the catch was most likely transported to Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) in Athens, Texas for breeding.



Aftermath Video Footage Of Car vs Pedestrians At Mohawk

Two and a half minutes of footage from a video street team that was on the ground after the tragedy at Mohawk during SXSW.



Franklin Barbecue Sauce Recipe

It's entirely possible that I've never tasted Aaron Franklin's barbecue sauce. Back when Franklin had his little barbecue trailer in French Place I ate there a couple times a week til the lines became untenable but never felt the need to besmirch the meats with anything: No sauce, no salt, no pepper, no ranch, no nothing.



The Best Austin Texas Food Blogs: Taste Of Ethiopia, Fine Dining Map,Pieous,Noble Sandwich,Patrizi's

Continuing along with our weekly celebration of the hardest working food bloggers in all of USA. Show them some love y'all.

A Taste Of Ethiopia is the best restaurant in Pflugerville, which is like being the best window tint shop in College Station, but still via The Salt Tooth bloggers.



How To Make Benton's Country Ham Vietnamese Fried Rice

We have a huge post pending on the significance of Allan Benton to the modern day world of charcuterie in the US ( New York Times but for now we'll content ourselves with a simple recipe for country ham Vietnamese fried rice.



This Week In Sausage News: Jennifer Lawrence, The Meat Racket, In Meat We Trust, Indian Hill Farms

Bite Labs grows celebrity meat via biopsy in a lab setting then cures the meat into artisan salumi. They're trying to get Jennifer Lawrence on board

Sausage-y book reviews from the New York Times; Christopher Leonard's "The Meat ­Racket," and Maureen Ogle's "In Meat We Trust."

Indian Hills Farm is producing handmade Texas Dry Sausage links and vending them at the Farmer's Market downtown and also at Sunset Valley.

How much sausage could you take if someone paid you .10c an inch?

Last week's: This Week In Sausage News: Mici Romanian Sausage, Cannibal Pigs, Pierre Mastromanno, Charcuterie


Austin Texas Growler Fills: Growler Room South Opens On Oltorf

Growler Room must be doing some big business. In one year, they've already expanded from their North Burnet lair and opened a satellite location in south Austin on Oltorf Road.

They're doing business the right way too with good prices on most craft beer fills.



2014 50th Annual Lone Star Fair & Expo and Rattlesnake Round-up In Brownwood Texas

Rattlesnake Chili? Check

Fried Rattlesnake? Check

Rattlesnake on a Stick? Check

Chili Cheese Rattlesnake Nachos? Check



The Beer Explainer: What Are Mosaic Hops?

For the first time since the 90s, Live Oak Pilz was not my year-end gallon-consumption champ at years close. That distinction belonged to Lone Pint Brewing in Magnolia, Texas, and their genius use of the Mosaic hop in the company's Yellow Rose IPA.



Definitive Guide 2014 Austin Texas Lenten Fish Fries

It's Lent, so many among us have sworn off demon rum, red meat, chocolate or the normal pleasurable indulgences that we allow ourselves to shake off the torpor of this existence.

But nobody said anything about fried food. Below, we've compiled a helpful list of churches in the Greater Austin area that are hosting fish fries on Friday during Lent.



2014 National Barbecue Association BBQ Bash Cookoff In San Marcos Texas

San Marcos Texas will go up in flames this weekend (Sat March 8th 2014) as the National Barbecue Association takes over the Embassy Suites parking lot for a showdown between 30 of the best barbecue teams in the USA.

This is a Kansas City Barbeque Society Society sanctioned event.

"What do they know about barbecue in Kansas City?" might be your retort, but folks up that way, misguided though they are, have their own little barbecue scene, and they deserve to be allowed to sanction events just like the Texas big boys.

They are putting their money where their mouth is. Grand champion will walk away with a thousand bucks and reserve champ gets $750.

Texas barbecue parties are a feast for the senses. You can't walk 10 feet without somebody trying to shove a plate of meat in your mouth and the cold beer flows good and easy.

Hope to see y'all down in Hays County this weekend.


Jane Ko Hits The Big Time. Set To Lead Massive Food Crawl Through Downtown Austin

How one girl who weighs approximately five stone can manage to eat at 25 restaurants is beyond us, but inside that diminutive body there apparently lurks a ravenous dockhand.

Jane Ko is set to report to the mainstage beginning Friday March 7th 2014.

We have no idea what food crawl is other than a call to arms for the gluttons of the world.

Analyze the event poster, sign up via Eventbrite and please report back.


California Dreaming...Car2Go And The Strange And Terrible Saga Of Dan's Hamburgers Vs City Of Austin

The hoary old expression "crony capitalism" comes into heavy play on a white hot Reddit thread concerning Dan's Hamburger's City of Austin/Car2Go boondoggle at Dan's Hamburgers Manchaca Road project.

Lots of good juicy verbiage between Redditors over possible kickbacks between Car2Go and the city over dedicated Car2Go spots in Dan's parking lot.



Austin Texas Guide To Pop Up Restaurants 6:Shake Shack, Dominique Ansel, Scratch Bar, IBM Food Truck

It's gratifying to see mainstream local media providing some coverage for pop up restaurants in Austin.Of course, for it to happen, a bunch of entrepreneurs had to come in from New York City and Beverly Hills but still.

Baby steps.



East Austin Salsa Shootout 2 At Tamale House East Saturday April 5th 2014

We'll have more news as warranted, but please save the date for our East Austin Salsa Shootout 2 on Saturday April 5th 2014 at Tamale House East.

A luxury brunch for two at Four Seasons Austin goes to the winner.

Chefs, have you got what it takes?



news as warrants: Chefs Ryan and Julie of Foie Gras Hot Dog confirmed they will return to defend their crown.

news as warrants: Chefs Mando and Jarrod of Taco Journalism will report to the main stage to see if they can wrestle victory from the competitors.

news as warrants: Chef Margaret Christine of Notes From Maggie's Farm has confirmed that she will compete.

news as warrants: Chef Nelly Ramirez of Aneelee will compete

news as warrants: Chef Keith Fryerson (formerly of Vespaio) will compete

news as warrants: Terry Grier of When In Austin will compete

news as warrants: Chef Wes Broussard will compete


ABGB Goes Powermad: Holds Blakkr (Three Floyds, Real Ale, Surly Brewing) Texas Release Party

ABGB will level South Austin on Saturday March 15th 2014 as they hold a release party for Blakkr, a collaborative brew from Three Floyds, Surly Brewing and Real Ale.

Blakkr is an old Norse word for "dark" or "black" and given the pedigrees of the men involved, highly appropriate.



This Week In Craft Beer News: Town In City Brewery, Hops And Grain, Pliny The Younger, The Bruery

Expect local beer prices to begin their inexorable crawl upwards as local merchants prepare for the hordes of SXSW visitors. We have no problem with that at all. Since there are many local bars that will earn 3 months of revenue in 10 days time and thus remain solvent, we say more power to them.



A Guide To Making The Best Gumbo You Will Ever Put In Your Mouth

I've never understood cooks who guard their recipes. I'll give away any formula I've ever created for any dish under the sun knowing full well that the recipient couldn't follow it if their life depended on it.



Chicken Beats Brisket As Barbecue Commanders 3 Win Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo World Bar-B-Que

At the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo World Bar-B-Que championship you would think that the brisket category winner would be the de facto Grand Champion.



This Day In Blogging History: John Avila Of Morgan's Texas Barbecue In Brooklyn, New York

One year ago today, John Avila (x-Franklin BBQ) checked in with us from his new joint up in Brooklyn, New York: Morgan's Texas Barbecue.


The Best Austin Texas Food Blogs: August Lüchow's Restaurant, Salt Lick, Greenhouse Craft Foods

Sometimes this stuff just writes itself. Two of our favorite, most erratic bloggers both updated their sites, a legendary rural barbecue joint was feted and Round Rock's newest entry into the farm to table game was on the business end of a savage tombstone piledriver.



Barack Obama's Chili Recipe

It's National Chili Day.

We eat a lot of chili at the Scrumptious house. It's a rare week that goes by that we're not restlessly circling the kitchen, gathering up our provisions to knock out a big pot. Truth be told, it's rarely our official state dish:Texas Red. A kettle of the good stuff runs about a hundred dollars so we content ourselves with other, lesser chilis most of the time.



How To Make Dominican Republic Chili

On an afternoon ramble through the international section of Fiesta Mart recently we came across a section filled with bags emblazoned Dominican Beans.

Time to hit the kitchen.

In Apologetica Historia Sumaria, Bartolome de la Casas, a Spanish missionary, wrote that the "rich lands" of Dominica were "so fertile that with a strong fire-hardened stick they could easily dig and break the ground and prepare their fields."



Rows Of Firkins To Line Frank Erwin Center As University Texas Announces Beer Sales Plan

It's been a long time coming. As in, over a century, but the University of Texas athletic program has formally announced plans to allow the sales of alcohol at Longhorn sporting events.

As of right this minute, you can only purchase alcohol on campus at: the University of Texas Club in DKR, the Cactus Cafe in the Student Union, and the Blanton Museum of Art (source: Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.)



This Week In Sausage News: Mici Romanian Sausage, Cannibal Pigs, Pierre Mastromanno, Charcuterie

We're preparing to say goodbye to an old friend. Our original sausage stuffer that has seen a few hundred pounds of Texas Hot Guts rammed through it will be going on the auction block shortly. Hearts are sad but still we soldier on with our latest sausage roundup.



Dine With Swine Hog Party Featuring Tender Belly Farms At Swift's Attic In Downtown Austin

It's starting to look like Chef Zack Northcutt's getting the ass-end of the deal at Swift's Attic's Dine With Swine pig party this Sunday March 2nd 2014.

Check out the chart on the attached illustration.



Field Report: Chilantro Barbecue vs Peached Tortilla At Draught House Pub

I love a good stern dowager manning the draft beer taps, and my dreams came true this past Saturday at Draught House Pub in Central Austin.



Will North By Northwest Name New South Austin Brewery South By Southwest?

North By Northwest Brewery/Restaurant has been quietly vending hamburgers and pints of beer in Northwest Austin for seemingly forever. Now, they're preparing to open a new venture in southwest Austin at Parkside Village smack in the middle of Circle C Ranch.

They're going to need a geographically appropriate name.



This Day In Blogging History: Sports Illustrated Visits Snow's Barbecue

One year ago today Andy Staples filed a report from Snow's Barbecue, and got it right.


The Best Austin Texas Food Blogs: Garbo's Lobster,Titaya's,Cheer Up Charlies,Tamale House East,No Va

The death of the Austin food blog scene may have been prematurely reported. This weekly feature gives us a great excuse to spend an hour or two digging for the finest reportage and writing from Austin's best food bloggers. We put in the hard work so you don't have to. This week's cream of the crop right this way



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