This Week In Charcuterie News: Pork Knuckle Inn,Texas Hot Guts,German Reprobates,Houston, Mangalitsa

It was three years ago that I spent much of August eating my way across Budapest's charcuterie scene. The Hungarian butchers in that city have it made with nearby pig farms shipping in freshly slaughtered Mangalitsa hogs that are then broken down and converted into all manners of sausages, bacons and hams.


This Week In Craft Beer News: Neomexicanus Hops, Unibroue, Nanobreweries, Heady Topper,Beer Prices

We're slowly tasting all the craft beer that the great state of Louisiana has to offer. Breaux Mart has been a godsend as they typically have the best 6 pack prices we've found in metro New Orleans. Of course Stein's Deli has the best selection of beers from around the world but for right now we're still working on developing our Louisiana beer palate.


How To Make Authentic San Antonio Chili

We were barely up and running on our Scrumptious Chef pop up restaurant series when we decided to tackle Tex Mex cuisine through the lens of the epicenter of Mexican food in USA: San Antonio, Texas.

"Keep San Antonio Lame" is a tee shirt you see worn half-heartedly by natives of the River City. We beg to differ as we've had nothing but good times in SA or Zahn Ahn Tonyeeo as residents call the 8th largest city in the US.


The Tamale Gazetteer: Mexico City, Tamale Spaceship, Doe's Eat Place, Delta Hot Tamale Fest, Zwolle

We finally got to try some of the much ballyhooed New Orleans-style tamales.

In Arabi, Louisiana.

At a sno-ball stand.


Enemy Of New Orleans Live Music Sidney Torres Beats Buffa's Lounge In Court

When Sidney Torres (known in New Orleans media as 'guy who got rich off the garbage trade') filed a lawsuit last month against neighborhood watering hole Buffa's Lounge, local observers feared it could spell the end of live music at a venue that had reportedly regularly featured bands since 1984.


This Week In New Orleans Food Blogs:Pizza Domenica,Bourbon Cherry Ice Cream,Rivershack Tavern,Hi Hat

Proud to live in the greatest city in the USA.


Y'all call this summer hot? We were laughing our asses off when NOLA natives were warning us back in the Spring "Get ready for the heat, you've never experienced anything like New Orleans summers"



Field Report: Ostrowski's Famous Polish Sausage Pops Up In New Orleans

It was the chance of a lifetime.

Every week I canvas our nation's newspapers and periodicals to glean articles about the charcuterie kings of right now. If there's a man in North Dakota making a notable pancetta, I want to know about him.

If there's a woman in Alabama curing a world-beating guanciale then she's on my beat and needs to have her work broadcast.


Party Like A Mexican! 2014 Latino Heritage Festival In New Orleans' Easton Park

Strongly conflicted over this party as it butts heads with the 2014 Tarpon Rodeo down in Grand Isle.

New Orleans' Easton Park is set to throw a mammoth Latino Heritage Festival this weekend Saturday July 26th 2014.

Expect live music from Merengue 4, Julio y Cesar, DJ Blackout Beatz, and Los Po Boys Citos.

While the bands are getting the crowd all riled up there will be performances from Casa Samba, New Orleans Hispano America dance group and the Garifuna dancers.

We've been unable to track down food information so if a food truck operator is reading, this might be a good spot for you to hunker down nearby come Saturday. Particularly if you're vending tacos and what have you.

2014 Latino Heritage Festival

Easton Park 3121 Toulouse Street


Saturday July 26th 2014

Food Writers I Admire Part Four: Marcelle Bienvenu

Back in the 80s, before I became a resident of New Orleans, I had to content myself with occasional visits to Louisiana to eat myself into a stupor, take in the sights and sounds of the greatest city in USA, and of course start each day with a mug of coffee and the Times Pic.


This Week In Craft Beer News: Stone Brewing, California, Chandeleur Brewing,Theakston's Old Peculiar

Finally some Americans are going to Germany to teach the natives how to make beer. But first, they're going to need some scratch. That's where the craft beer community comes in; Stone Brewing has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with a goal of a million dollars so they can launch craft breweries in Germany and "East of the Mississippi"

Stone Brewing had over $135 million in revenue in 2013.


Ostrowski’s Famous Polish Sausage Of Baltimore Is Popping Up At Spitfire In The French Quarter

Hot off the wire. Thank god for the wire. Ostrowski's Famous Polish Sausage of Baltimore changed hands after 94 years of operation in 2013. The new owner, John Reusing, will be at Spitfire on Decatur Street in the French Quarter tonight selling Ostrowski's famous hot links fresh off a sizzling grill.

Spitfire is located at 1135 Decatur Street

Sat July 19th 2014


After Ostrowski's was sold, former owner John Ostrowski passed away:

A Baltimore Sun writer once said that Ostrowski's practiced "carnivorous magic"

We're life-long, die-hard, charcuterie lovers and could not be more excited to finally try Ostrowski's hot links.

Breaking News: 2014 Cake And Ice Cream Festival In Abbeville Louisiana

Hot off the wire. We just found out about Abbeville's Cake And Ice Cream Festival taking place today in Comeaux Park. This event did not receive the media coverage it deserved so we're providing a signal boost. This is a competition in addition to being a food party. We're not sure if there is a queen involved but if not there should be.

How would you like to wear the crown and be known as The Queen Of Cake And Ice Cream?

2014 Abbeville Louisiana Cake And Ice Cream Festival

July 19th 2014

AA Comeaux Park, 301 AA Comeaux Memorial Drive, Abbeville, 337.652.0646.

This Week In Charcuterie News: Al's Beef, Sheftalia, Laos, San Antonio,American Cured Meat Champions

Without a current charcuterie project to occupy us we're considering taking up cheese production. The good stuff is so blasted expensive ($25 a pound) that the economics are certainly enticing. Now we've got to find raw milk in Louisiana, no easy task. Time to take a ride out through the parishes and see if we can spot some stray Guernsey cows and give them a thorough milking.


2014 Louisiana Hot Sauce Festival

Is it really a festival in Louisiana if there's not a queen to preside over the attending rabble? Every festival worth its salt has a queen, but as near as we can tell the Louisiana Hot Sauce Festival, held this weekend in Lafayette, has no sovereign.

You can't have a kingdom without a queen.

Our interest is therefore limited. But there will be hot sauce, and presumably boudin and maybe even a pistolette or two. And a competition to determine who the king of hot sauce is in our great state. But sadly that king will have nary a consort as the hot sauce festival is queen-less.

We'll be sitting this one out, but if you're in the mood to drive to Lafayette here's the website for the concern

2014 Louisiana Hot Sauce Festival

Lafayette, Louisiana

July 19th and July 20th 2014

photo credit Scott Roberts Web

A Recipe For Vietnamese Barbecue Sauce With Red Boat Anchovy Salt

The meat should stand on its own.

Out of the thousands of barbecue joints I've eaten at over the years the sauce was of such quality that it bore mentioning only a handful of times: Rountree's Hickory Pit, Luling City Market, Louie Mueller, and the all-time king-Archibald's.


This Week In New Orleans Food Blogs: Wink's Bakery, Superior Seafood, Pigeon Town, Riccobono's

There are approaching 2000 restaurants in New Orleans and I can't get off Rampart Food Store, the homely little quick mart that marks the northern border of the Marigny. You aren't allowed to sit down, it's cash only and there's a forlorn air to the whole proceedings that belies the food in a way I've never experienced before.


Chef Tre Barnard Is Popping His We've Got Soul Joint Up In The Bywater

Chef Tre Barnard has returned from a sabbatical in the frozen north.

He's come home to New Orleans to restart a pop up career that had come to a halt after an abbreviated run at Kajun's Pub, the neon lit karaoke house on St Claude.

We missed him by a day last Fall when we were trying to get fed during the Stomp but had our dates mixed up.

More's the pity.

We are hoping to make it out to Jim's, the cold cuts and bread joint down on Royal Street in the upper 9th on Friday night This is where Barnard has put down roots at least for the time being. His current menu reads like a southern man's fever dream with all the peaches, catfish and crowder peas you could ever want or need.

Look for a field report sometime early next week.

Friday July 18th (the poster has the incorrect date) 6-10 pm

We've Got Soul Pop Up

3000 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70117

(504) 304-8224

This Week In Charcuterie News: Trace Arnold,Smokey's 5 FT Hotdog,Pink's Chili,Brooklyn Sausage King

Win some lose some. I've been training a chef, who's a bacon making novice, on the finer points of curing meats. He got his signals crossed and smoked 20lbs of pork belly without washing it and allowing it to air dry. The resulting meat is a study in salt.


How To Properly Cook Louisiana Sweet Corn With Cow's Butter And Heavy Cream

While not as relentlessly feted as Creole tomatoes, Louisiana sweet corn also deserves a place in any self respecting southern cook's weathered old Kelvinator fridge. While neanderthals like to gnaw the kernels straight off the cob, sometimes without even passing the ears over a flame, we prefer ours scraped and cooked.


12 Kastleburgers For Five Bucks At Tastee Donuts

Back in the 80s, some Tastee Donuts franchisees rebelled against having to pay extra licensing fees to the mothership on Kastleburger sales. After all, they reckoned that any burger profits were covered under "related products" in the original contracts.

The case wound its way through court before the plaintiffs were finally ordered to pony up and quit bellyaching. And the legend of the Kastleburger carried on. To some a blatant ripoff of White Castle, the Kastleburger is a tiny patty on a tiny bun with mustard, onions and pickles as garnish.

They also happen to be delicious, and comparable to that other southern delicacy: the Krystal burger. Tomorrow, July 10th 2014, Tastee Donuts is rolling back the prices by offering a dozen of these sandwiches for $5.

A Pork Butcher Plies His Trade In Istanbul Plus A Recipe For Turkish Style Pork Ribs

Pork butcheries used to dot the landscape of Istanbul, Turkey. I've been fortunate to eat my way across the barbecue stalls and restaurants of the city, and cuts of pig have grown increasingly difficult to score over the years.

Istanbullus (Istanbul residents), famously tolerant, may or may not have frequented the kasaps (butchers) that specialized in pork, but they didn't care if their fellow swine-loving Turks did.


This Week In Craft Beer News: Brooklyn Brewery Feast, Founders Brewing, St Arnold, World Of Beer

Louisiana's craft beer industry is tiny but growing. Courtyard Brewing's ramping up their efforts toward a late summer opening over on Erato Street, while Junction, a new craft beer bar from the team behind Molly's On The Market is currently building out an old grocery store on St Claude for a 40 tap beer/burger hall.

Baby steps.


Original Schwegmann's Grocery At Piety and Burgundy Prepares To Open As Coffeeshop

Here's a peek inside the old Schwegmann's Grocery and Bar at the corner of Piety and Burgundy in the Bywater. Originally opened in 1869, it served as a launching pad for the birth of the modern supermarket in USA.


A Guide To Making The Best Louisiana Fried Hot Wings You Ever Put In Your Mouth

As is our custom, we share every recipe we've ever developed, holding nothing back so our readers can sup on the finest foods known to man.

Like Louisiana Hot Wings With Crystal Hot Sauce Beurre Blanc.

This is brand new to the Scrumptious crew though we're certain that it's existed for years in America's finest city: New Orleans.

Iceberg Slim used to get his nose opened up good and wide when a sweet young thing sauntered past, and that's what this recipe will do for you. It's not a high stepping philly but it's definitely the culinary equivalent.


This Week In New Orleans Food Blogs: Mint Modern Bistro, Chris Hannah, Pizza Man Beaten, Del Fuego

New Orleans food blogging scene is petite in comparison to our former stomping grounds of Austin where hundreds of authors have clambered astraddle of Wordpress, Cold Fusion, and dozens of other blogging platforms to trumpet their love of tripe or affinity for standing 5 hours in line for a barbecue sandwich. If y'all know of any NOLA bloggers that are treading lightly so as to not be noticed please drop us a line.


Rough Lunch In Chalmette, Louisiana: Troy's Po Boys And Seafood

"Women used to throw their panties at me on stage."

"I'd come out in a coffin and have a leggy brunette play Priscilla while I dressed up like the King."

We're chatting with a St Bernard Parish tomato hawker named Buster who used to be an Elvis impersonator back in the 70s. Buster's moment in the spotlight has passed but he's still eager to relate tales of his old exploits at the VFW Hall off Judge Perez Highway in Chalmette, Louisiana.


Is James Gentry The Best Cheesemonger In New Orleans?

Last night at the big Cheesemonger Invitational in Long Island City, Emily Acosta, a former bookkeeper at Mast Brothers Chocolate, took a star turn when she walked away with the grand championship of the competition.

Ms. Acosta is currently employed in the cheese department at Eataly.


June 2014 Tamale Report: Amy C Evans, Budding Tamaleras, Tamale Boy, El Viroleno, Doe's Eat Place

New site feature. While our access to the fertile land of San Antonio (the epicenter of tamale production in USA) is now hampered by distance, we haven't given up on tamales just yet. Though there are reportedly tamales in New Orleans we have yet to find any. So, in lieu of eating tamales, we'll be writing a monthly report on them. Installment one right this way


Guilty! Enchilada Queen Gunner Michael Warren Cops Plea In Houston Tex Mex Assault

Michael Warren has admitted guilt. Back in March of 2012, the boyfriend of Houston Tex Mex legend Sylvia Casares shot her down and made a run to Louisiana before returning to Texas where the gendarmes tracked him down and threw him in jail.

This afternoon in a Houston courtroom, Warren's culpability was entered into the public record. He could receive a sentence of 10 years at his next hearing on August 29th.

the ramp-up

This Week In Charcuterie News: Frank Brothers RIP, Boudin Doc, 200lb Mortadella,Deutsches Currywurst

We're pulling 20lbs of pork belly out of the cure today. They went in a week ago. This afternoon they'll be washed and allowed to dry overnight before we smoke them, chill them, then run them across the slicer. Our first New Orleans charcuterie project is nigh on to completion. Proud papas.


Field Report: 2014 Louisiana Catfish Festival In Des Allemands

The teenage girl is seriously in the weeds. She's wearing the mantle of sole catfish po boy constructor, and is simultaneously trying to keep up with a barrage of texts on her smartphone. The exasperated line of would-be po boy customers is losing the battle as the phone is capturing the lion's share of her attention.

The Louisiana Catfish Festival is off to an inauspicious start.


This Week In Craft Beer News: Courtyard Brewery, Great Raft Brewing, Blue Moon Theory,Jack Joyce RIP

There's no turning back now. We visited Brewstock, New Orleans finest resource for homebrewers yesterday and loaded a brewing kit in the Country Squire to haul back to the Bywater. We'll be penning an article on our adventure in the world of making beer from scratch soon enough, but for now here's our weekly update on the state of craft beer.


2014 Le Festival de la Viande Boucanee aka Smoked Meat Festival In Ville Platte Louisiana

Ville Platte, Louisiana is the "Smoked Meat Capital of the World" and is also home to one of the finest record stores in all of USA: Floyd's Record Shop, opened by 18 year old Floyd Soileau way back in 1956.

If you own an old LP by Boozoo Chavis, Clifton Chenier, Tommy McLain or the Balfa Brothers, look at the marque on the back. If it reads Swallow, Jin, Maison de Soul, or Kom-a-day you owe a debt to Mr Soileau as these are his record labels.


How To Pronounce Pralines Plus Aunt Sally's Big National Praline Blowout In New Orleans

Pralines vs pralines.

A useful tip for would-be purchasers of this southern treat: Prayleens are chewy, prahleens are crispy. The two camps, warring factions in actuality, meet regularly on the battlefield but neither has been able to deliver a knockout punch to the other.


Shankleville Texas Historical Society Presents Purple Hull Pea Festival 2014

Our purview extends just over the Louisiana state line and on into Texas where our roots grew deep for many years.

This weekend, Shankleville is hosting its first Purple Hull Pea Festival and one imagines it will be the hotspot of Newton County as the area morphs into the epicenter of the cowpea universe.

What are purple hull peas? They are reminiscent of blackeyes but more delicate. At this time of year in East Texas near the Louisiana line they are abundant and regularly carried in country grocery stores as well as by vendors at area flea markets.


The Center Of The Pho Universe Is New Orleans Louisiana

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food," George Bernard Shaw

New Orleanians love food like no other people on earth. Texans love barbecue. Alabamians love biscuits and Kentuckians love fried chicken, but at the end of the day not one state's residents can hold a candle to the people of Louisiana.

We cook food. We eat food. We talk about food. We write about food. We do all four, and often at the exact same time...and we do it while we're planning our next meal, jaws working furiously all the while.

We are the most food-obsessed group of people on God's green earth. This weekend one of Louisiana's great obsessions takes center stage as Saint Agnes Le Thi Thanh Church hosts the 2014 Pho Festival in Marrero, a suburb of New Orleans.

Expect steaming cauldrons of pho hovered over by little old Vietnamese grannies who've spent their lives devoted to conjuring the finest versions of this elixir known to man.

We would not miss it for the world.

2014 Pho Festival

Saint Agnes Le Thi Thanh Church

6851 St. Le Thi Thanh St.(8th Street)

Marrero, LA 70072

June 21, 2014 - June 22, 2014


The Best Sour Beers In New Orleans: Brettanomyces Bruxellensis Party At St James Cheese Company

Sour beers are the new IPAs. Craft beer drinkers have made a signal turn in the past few years toward funky brews that taste the way a barnyard smells. Sound appealing? Love the smell of a wet horse blanket? Then New Orleans St James Cheese Company has a party planned with your name on it.

Tonight, Wednesday June 18th 2014, Derek Lintern of NOLA Brewing and Dan Stein of Stein's Market and Deli are throwing a Brett party.

What's Brett? Officially known as Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, "Brett" is a wild yeast that's been captured and semi-tamed by breweries like Jester King in Austin, Texas and Crooked Stave out of Denver.

Seek out and find a Funk Metal from Jester King and you may have a new favorite beer. Or you may end up hacking it up in a nearby sink. One or the other.

Party details:

Wed June 18th 2014



St. James Cheese Co. 5004 Prytania St.

New Orleans


This Week In New Orleans Food Blogs: Splendid Pig, Del Fuego Taqueria, Maurepas Foods, The Sammich

We're giving a signal boost to the cream of the crop of New Orleans food bloggers via this weekly feature. New Orleans food blogging scene is dainty compared to our former stomping grounds of Austin, Texas but bear in mind we are a small village perched on the banks of the Mississippi, not an enormous smog-choked metropolitan that is certain to become the biggest city in Texas within the next few years.


Grimaldi's Pizzeria To Enter Louisiana Sans Balls To Butt Heads with Pizza Delicious or Domenica

Grimaldi's, the legendary NYC/Scottsdale Arizona pizzeria (est.1995 though the mythos the family puts forth holds that its birth was nigh onto a hundred years earlier) has announced plans to enter the Louisiana market.

Wise heads at corporate declined to enter the New Orleans metropolitan where their "New York" pizza would've been trounced by local heavies Pizza Delicious and Domenica.


This Week In Charcuterie News: World Cup Of Sausage, What is Pastrami? Venison Boudin, Odd BLTs

Our extensive and ongoing charcuterie project is about to pick up steam as we're due to receive a pork belly tomorrow which will be cured for one week, washed, smoked for two hours, rested for one day, chilled, then ran across our big, electric deli slicer.

The result will be the best bacon New Orleans has ever seen.

On to our weekly update:

Bon Appetit put together a nice "World Cup Of Sausage" article outlining the various participating country's sausages but mystifyingly left the Republic of Texas' hot guts out of the equation

Discover the world of Cornish charcuterie

What is pastrami?

Variations on a BLT

Venison boudin

last week's This Week In Charcuterie News: Zampone, Harborside Farms, City Pork, Jimmy Dean, Tyrolean Sausage

Saint Gertrude The Great Set To Host 2014 Des Allemands Catfish Festival

In 1975, Gov. Edwin Edwards signed a proclamation declaring Des Allemands the Catfish Capital of the World. Love him or hate him, and there are plenty people in both camps, Edwards has left a giant, dollar sign-shaped mark on the great state of Louisiana.


Susan Spicer Writes A Love Letter To New Orleans At The 2014 Creole Tomato Festival

"I drove to Belle Chasse three times for those tomatoes."

Susan Spicer was sourcing from local farmers when many of today's chefs were still on a diet of malto meal and mother's milk, so when we began our ramble through the 2014 Creole Tomato Festival we knew that if we were going to eat the finest fruit of the party it would come from Chef Spicer's booth.


Happy National Donut Day New Orleans

It's National Donut Day and we're about to load up the Country Squire and head over to the 7th Ward to visit Dwight Henry, owner and dough master at the world renowned Buttermilk Drop. There may be finer donuts in New Orleans but if there are we are blissfully unaware of them.

Mr Henry's fry work is hard to top.

We'll leave you with a tale of Spalding's Bakery, the finest donut shop in the great state of Kentucky

This Week In New Orleans Food Blogs: James Beard Conspiracy, Juicy Lucy's, Tommy's Cuisine,

We're probably missing some. The New Orleans food blogging world is a bit hush hush with many bloggers moving sylph-like in the nether regions of the internet: resistant to having their work found and/or celebrated.

Yet still we roll up our sleeves Jules Maigret-style to bring you the cream of the crop of New Orleans food blogs. Presented without comment.

Kim Ranjbar does not like ties in competitions between chefs. And she sees a feminist conspiracy afoot in the recent James Beard award co-honoring Chef Prewitt and Chef Zemanick

Premium food porn alert. Juicy Lucy's right this way

Tommy's Cuisine report

Nothing but love for the shocking words that come out of Kimberly Patton Briggs lipstick clad mouth

Last week's: This Week In New Orleans Food Blogs: Arrow Cafe, The Palms Bar, Top 5 SnoBalls, Domenica, Baton Rouge

This Week In Craft Beer News: St Louis, BBC, Benedictine Monks, Parish Brewing, Trader Joe's

Missouri craft beer, non-Trappist monks are brewing, the BBC, Parish Brewing and Trader Joe's top this week's hit list for folks who would no more drink a Blue Moon than quaff a glass of hobo urine.


Field Report: Cafe Dauphine

It's been a good while since I've seen a biker gang straddling a city street, machines turned off, glaring, and cars with nowhere left to go.

A group of men on dirt bikes and atv's has commandeered Egania Street in front of Cafe Dauphine but that's alright. The instant I turn the ignition over they immediately disperse. Maybe it's my 1% t-shirt or maybe it's just respect.


This Week In Charcuterie News: Zampone, Harborside Farms, City Pork, Jimmy Dean, Tyrolean Sausage

Zampone, The Lesser-Known Grail of Italian Salumi

Inspectors from Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development famously raided Harborside Farms, and seized the prosciutto Clint and Pam Cavers were making from their free-range hogs.

City Pork set to expand in Baton Rouge

Jimmy Dean opened the Jimmy Dean Meat Co. in Plainview Texas in 1969. Now, he's getting a museum

Tyrolean sausage

Giants Walked The Earth: A Field Report From The 2014 Jambalaya Cook Off In Gonzales Louisiana

Another year will pass before the World Jambalaya Championship will see the reigning champ successfully defend his crown.

2013 king of jambalaya Scott Duplechein was bested, and had his golden paddle wrenched from his bosom on the grounds of the Gonzales Civic Center this past weekend by Hoss Reine and his son Hoss Fly Reine.


2014 Oyster Festival In New Orleans At Woldenberg Riverfront Park

The oyster fest people have been working overtime this year to assemble a murderer's row of New Orleans bivalve heavy hitters.

We plucked a few of what we figured to be the highlights:

Superior Seafood: Oyster Boudin or Pork Boudin Egg Rolls w/ Pepper Jelly & Spicy Mustard Sauce. We've been on an extensive handmade boudin project for years now but in our wildest dreams we never conjured an oyster version.


Taking The Measure Of McClure's Barbecue On National Brisket Day In New Orleans

In spite of New Orleans renaissance as a barbecue town, the fact remains that we will never be a food tourist destination for our smoked brisket. Yes, there are plenty places in town serving steer breast but if you want the pluperfect version you're going to need to gas up the Fiero and drive about eight hours to the buckle of the barbecue belt: Austin, Texas.