Houston Food Fan Lights Up Our Comment Section:We Eat Another Taco And Spin More Doug Sahm

Commenter Sarah got a mite heated on the comment section of a couple Top Chef Texas articles we wrote defending Magical Elves selection of Austin over Texas cities like Houston, Lubbock and Fort Worth.

We had prefaced our opinions by stating a love for Houston but this gal showed up ready for a brass knuckles brawl a la Thunderbolt Patterson or a young Bob Roop. In response to our laundry list of national chef awards that Austin cooks have brought home recently she had this to say:



Scrumptiouschef:Top Chef Texas, Brand Integration, Lawsuits, Magical Elves And Mission Productions

Details are beginning to emerge on the underpinnings of the deals struck between a host of entities involved in Top Chef Texas being filmed in the great state.

Allow us to sort through this complicated affair.



Top Chef Texas Episode #4: Scrumptiouschef With Blow By Blow Coverage From Austin Texas

Thanks for tuning in y'all. Here's our account

Mia farrow-chef is having an eye opening experience

The cooks are talking about last week's performances and the baldheaded weirdo Ty-lor says they should shut the fuck up if they can't put something good on the plate.

We hold that Ty-lor is the one that should shut the fuck up and we dream of a Top Chef with Tyler the Creator in Ty-lor's stead. Odd Future in the cooking dome? Now that's a tv show.



Top Chef Texas Episode #3: Scrumptiouschef With Blow By Blow Coverage

Welcome to week 3 of Top Chef Texas.

And we're off!

Korean cook's going all Dale Carnegie on us with her posi-stance exhibited by tacking up a piece of paper on a mirror telling herself that she's a good person.

We're in the cooking dome and there are snakes.

Giant Black Man does not like snakes, exhibiting a fine level of intelligence as snakes are EVIL, delicious, but evil.



Austin Daily Photo: Paul Qui Is The East Side King And Very Well Could Win Top Chef Texas

We got knocked out last night by East Side King. No idea if that was Paul Qui in the hoodie or not, frankly we were so deep in our cups that it never occurred to us to look more closely.

However, if the quality of the chow last night represents what he was putting out during the filming of Top Chef Texas then those other cooks not named Qui had a long row to hoe.



Top Chef Texas Episode #2: Scrumptiouschef With Blow By Blow Coverage

And we're off! Episode 2 of Top Chef Texas is on. Obligatory shot of the Alamo with quick segue to the San Antonio river dissolves into scene from the bubble room where curly hair chef from episode 1 establishes her bona fides by talking up her time in the kitchen at Jean Georges.

Handsome Asian Kentuckian cook speaks on being wary of making friends with fellow contestants whom he ultimately hopes to beat the tar out of

Group 3 step into the elimination chamber, a very nicely outfitted kitchen where Mia Farrow-chef expresses her anxiety over the pending bloodletting.



Huffington Post: 11 Chefs To Watch On Top Chef Texas. Austin's Curren #1 Austin's Paul Qui #8

Austin star cooks Andrew Curren and Paul Qui's gravitas just nudged upwards. They're featured on the monstrously popular website Huffington Post as being favorites on Top Chef Texas.

We knew it all along.



Top Chef Texas Season 9 On Bravo: Scrumptiouschef With Blow By Blow Account

A mildly entertaining little trifle. Episode one ends up ultimately being rendered moot by the production's failure to include either of the two Texas chefs...on Top Chef Texas.

Padma appears and is rail skinny but still somehow pulling it off. We'll call it the Rushdie effect for lack of a better phrase.

Immediately the editors do a good job by bringing a heel chef into the mix. Tyler is clearly an insufferable prick and gives us all an asshole to focus our dislike on.



Houston And Fort Worth Green With Envy As Top Chef Texas Prepares To Air

Houston Chronicle's Alison Cook's kvetchings were duly noted when Top Chef opted out of doing any filming in the Rocket City for season 9 of the Emmy award winning show.

She must have had a case of the vapors when Austin's preeminence was even more exaggerated by The City of the Violet Crown's inclusion of 2 chefs from local restaurants.



Top Chef Texas Is Already Heating Up: Uchi/Uchiko Hosting Dueling Watch Parties vs 24 Diner

Best season ever? It's looking that way. We just got off the phone with 24 Diner and they will be hosting a watch party tomorrow night at their restaurant in conjunction with the airing of Top Chef Texas.

The 24 Diner phone answerer was very nice but had no information as to specials. The manager she queried also had no idea other than to say "call back tomorrow, maybe somebody will know then".

Will do.



Top Chef Texas:Complete List Of Contestants + Video From Austin Star Cooks Andrew Curren & Paul Qui

Top Chef Texas is almost upon us. An enormous group of chefs from around the country have agreed to step into the ring with two of Austin's best cooks; Paul Qui and Andrew Curren.

Lots of star power will be featured on this season including Charlize Theron, Pee-wee Herman, Cat Cora, John Besh, Tim Love and Patti LaBelle.

To enhance the drama of the affair there's a new, web only, gimmick called Last Chance Kitchen where two eliminated contestants will brawl for an opportunity to return to the show. Think Kurt Russell vs Ox Baker in Escape From New York [hopefully including the baseball bat studded with nails].