Con Man Michael Angelo Carrion aka Nicholas Angelo Busted In California

Confidence man Michael Angelo Carrion aka Nicholas Angelo swept across Austin last spring hornswoggling restaurants by pretending to be a fire inspection officer and demanding cash money for his work.



Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up 14: Meet Our Purveyors: Texas Yaks

Up in Parker County Texas, near Weatherford, Bob Payne has a 300 acre spread off Peaster Hwy devoted to the care and nurturing of a herd of Tibetan yaks. Payne is also a board member of The International Yak Association, a concern devoted to the history, breeding, exhibition, publicity, sale and improvements of the breed.

Yaks are magnificent creatures.



This Day In Blogging History: Was Coy Terrell A Murderer?

I ignited a firestorm when I posted an Austin Daily Photo of Coy Terrell, a handsome elderly stranger, sitting at JR's Barbecue in East Austin one year ago today.

Mr. Terrell was a convicted murderer who served 25 years in the Texas state penitentiary for killing Johnnie Ogletree.

To me, Coy Terrell was just an interesting looking old man who agreed to allow me to take his photo.

Unfortunately I found out otherwise when I started digesting the comments section below the photo.

Prepare your mind to be blown


Winners Announced: Old Red Rock Schoolhouse Chili Cook-off In Rockne Texas

A pallor was cast over the chili community in Rockne Texas last weekend as the grand championship of the big Old Red Rock Schoolhouse Cook-off went unclaimed. You had to be present at the winners announcement and the grand champion was missing in action.

We're thinking narcotraficantes played a role but this is just an estimate. On the other hand, where was Paul Burka last weekend? That guys got a problem with chili.


Paul Burka.

Cecilia Stroessner ascended to the throne with her second place rendition.

Tom Rowe came in 3rd.

Our Texas chili future is secure as the junior category championship was captured by Elisabeth Stroessner. Molly Carriger was hot on her heels in 2nd.

J. D. Henley of Midland, Texas won the barbecue portion of the cook-off.

The Art And Science Of Chili


Raymond Tatum Of 3 Little Pigs Set To Cook Menu Of Chef's Favorites At 3rd Year Anniversary Party

Raymond Tatum, one of Austin's top chefs since the 70s, is rolling out a menu he calls "chef's favorites" for the 3rd anniversary of his 3 Little Pigs food truck.

We were there, lo those many years ago, on opening day and braved a 15 degree Yankee clipper as the good cook ushered in food truck fine dining in Austin, Texas.

Since then we've broken bread at the humble cart countless times.



Feast On Yak, Antelope, Alligator And Goose At Tamale House East Pop Up Saturday February 8th 2014

Tickets? Almost gone

Yak Brisket

Alligator Boudin

Antelope Carbonnade

Goose Porchetta

Our riff on Joel Robuchon Mashed Potatoes

Bourbon Pecan cobbler

Chile con Queso + the Austin debut of the Carolina Reaper chile pepper. Guinness certified hottest chile on earth.


Ten Austin Food Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now Part Three

Has it really been a year and a half since our last installment in this ongoing series? This is not a best of; it's more of a "these are the blogs that we are currently enjoying" At any rate here's part three



100 Best Barbecue Restaurants In America

Johnny Fugitt is on the road. A native Missourian, Fugitt has went all in; sold his house, accepted a life of homelessness and vagrancy and sallied forth into the heart of America in the search of the best barbecue.

It's a trend.

Barbecue has never been hotter. In the past few years we've seen neophytes of all descriptions and walks of life hoist themselves onto the turnip truck and start blogging, pinning and tweeting about their new discoveries.

But Johnny Fugitt may be onto something. Americans love a list. A ranking. An order of importance that can lend structure to something they're attempting to grasp. Perhaps Fugitt can provide that.

In the meantime, Fugitt is currently in Austin and blogging about his visits to Franklin, County Line, Blue Ox et al.

Check him out on Tumblr


Food Trailers Austin Presents: Mobile Food Throwdown The Peached Tortilla vs Chi’Lantro BBQ

Food Trailers Austin is promoting a showdown between The Peached Tortilla and Chi'Lantro BBQ at The Draught House (or drought house as so many Austinites are determined to call it) in central Austin.

This battle is to determine "the king of Asian fusion street food in Austin."

Somebody forgot to invite East Side King and 3 Little Pigs apparently as you can't have an Asian street food coronation without those cats making it into a Four Way Dance.



A Deeper Understanding Of Joel Robuchon's Mashed Potatoes

Any time we consider putting a dish on the menu for one of our pop up food parties, we spend a good week doing the heavy lifting, the sweat-neck research, that allows us to figure out how to best execute the recipe.

Even a simple dish like mashed potatoes means at least 20 hours of research must be invested prior to showtime.

After a few hours, deep in the stacks at Austin Public Library, one thing became clear:

When it comes to pommes purée, Joel Robuchon is king.



This Week In Craft Beer News: Hill Farmstead, Heady Topper, Zundert Trappist, Porters/Stouts Defined

Since we spend a staggering amount of time drinking craft beer, writing about craft beer, and researching craft beer, we reckoned it would only be just and right of us to share some of our favorite beer stories we stumble upon during our daily jaunts across the internet.



Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up 14: Feast On Exotic Meats

Pop Up.

Sat February 8th 2014 At Tamale House East. The biggest night in the history of the business. Yak, Antelope, Alligator and Goose.

Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up #14

Tickets? Almost gone


Terry Grier's Chicken Confit Recipe

We don't publish recipes that our crew has not developed (other than perhaps Cary Grant or Dolly Parton's best work) but we're outsourcing this article to Terry Grier, the man behind the When In Austin podcast.

Folks over in Louisiana know how to eat, so we reckoned a man hailing from Baton Rouge would know his way around a chicken confit.

Take it away Mr. Grier:



This Day In Blogging History: Austin's Most Notorious Heroin Kingpin/Restaurateur Dies

One year ago today we reported on the death of Austin's most notorious heroin kingpin

Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up #14


Hank Shaw Of Hunter Angler Gardener Cook Set To Pop Up At Foreign And Domestic

Hank Shaw, woodsman, hunter, cook, writer-bon vivant, is set to pop up this Monday January 27th at Foreign and Domestic in North Austin.

Shaw's cookbooks: Hunt, Gather, Cook, and Duck, Duck Goose are indispensable for anyone interested in wild game cookery.

His blog: Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook is a wild ride through the mind of a former newspaperman who threw off the yoke of the industry and struck out on his own, and with great success.

Here's a gem off Shaw's website: Speaking on the value of hunting and fishing guides "if you are an inexperienced shot, let the guide know. I have no problem with a 250- to 300-yard shot with my Remington 700, provided I can get a decent rest. But that's a quite the poke for some people, a chip shot for others."

Quite the poke.

Hope to see y'all out this Monday.

Foreign And Domestic 306 E 53rd St, Austin, TX 78751

(512) 459-1010

Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up #14


Seasons In The Abyss: How To Cook A Slayer Chop From Salt And Time

As branding goes, you could certainly do a lot worse than incorporating metal gods Slayer into your butcher shop's offerings. Salt and Time meat purveyors in East Austin sagely understand this.

Legend Meats is one of the finest pork farms in the Great State.

They're raising Red Wattle, an heritage breed famous for hardiness (useful in Texas' brutal climate) ability to forage (mimicking the foodways of hogs of yesteryear) and rapid growth rate (something farmers look for to enhance their margins when it comes time to slaughter.)

They also happen to be delicious.



2014 Austin Texas Bacon and Beer Festival

Got an extra $40 bucks burning a hole in your pocket? Saturday February 22nd an outfit called Eat Boston along with Edible Austin will be throwing a bacon and beer festival at the Marchesa in North Austin.

The forty gets you bacon samples from places like Trace, Hoover's and Zed's but if you want beer it'll cost you extra.


list of brewers: Circle Brewing, Independence Brewing, Infamous Brewing, Pedernales Brewing, Real Ale Brewing Co, Shiner Brewing, South Austin Brewing Co., Saint Arnold Brewing

Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up #14


This Week In Sausage News: European Union Curtails Smoked Sausages, Azman Meats, Bacon Sausage

Lowcountry boil recipe with sausage from Chef Mark Steuer of The Carriage House in Chicago

The end of Polish smoked sausage. The EU did it.



The Kentucky Kitchen Part 8: Volunteer Fire Department Chili

Out here in Texas, we have a tendency to forget that other states have their own chilis with robust promotion of beans, tomatoes, onions and other ingredients that would be a sacrilege in Sonora or Amarillo.

States like Kentucky.



Paul Qui And Moto Utsunomiya Set To Pop Up At Toki Underground In DC

East Side King owners Paul Qui And Moto Utsunomiya will be loading up a Megabus with chafing dishes along with gunny sacks filled with soy sauce and chili peppers this week.

They're heading up to Toki Underground in DC for a one day pop up restaurant affair.

Chef Jorge Luis Hernandez will be accompanying the gentlemen.

Reservations are not available. First come first serve.

January 24, 2014


photo credit


Save the date: Sat Feb 8th 2014: Feast On Exotic Meats Pop Up Restaurant at Tamale House East. Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up #14



Where To Buy Heirloom Seeds In Texas

It's planting time in the Brooksdale neighborhood that Scrumptious Chef calls home. While it's easy enough to run by Family Dollar, and get shopping carts filled with dirt cheap seeds, we're taking a path less traveled for our home gardening.



And Then There Were Two: Rest In Peace Dario's On East 6th Street In Austin, Texas

And then there were two. With Dario's shuttering their East 6th Street location over the weekend, the East 6th Street corridor, formerly the home of acres of old school Mexican joints, now hosts only two: Tamale House East and Cisco's.



Meat Expert Steve Raichlen Predicts The Future Of Barbecue: Big Steaks, Cold Smoke, Octopus!

We took last year off on our yearly barbecue prognostications. You'd have to go all the way back to the golden era of 2012 to glean our futuristic pearls of wisdom.

The one augury we're most proud of was our prediction of the rise of young buck pit bosses working out of food trucks saying (they will) "soon find themselves surrounded by mountains of blow, Chilean supermodels, and writers from New York City pounding the keys and feting their efforts."



2013 Craft Beer Awards International Winners: Texas Brewers Adelberts, Rahr, Peticolas Win Big

Texas brewers Rahr, Adelbert's, and Peticolas brought a wheelbarrow filled with hardware back to the Great State at the recent Craft Beer Awards International competition out in California.

The rest of the US is starting to wise up on the previously slumbering giant that is Texas craft beer. Oregon, Colorado and California had a substantial head start on our industry due to the onerous regulations Texas brewers suffered under for decades.



Texas Parks And Wildlife Recipe Contest Winner:Dutch Oven Green Chile, Chicken & Spinach Enchiladas

Victoria Serna won the recent Texas Parks And Wildlife Outdoor Cooking Recipe Contest with her Dutch Oven Green Chile, Chicken & Spinach Enchiladas.



Bragging Rights: Independence Brewing,Jester King,Confituras And Pogue Mahone Win Big At Good Food

Texas makers won big at last night's Good Food awards held out in San Francisco. Apparently Pure Luck Dairy must not have entered as they were absent from the cheese awards portion of the ceremony. The list of winners with Texas roots



The Best Austin Texas Food Blogs:Ramen Tatsu-ya,Dolce Neve Gelato,Gus Fried Chicken,Death Of A Blog

Optimista eats at Odd Duck

Ginny Bell visits Ramen Tatsu-ya

The death of the best beer blog in Austin



Austin Texas Crowns Its Beef Rib King But Whither Goest John Mueller?

Hosting a beef rib cookoff without John Mueller taking part is like lurching off from the starting line in a drag race without Big Daddy Don Garlits screaming nitro in the next lane.

Or throwing a foot race with Ben Johnson minus the horse needle shootups.

The dark prince was taking a breather?



Hotel Vegas Dance Party


Swifts Attic Hosts Benefit For Leah Ortiz Of Uchiko

A murderer's row of Austin chefs is forming this Sunday to cook a feast at Swift's Attic with the proceeds benefiting Leah Ortiz of Uchiko.

Ms. Ortiz and her boyfriend suffered a motorcycle crash last year and are facing stupendous hospital bills.

One of our dear friends just dropped 70k dollars on a bionic right leg to replace the one he had sheared off in a motorbike crash last November so this resonates deeply with our crew.

Buy a ticket, eat a great meal and help out a fellow Austinite.


Winners 30th Annual Tri-State Open Chili Championship

The Rex Baxter Building on the Tri-State Fairgrounds was the proving grounds for the monster Tri-State Open Chili Championship out in Amarillo this past weekend.

There were 126 separate recipes from dozens of chili cooks determined to bring home the bacon, and receive an automatic invitation to the Terlingua International Chili Championship taking place in the Fall.



Breaking News: Counter Girl Extraordinaire Kayo Set To Leave 3 Little Pigs

Saturday January 11th 2014 marks the last day for Kayo, legendary counter girl at Raymond Tatum's 3 Little Pigs.

Run by there and eat a pork belly sandwich and think of what might have been.

1209 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702 (512) 653-5088


History Around the Table: A Pig Roast w Michael Twitty And Toni Tipton Martin At The French Legation

Two of the rock stars of the contemporary African American foodways scene are teaming up to throw a food party at the French Legation museum.

We've written extensively about Toni Tipton Martin. She's the blogger behind The Jemima Code, and the founder of the Sande Youth Project, a non-profit program that teaches healthy living for young people through cooking and education concerning the importance of nutrition in daily living.



Pit Bosses Of Today Meet Your Wi Fi Enabled Robot Overlords Of Tomorrow

If you've got an extra $7k in your checking account, and always wished you could turn out an Amarillo burger like at Casino el Camino or a rack of beef chuck ribs like John Mueller then your prayers will be answered in 2015.

That's when Lynx will roll out their "smart grill," a cooking contraption that uses voice recognition technology to alert you via text when the optimal time to flip that patty or reposition that rib rack comes.

Can the Lynx smart grill get lit up on Rebel Yell and order you off its property or make you wait four hours for a plate of brisket?

That remains to be seen.


Public Service Announcement: Savory Spice Shop In Barton Creek Mall Set To Shutter

Savory Spice Shop, the best spice purveyor in Austin, is shuttering their Barton Creek Mall location.

Half off all inventory is being offered through the end of January.,


Will Ari White Be Crowned Brisket King Of New York City?

Just before the turn of the year we had the opportunity to sit down with Ari White, New York City pitboss for Gemstone Catering (Hakadosh BBQ). The Texas native is making huge waves in the city via a series of pop up food parties where he regularly cooks and sells over a ton (2k pounds) of meat.

But can he be the brisket king?



Austin Craft Beer Podcast The Beerists Defeats The Splendid Table In Vicious Podcast Brawl

We keep meaning to give some attention to podcasts but there is the small matter of Charles Brimmer music that must be listened to whilst we dawdle away our lives on the internet.

And Charles Gayle.

And Johnny Shines.

It's just really hard to not listen to New Orleans soul, archaic free jazz or pre-Vietnam war era blues while we drown our sorrows via the web.

That being said, we're firmly of the belief that the Beerists is a fine podcast and deserving of all the international attention that it will now be receiving.

Congratulations Beerists.

Archive of podcasts


This Day In Blogging History: Jester King

One year ago today, we looked at the wild beer kings of Texas: Jester King.


This Week In Sausage News: Hot Doug's, Crocodile Sausage, Slovacek's, Sausage Outlaw Goes Legit

This is installment two of our weekly survey of sausage news from around the globe. We're gearing up for another round of sausage making as our Texas hot guts team will re-band at the end of January with cold boxes filled with alligator, antelope and wild boar for another Scrumptious Chef pop up.

Widely regarded as the finest sausage restaurant in the USA: "The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium."



Happy New Year From Scrumptious Chef


44 presidents One queen: El Taco Rico Wins Austin 2013 Food Truck Of The Year Award

It was time to recalibrate. I'd been eating all over town from the top Mexican chefs in Austin, but something was missing. I'd had great salsa, incredible mole, killer queso...but there was this nagging doubt that I'd somehow been led astray.

Time to revisit the Queen.

Montopolis is alive.



Velvet Underground Tribute Band The Pizza Underground To Perform At Unconventional Oven Party

Breaking news coming out of the Austin pizza world. Macaulay Culkin's rock band The Pizza Underground is set to perform at Breakpoint at the Boardwalk for the grand opening of the Unconventional Oven food truck.

As is the custom of all au courant food businesses in Austin, the Unconventional Oven (a pizza truck) will be focused on using locally sourced ingredients: local pepperoni, local olives, local mushrooms?

We are hopeful.

January 31, 2014



Two Million Visitors! Another Plateau Has Been Reached On Scrumptious Chef

Yesterday, December 24th 2013, we notched our two millionth visitor. Last month we celebrated our four year anniversary the only way we know how: by drinking Live Oak beer and eating a plate of handmade Texas Hot Guts sausage.

We're not putting up Gawker numbers by any stretch of the imagination, but we're still pretty proud of these modest accomplishments.



The Best Austin Food Blog Of 2013: Eater Austin vs Forks Up

Looking back over a year of vigorously covering the Austin food scene, one thing becomes clear: We're living in a golden age. Along with Scrumptious Chef, dozens of Austin food blogs are clamoring at the trough with constant updates on the Central Texas food scene.

Our weekly feature on the cream of the crop of Austin food writing regularly draws three to five thousand visitors curious as to who we reckon is putting out the hottest content.



Top Five Most Viewed Scrumptious Chef Articles In 2013

When an East Austin dive bar underwent an ownership change we were there

Texas Monthly's Top 50 Barbecue joints in Texas list had some holes in it. We were there to lend a hand

East Austin's most notorious bookie predicted who would finish in the number one spot on that same list

The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force took down an Austin chef

Field report on the Scrumptious Chef Texas wild game meat pop up restaurant


This Week In Sausage News: Goldis Food Truck,Green's Sausage House, Sausage Gun, Boudin Rouge

When we're not eating sausage, making sausage or developing recipes for our Texas Hot Guts sausage team, we're reading about sausage. All sausage, all the time.

Now it's time to share. While we invariably sell out of our hot links at our Scrumptious Chef pop up restaurant we're not sure if this feature will grow legs or not but here we go.

Goldis Sausage in south Austin ranked as one of the best undiscovered food trucks in Austin

Green's Sausage House, est.1946, outside Temple,

Sometimes a dream comes true. Behold the sausage gun

Boudin rouge is a vanishing art form. Making it involves a good quantity of fresh pig blood, and cooks willing to practice this prairie art are disappearing. Rodney Babineaux still hews to this old tradition

Ten facts about sausage

pic: Green's Sausage House courtesy of Mayor Al on Roadfood.


The Beer Explainer: Seek A Brew Is An Online Beer Finding Resource

We were not expecting the runaway success of this feature. Yes, craft beer is enjoying an extended moment in the sun, but our first segment in this ongoing series skyrocketed in page views, so we humbly offer another entry.



Austin Beer Guide Winter Release Party At ABGB In South Austin

A long afternoon spent in the beer garden at ABGB means we most likely will not be at the massive Austin Beer Guide Winter release party tonight (12/19/2013)

But with Captain Beyond on the hi fi, giant frosted schooners of Superliner and a steady stream of fine conversation with old friends in the immediate rearview, we're not feeling too poorly over our planning.

Should you go to the wingding this evening expect plenty firkins (casks) from ABGB, Hops and Grain, Austin Beerworks, Jester King, and Live Oak as well as pours of that beastly Drago Russian Imperial Stout from the bright tanks of the hosts.


Please report back while we sleep this one off.

full Austin Texas craft beer coverage right this way


The Best Austin Texas Food Blogs: Odd Duck, Qui, Salty Sow, Gumbo's, Texas Chili Parlor

Lots of movement in the Austin blogging world this week as we shook off the brutal dormancy induced by those sub 40 degree temperatures that had everybody hunkered down on their sofas devouring Jeno's Pizza Rolls and crying themselves to sleep.



Wright Bros Brew And Brew: Tun Tun Tun Craft Beer Fest In East Austin

The men at Wright Bros Brew And Brew are throwing a big craft beer party in East Austin tonight.

The lineup is insane. These guys know their beer and it shows in their offerings for the shindig.



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