Got a minute? Check out this 60 second short film on Frady’s One Stop featuring Kirk Frady, owner and operator.

Frady’s is my favorite po boy joint in New Orleans and the last coffee shop in the city where a cup of mud will set you back .75c.

And the next time you get in the mood for a fried baloney sandwich, the crew at Kirk’s little store has you covered.

Street shot. 9th Ward. New Orleans

This is my once a year column where I look back at the previous 12 months of life in New Orleans’ 9th Ward and beyond. I take my lead from Benjamin Franklin and his superb Almanack that he published for 25 years back in the 18th century Continue Reading

9th Ward dive Saturn Bar has been sold

When I first started visiting Saturn Bar I marveled over the weird, stuffed sea turtle named Candy that occupied prime space in the old, smokey redoubt. Turns out it was a piece by noted artist Mike Frolick, and it fit in well with all the other curiosities that an ancient 9th Ward dive has a tendency to collect.

Now the old joint will have to soldier along under new owners. Details to come but here’s a piece I wrote in 2018 more