Austin Daily Photo: Listen To ZZ Top

Listen to some ZZ Top this weekend and knock out a kettle of Texas Red in stark protest to August.

Austin Daily Photo: Doug Sahm

Doug Sahm At the Ritz on 6th Street in Austin, Texas.

Austin Daily Photo: Happy Friday Texas

Get out there and eat some brisket y'all.

Austin Daily Photo: Austin Breakfast Tacos By Mando Rayo And Jarod Neece

Way back in the Paleo era of 2006, Jarod Neece and Justin Bankston hooked up with Mando Rayo over their combined idolatry of tacos. Their website: Taco Journalism, has been one of the best food blogs in Austin ever since.

Now Rayo and Neece are going into the book writing business with their tome "Austin Breakfast Tacos" coming out next month.

You know there will be a hell of a taco party to launch this work into the upper level of Amazon sales.

The handsome book cover was shot by Joel Salcido.

Update: book is now available for pre-order

7 incredible Bacon, Egg and Cheese breakfast taco joints

Austin Daily Photo: C-Mart

Field Report coming soon. Leti, hard at work at the window-taqueria inside the C-Mart off Far West Blvd in northwest Austin.

Austin Daily Photo: John Mueller Meat Co.

A look at the old pit boss who Scrumptious Chef barbecue editor RL Reeves Jr claims is "still the king"

Field Report from Mueller's

Austin Daily Photo: The State Of Texas Barbecue


Austin Daily Photo: La tacopedia. Enciclopedia del taco by Debra Holtz and Juan Carlos Mena

Brilliant. Finally, an encyclopedia devoted to one of our longest running obsessions: tacos. We eat them 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

They are the world's perfect food.

Buy a copy today.

and please visit Yolanda Sanchez Cornejo asap

Austin Daily Photo: East Austin Burger Project

Full event details coming soon. Eventbrite

Saturday June 8th at 7pm.

East Austin Hamburger Pop Up.

Tamale House East.

4 burgers representing the strongest claimants as to being the inventor of the form.

Plus, the debut of the Scrumptious Chef burger. It's a Texas Hot Guts sausage crossed with a bacon cheeseburger y'all.

And this map is not strictly accurate but it was the closest one we could find.

10 lb pork belly is in the cure.

Austin Daily Photo: Memorial Day

Everybody honors Memorial Day in their own way. We're looking back with fond memories of our decades long love affair with Dr Pepper (RIP)

We penned an obituary for this beloved drink. "Rest In Peace: Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company" here

We knew something ill was in the wind months prior to the death when we wrote "Dear Snapple: Please Come To Dublin Texas For Your Dry Gulching. Snapple Auto-Sues Dublin Dr. Pepper" here

and spoke on the business agreement between Snapple and UT "Disgraced Corporation Dr Pepper Snapple Group Forges Alliance With University Texas' McCombs School" here

Heavy hearts.

Austin Daily Photo: Kentucky Barbecue Regions via Wes Berry

Infographic taken from Wes Berry's treatise: "The Kentucky Barbecue Book"

Read a little bit of the book here

and buy a few copies here

Austin Daily Photo: Best Flour Tortillas In Austin Texas

Ask ten different people where to find the best tacos in Austin, Texas, and you'll get ten different responses. For every acolyte of the Original Tamale House, someone else will claim that Tamale House East is the true exemplar.

For each Torchy's Tacos aficionado there will be separate claimant espousing the virtues of Tacodeli.

We eat a lot of tacos. We eat them all over town, as Austin has taco treasure troves in every corner of the city. With the rise of the food truck and the concussive blast of multiple brick and mortar Mexican restaurants taking hold, Austin has never had it so good.

And there's only one place in town, that we know of where you can get San Antonio-level flour tortillas

Austin Daily Photo: Texas State Record Alligator!

Photo credit James Daughtrey.

Article about the kill

Austin Daily Photo: May Is National Barbecue Month

We're celebrating National BBQ month by rifling through old smoked meat archives, and reading about the famously combative Taylor, Texas pit boss John Mueller.

Will he emerge as the consensus number one on the highly anticipated Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ list?

Austin Daily Photo: School House Pub

more info coming

Austin Daily Photo: Mr. Catfish

We were navigating down Airport Blvd after a nacho breakfast at La Fruta Feliz last week when we noticed that the space that formerly held Springhill Restaurant has a new tenant.

Mr. Catfish has pulled stumps from his old spot on Springdale Road, and migrated westward into the big shopping complex at the corner of Airport and Oak Springs.

We were stunned when Springhill couldn't make a go of selling fried fish in East Austin. The fried fish culture of Central Texas has always been scant, but all you can eat catfish parlors are few and far between, and this part of Austin is hungry for good restaurants.

With almost 2 decades in the industry, we predict Mr Catfish owner David Lott will be able to make a go of it where his predecessor failed.

Plus he's got gizzards.

postscript: The Texas State Record for blue catfish is held by Cody Mullenix who landed a 121 lb 5 oz fish from Lake Texoma back in 2004. The fish was right at 5 feet long.

Austin Daily Photo: Tawny Villain And Sweet Heat Meat

With breastaurant acolytes Andrea Grimes, Matthew Odam, and Virginia B Wood sitting in judgement, local cook Tawny Villain emerged victorious as the winner of ATX Brands Trailer Truck Off.

Ms. Villain walked away with the victory via a concoction dubbed Sweet Heat Meat.

She now has a 6 month contract vending food at the Zorro Food Truck parked at East Austin's Scoot Inn.

photo credit

all Austin Daily Photos

Austin Daily Photo: Sallie's Down Home Cooking

Sallie's Down Home Cooking was one of the few places in Austin where you could get a big plastic tumbler filled with green Kool-Aid to wash down your fried chicken and collards.


Austin Daily Photo: Bacon

If you don't have the time or inclination to drive to Madisonville, Tennessee to buy the best commercial bacon in the USA (Benton's) then you may as well hit the kitchen and rig up a de facto curing shed in your fridge and make your own.

Homemade, Mexican-style bacon

Homemade Turkish-style bacon and yes there are plenty Turkish Muslims who eat pork.

Homemade New Mexico-chile style bacon

Please report back. You will never eat the washed-out, grocery store bacon that's fueled you thusly, again.

Austin Daily Photo: King Ranch Casserole

A full week's worth of life-sustaining King Ranch Casserole.

Please obey the rules

and only then should you tackle the classic

Austin Daily Photo: Michi Ramen


Austin Daily Photo: Craft Coffee In Austin Texas

We were sitting on the front porch in the rainstorm this morning daydreaming about the Mocha coffee steaming out of our old, chipped coffee mugs.

Last week we ran smooth out of our stash of Tanzanian Peaberry, so we had to make a run to Anderson's Coffee to re-up.

Wise move.

After explaining to Cyrus, the resident coffee guru on the staff, that we wanted something funky and dirty he resolutely suggested their Mocha Java.

It's sublime. Once the beans are ground the whole house smells like an ancient Yemeni cafe. It's an unbelievable brew.

We still drink the Hell out of our Cuvee but Anderson's is seeing a good, heavy rotation through the old timey stove-top percolator these days.

Austin craft coffee scene coverage

Austin Daily Photo: Boggy Creek Farm's Strawberry Cobbler

We notched another sell-out dish Saturday night at our most recent pop up restaurant event with our rendition of Ruby Lee Adam's cobbler recipe.

We veered off the original formula slightly by using self-rising flour but otherwise remained true.

the formula

Austin Daily Photo: Tonkotsu Broth

20lbs of heritage pork bones from Legend Meats prior to their denouement via an 18 hour session over a good hot flame.

Making pork stock from scratch is in our blood but this is the first time we'd used Legend Meats out of Gorman Texas to source our bones via the good men at Salt and Time Butcher Shop.

Knocked out.

It ain't tonkotsu but our most popular recipe we ever wrote was a formula for pork stock

Austin Daily Photo: Sun Noodle

We took inspiration from Sun Noodle's Ramen Lab for our Smiling Tiger pop up restaurant event. Hidehito Uki, founded Sun Noodle in Hawaii in 1981 but it wasn't until 2012 that the Ramen Lab was founded.

In the lab, determined cooks experiment with a wide variety of styles, all relating to ramen and its consumption.

We're introducing Texas Hot Beef (Wagyu fr.Heartbrand in Yoakum) sausage ramen into the canon tonight. We're calling it the perfect marriage of Japanese cuisine and the Texas barbecue tradition.

Be part of history tonight Sat April 13th at Tamale House East

Austin Daily Photo: Oyama Food Truck

Alumni of Uchiko and Chilantro BBQ have opened Oyama food truck, a '63 Ford vending sous vide-fired Japanese/Mexican-influenced fusion cuisine.

Luncheon finds them at Velvet Ends Salon just south of Star Seeds Cafe, a stone's throw from People Community Health while evening service is at The Belmont on West 6th Street.

We stumbled upon the 2 chefs shortly after eating at Michi Ramen so we had no room for more chow, but were intrigued by beer-dashi braised carnitas, chicken yakitori, and soba noodles.

As near as we can tell this is the only Japanese/Mexican food truck in Travis County, Texas.

They're on Twitter

Austin Daily Photo: Boggy Creek Farm

Brace up Austin, Texas.

We ran by Boggy Creek Farm this morning and picked up a few pints of strawberries to convert into a nice, plump cobbler come this Saturday night at Tamale House East.

Things will never be the same.

Austin Daily Photo: Barbacoa At El Tacorrido

Part of the lifeblood of any die hard Texas barbecue lover has to be barbacoa. I'll never forget my first taco way back in the early 90s when I ventured up to a little barbacoa cart on North Lamar near where T&S Seafood is now.

My life has not been the same since.

An altered existence via one taco.


Austin Daily Photo: The Stallion

The pic belies the nature of what we're calling "the worst brisket" in Austin, Texas

Austin Daily Photo: Txoko Texas The Only Basque Gastronomic Society In The Great State

Texas' only Basque gastronomic society recently held Txoko Number 12 in an ongoing series of food orgies held quarterly in the Austin metro area. A few notes on the food and wine enjoyed by the gastronomes present


Austin Daily Photo: Tamale House East

The food always tastes better if you have to cross a set of railroad tracks to get at it. One of our all time favorite barbecue houses was in Leeds, Alabama, and to even think about getting there you had to motor down gravel roads and cross at least 3 sets of railroad tracks.


Austin Daily Photo: Foodways Texas Presents: Our Barbecue Ourselves

Probably sold out. We clicked on the purchase tickets button on the website of Foodways Texas like we were playing Defender at Lost World Arcade and were met with naught.

Apparently plenty folks in Austin have an extra $280 for barbecue symposiums.

Wonder how tough their door staff will be? It's been a good while since we gorilla rolled a doorman to get into a hot venue.

Might be worth it.

Partial list of meat-y luminaries to be doing symposium stuff:


Austin Daily Photo: Salt And Time Butcher Shop

A plump, sustainably raised chuck steak from Salt and Time in East Austin.


Austin Daily Photo: Happy Easter Texas

Hope somebody cares enough to bust a cascarone on your noggin on this blessed day.

previous Austin Daily Photos nearly 1000 in all!

Austin Daily Photo: Name This Austin Landmark And We'll Buy You A Margarita At El Azteca

Rebooting our contest gimmick. Rasheel, winner of " Name This Austin Landmark And We'll Buy You A Margarita At El Gallo" with his guess of El Taco Rico never came forward to claim his prize.

You know you run with a rough bunch when a promise of free booze isn't enough to accomplish the hang.

Round 2 is now upon us.

Name This Austin Landmark And We'll Buy You A Margarita At El Azteca.

Title says it all. Tell us where this famous Austin landmark is located and we'll meet up with you and buy you a margarita at one of the few places in Austin we've ever been thrown the fuck out of. Story's on the internet btw.

Rasheel guessed correctly. Can you? No cheating

Austin Daily Photo: Scrumptious Chef Pop Up Team Version 1.0

We're coming up on a year now. An early photo of our Summer 2012 Scrumptious Chef pop up restaurant team.

Photo credit: RL Reeves Jr

Austin Daily Photo: Williamson County Texas


Austin Daily Photo: Pambazos At La Fruta Feliz

Two recent visits to La Fruta Feliz reconfirmed what we've known for years. This is the brick and mortar apogee of authentic Mexican cooking in Austin, Texas.

A breakfast trip netted some very fine chivo (goat barbacoa) as well as carnitas tacos on splendid, hand-rolled corn tortillas, while a repeat afternoon visit found us on the business end of a glorious Pambazo, a Mexican hoagie, dipped in chile sauce then griddled to a luscious turn.


Austin Daily Photo: Dawn Orsak Of The Svacina Project

Dawn Orsak and Lori Najvar are traveling across Texas to accrue material for a multi-media exhibit on Texas Czech culture. This past weekend found the two ladies in Halletsville for the big South Texas Polka & Sausage Fest.


Austin Daily Photo: Jack Gilmore

Nothing but admiration for Jack Gilmore. Read about how a white man from Brownsville won an entry in our Best Tex Mex Mex restaurant in Austin Texas series

Sous vide Tex Mex? An idea whose time has come.

Austin Daily Photo: Texas Hot Guts

Mise en place for yet another batch in our Texas Hot Guts sausage project. At the 18 month mark we've achieved world beating status; as is evidenced by our link of the day invariably winning "best in show" at our ongoing Scrumptious Chef pop up restaurant series.

birthplace of the genre

Austin Daily Photo: East Avenue Lounge Goes Into The Barbecue Business

It was only a matter of time. The red hot Rainey Street district has everything you could want or need-except barbecue. Sure Iron Works is right near but let's face it; the glory days of that old shed are long gone.

Enter East Avenue Lounge.

The friendly, no frills bar has carved itself a nice little niche ( and that niche is about to get a lot more prosperous with the addition of smoked meats to go with the cold beer.

We were on non-barbecue business when we snapped this photo but will venture down that way soon and report back.

a staggering multitude of Texas BBQ articles

Austin Daily Photo: SLAB BBQ: Slow Low And Bangin Barbecue Food Truck At Paul Qui's SXSW Court

No website. One tweet. But here's physical proof that SLAB: Slow, Low and Bangin BBQ food truck does exist.

We were on an ice cream mission at the time and did not have one moment to spare so we neglected their meat.

Any readers get a chance to sample SLAB? Please comment below.

full Texas BBQ coverage with full color photos!

Austin Daily Photo: Name This Austin Landmark And We'll Buy You A Margarita At El Gallo

Title says it all. Name this Austin landmark and the wiry crew at Scrumptious Chef will take you out for a fancy margarita at El Gallo.

Austin Daily Photo: Austin Craft Coffee Blogs

Extensive coverage of the Austin Texas craft coffee scene

Austin Daily Photo: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

We strolled headlong, deep into the vortex of SXSW madness to sample Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at the Paul Qui curated food truck pod on the northern end of Rainey Street yesterday.

Jeni Britton Bauer is something of a wunderkind in the world of frozen butterfat. The Wall Street Journal called her New York Times best-selling "Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home" the "homemade-ice cream-making Bible"

Her Ohio-based herd of cows only feeds on grasses, which led Food & Wine to say "No one makes ice cream like Jeni Britton Bauer."

Her Whiskey Pecan confection was top flight on yesterday's visit.

Blink and you'll miss her y'all. She's packing up camp and headed back to Ohio Sun Mar 17th.

Pictured: Jessica, the girl who was kind enough to make sure our cup was a well packed bowl of fatty deliciousness.

Austin Daily Photo: Captain TJ's

Gone but in no way forgotten. Captain TJ's was our favorite seafood joint in a town rightfully never known for its fish restaurants.

$5 oyster platters? Gone. $3.50 catfish plates? Gone.

A kitchen fire took the building down, the business was sold and relocated to North Austin where it still exists, a shell of its former self.

Austin Daily Photo: Pete's Bar


Austin Daily Photo: Boudin And Fried Eggs

Breakfast at the Scrumptious House: 3 eggs from a hen out in Garfield and a batch of smoked then fried handmade boudin. Occasionally we take a break from our hot guts project and bang out a few coils of boudin.

A guide to making the best boudin you will ever put in your mouth

Austin Daily Photo: Habesha Restaurant And Bar

Lidiya, one of a trio of waitresses at Habesha Restaurant who sprinted about the facility during the entirety of our recent visit. If top flight customer service is an important part of your dining equation, then put Habesha on your short list as the gals running the place have made their mark via this tradition.

Field report:

More Entries