Hunter Lake is suing Coby Lake. The two brothers are co-owners of Avondale Brewing Company in Birmingham. Last year we had a remarkable barrel-aged Saison at this brewery. It was outrageously expensive but delicious. Details on the blood feud

Trim Tab Brewing Co In Birmingham

Trim Tab Brewing Co In Birmingham

On a recent road trip through the South we visited Keg and Barrel in Hattiesburg. The building stunk of mildew and the bar charges full price for half-pours off their draft wall. We’ve visited hundreds of craft beer bars and this is the first time we’ve ever encountered such an egregious policy. But what do you expect of a place that serves Miller Lite right along-side regional craft?

Wayward Owl Brewing has ordered their brewhouse!Introducing-The-BrewHouse/c14c3/558c90460cf2bba6953792f6

Garrett Crowell likes skunky beer. The brewmaster at the much-lauded Jester King of Austin is in an exclusive brewers camp when it comes to this affinity. Is Mr. Crowell a dumbass? My grandma used to say “there’s no accounting for taste”

Three beer styles originate from USA. Tom Acitelli of Food Republic looks at each one.

“This is wonderful, did your mother teach you how to bake?

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Sandra. Two Exemplary Bakers Of St Charles Parish

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Sandra. Two Exemplary Bakers Of St Charles Parish

I’m marveling over the Ooey Gooey cake that Miss Elizabeth of Saint Gertrude The Great Catholic Church in Des Allemands has made for the Louisiana Catfish Festival.

The Pastries Of St Charles Parish

The Pastries Of St Charles Parish

“No dahlin’ my mother died when I was just five years old”

A Photo Of Carrot Cake

A Photo Of Carrot Cake

Note me slowly crawling to the Bayou Gauche where I slit my wrists and fling myself at the nearest alligator.

Itinerant Griddle Man In Des Allemands Louisiana

Itinerant Griddle Man In Des Allemands Louisiana

The Saint Gertrude Catholic Church dealt me a cruel hand last weekend as I ramp up my 500 po boys series. To wit: the worst po boy I’ve had in years-maybe ever-in the New Orleans region.

An Elderly Vendor At The Louisiana Catfish Festival

An Elderly Vendor At The Louisiana Catfish Festival

I knew I was in for a rough meal when I ordered my po boy and the counter girl reached behind her, snagged a pre-wrapped sandwich off a table and barked “$10″

Sad Li'l Catfish Po Boy In Des Allemands

Sad Li’l Catfish Po Boy In Des Allemands

There is no one in line, no one approaching the booth and the grounds of the festival are perhaps 10% full.

Harbinger Of Sorrow

Harbinger Of Sorrow

Why in the Hell are these people sandbagging po boys?

Ice Cold Soda Pop

Ice Cold Soda Pop

The biggest sin that a po boy maker commits in Southeast Louisiana is the use of pitiable loaf-bread. With the nearby proximity of Saint Gertrude Church, this po boy cook will need to visit the confessional regularly for the next year to make up for his crime. It is a horrid loaf of unknown provenance; surely some far off factory of horrors that has no relation whatever to the numerous skilled bakeries in the area.

I've Got My Eye On You

I’ve Got My Eye On You

The fish is stone cold which is just as well as there is a paucity of it that suggests the catfish industry of Louisiana is on its last legs. The toppings are an afterthought.

The Catfish Industry Of Des Allemands Louisiana

The Catfish Industry Of Des Allemands Louisiana

Immediately after eating a portion of this po boy (and chucking the rest in a nearby garbage can) I run to the fried catfish entree booth and order a platter. Settling in in the community center my faith in the Louisiana Catfish Festival is restored: the fish is blazing hot, the Northern Beans creamy and delicious and the rice perfectly cooked.

Saint Gertrude The Great

Saint Gertrude The Great

The big fish party in Des Allemands is one of my favorite food events of the year and an atrocious po boy does not sway me from future attendance.

Foot Loose And Fancy Free In Saint Charles Parish

Foot Loose And Fancy Free In Saint Charles Parish

When we tackled this project we knew that somewhere on the path to eating 500 po boys we would be staring down the barrel of some bad food.

The Catfish Queen Of Louisiana

The Catfish Queen Of Louisiana

But never in a thousand years did we think it would happen in Des Allemands, Louisiana, the catfish capital of the universe.

2015 Louisiana Catfish Festival

2015 Louisiana Catfish Festival

Saint Gertrude The Great Catholic Church
17292 LA-631, Des Allemands, LA 70030

The Catfish Queen Texts Just Like The Rabble She Presides Over

The Catfish Queen Texts Just Like The Rabble She Presides Over

If Ray Gibson, native son of New Orleans and the man who owns Pepperoni Rays pizza restaurant spent half as much time in the kitchen as he did orchestrating his joint’s recent social media campaign, he could learn how to make scratch crust and offer it to his #teamletseat patrons.

That hashtag is what catapulted the Gentilly restaurant to the top of the Times Picayune’s readers poll on New Orleans best pizza.

Pepperoni Ray’s acolytes rose up,flash mob-style to engineer a meteoric rise to the top of the Times Picayune’s recent quest to find the best pizza in New Orleans.

By the way, the uncrowned king of our newly minted pizza scene is St. Clair, a humble, old, school bus retrofitted with a wood-burning oven. And yes, the lads running the concern make their crust by hand.

But to be fair, every single pizza restaurant of note in New Orleans; from Domenica to Mona Lisa, makes their crust from scratch. It’s how they flex their culinary muscles-via handmade crust.

It was laughable that Pepperoni Ray’s, a Gentilly pizza restaurant that “outsources” its dough, bested Pizza Delicious in the Times Picayune’s pizza poll-at least in the popular vote portion.

When push came to shove and official judges Todd Price, Judy Walker, Zella Palmer and Liz Williams had vetted the top five contenders it was Pizza Delicious, a scratch kitchen, that emerged as the top pie in New Orleans.

After reading the Times Pic article on Pepperoni Ray’s owner Ray Gibson, we’ve come to the conclusion that this man is delusional.

At one point he calls his pizza “edible art” and goes on to say “It’s something you put together start to finish”

Except the crust. Because that would entail learning how to make pizza from scratch, and that would be infinitely harder than exhorting people on Instagram and Facebook to pad the polls so your restaurant could compete against actual artisans who are making everything from scratch.

“The manager’s not in right now” This was the response we garnered when we called up Pepperoni Ray’s to find out where they were buying their crust. Hunts Brothers maybe?

In the comments section of one of the Times Pic’s articles on the competition a poster named “Ray” says: #TeamLetsEat!!!!!! they don’t want us to win, you can not deny you taste buds or Pepperoni Ray’s. We’re going to leave’em like this. Let’s Eat!!!

It gets worse. On an Instagram post from the Pepperoni Ray account: We’ll make a come back #TeamLetsEat!!! No worries Copy & paste or Click on this link……Use every device you have. Share this post,sharing is caring. Let’s Vote!!!

Shame free in Gentilly.

3807 Frenchman St
Ste B
New Orleans,
LA 70122

Sun Closed
Mon 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tue 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wed 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thu 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Fri 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sat 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Larry the butcher is feeling reflective.

After 40 years in the business he’s happy to talk to a stranger about beef, sourcing and the nature of fast food restaurant’s claims on the virtues of cheap meat.

Tucked away off to the side of Jeanfreau’s Meat Market in St Bernard Parish, Joey’s Grill is putting out some of the best blue plate specials in the New Orleans area.

Joey Jeanfreau's Meat Market In Chalmette

Joey Jeanfreau’s Meat Market In Chalmette

They also make a formidable hamburger po boy. It’s the best version we’ve ever found.

The line is long on a recent visit to the little diner but the gals running the place are moving at breakneck speed. The eaters are almost all men in Dickies and Carhartt work pants, tape measure clipped to their belts.

Ford pickup trucks clog the parking lot.

Blue Plates Special At Jeanfreau's

Blue Plates Special At Jeanfreau’s

Our kind of place.

And that po boy. We order it all the way which means mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, onions, pickles and tomatoes. We request bacon although later regret the decision as it’s flabby and inconsequential. The locally grown Creole tomatoes more than make up for it.

Fries are freezer bag so we decline them as a side.

Lovely Meats At Jeanfreau's In Chalmette

Lovely Meats At Jeanfreau’s In Chalmette

15 minutes pass by and the glory makes its way to the table. It’s a good foot-long hunk of a meal, chopped in half for easier eating.

Three big beef patties crest the loaf. Slightly over-cooked but no matter, the rich, good beef is magnitudes better than what is commonly found hereabouts. It’s so good we make our way to the meat market and strike up a conversation with  head butcher Larry.DSC04842

He allows that he’s been in the industry for 40 some years but has only worked at Jeanfreau’s “since Katrina” We inquire as to the provenance of the meat, thinking it must come from Louisiana or Texas as the quality is so high. He replies that it’s from the Midwest, maybe Iowa but the real secret lies in the fact that they grind the hamburger multiple times per day to keep up with demand.

The hamburger meat at the  market is 80/20 Larry goes on to explain. And it’s not “just chuck” the old meat cutter also throws in a little sirloin as well as trimmings from various other parts of the steer. Talk turns to fast food places and their dollar menus and we both marvel over exactly what might be in their “hamburgers.”

It’s worth a trip to Saint Bernard Parish to experience the hamburger po boy at Joey’s Diner. Just leave off the bacon.

2324 Paris Rd

Chalmette, LA


(504) 279-6590

Joey’s Grill Hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 9-3

Tuesday: 9-3

Wednesday: 9-3

Thursday: 9-3

Friday: 9-3

Saturday: 9-4

We Always Look For Diners When We See Sights Like This

We Always Look For Diners When We See Sights Like This