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In the suddenly hip Amsterdam Oost neighborhood, Bar Basquiat acts as neo-Bohemian anchor on Javastraat. The bar is an homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Brooklyn born artist who’s been dead for 20 years now.

Housed in a former supermarket, Bar Basquiat would be right at home in Austin or Portland. Sonic Youth is on the hi fi and the staff are appropriately tattooed and disheveled.

Amsterdam Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

The riots are long over.

Back in the 80s when ground finally broke (after 30 years of planning) on the Dutch National Opera and Ballet House in Amsterdam, squatters, crusty punks and anarchists took to the streets to thwart the construction of the complex. Water cannons were brought in, Dutch police with truncheons waded into the fray, skulls were cracked and punks were sent running for cover.

The building of an opera and ballet house was not to be thwarted and if the streets had to run red with blood then so be it.

Nowadays the scene is much more peaceful and if you happen by around noon on Tuesdays (between October and June) you can hasten inside for a free lunch time concert.

Amsterdam Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

There is a tiny charcuterie workshop on Hoendiepstraat in the Amsterdam Oud Zuid neighborhood. There, at De Pasteibakkerij the tandem of Diny Schouten and Floris Brester are quietly putting out the best cured meats in the Netherlands. We visit once per year to pick up a few kilos of bacon, sausage, terrines and such. The two former journalists are practicing a craft that is largely forgotten in that part of the world.

We filed a full report here.

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I only saw Wu Tang Clan once. It was back in the 90s when they were at the peak of their powers. And it was in the best city on earth to see the band: Amsterdam. Apparently the city planners were in attendance as well as Ghostface Killah has his own street in the NDSM area: Ghostface Killahstraat.

Happy Birthday Ghostface Killah nee Dennis Coles.

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Amsterdam Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

If you’ve spent any time in Budapest’s late night bar scene you’ve certainly had ‘labdapecsenye’ or Hungarian wet burgers. They’re similar to the ones famously served in Istanbul but with the tomato either omitted or considerably dialed down.

They are unfathomably delicious.

Last month we attended Pure Markt, a monthly haven for gastronomes that takes over Amstel Park for a bacchanal of wine, beer and food. We ate ourselves senseless and the best dish of the entire day was labdapecsenye. A brace of young Magyars was running a Hungarian food booth, and confided that their secret weapon in their hamburgers was the addition of Mangalitsa pork to the grind.


Amsterdam Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Situated in Amsterdam Oost, the Tropenmuseum (Museum of the Tropics) lives inside a structure that dates to 1926; practically brand new by Amsterdam standards. The museum is vast, holding roughly 400,000 articles. You can spend a few hours walking through the halls before finally reaching the restaurant and taking a break from art and culture on the terrace where dense clouds of cannabis greet the patrons. Get the appeltaart.

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