The documentary film, Baby Dolls: Preserving Culture in New Orleans screens tonight Tuesday (March 21) at 7 p.m. at 938 Lafayette St., New Orleans at Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities

The New Orleans baby dolls party with a professionalism that belies their outrageous costumes. If you’re not careful you may wind up in a heap on a barroom floor if you try to match these ladies drink for drink.

While all the baby dolls are stunningly beautiful the one true queen of the local groups is Resa Bazile aka Cinnamon Black. Check her out here.

We Spotted This Confederate Flag Merchandise On Offer In London Kentucky Last Fall. London Is 45 Miles South Of Berea.

After last year’s debacle over the Confederate flag, the 2017 Berea, Kentucky Spoonbread Festival is on for the Autumn of this year.

A compromise has been hammered out.

Confederate Enthusiasts Cowed As Berea Kentucky Plans 2017 Spoonbread Festival

Bob Braun

Cincinnati legend Bob Braun ruled the TV roost in the Queen city for 50 years. More importantly he was also the namesake for the Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant chain’s Brawny Lad, a sandwich featuring a rye bun cradling a mess of low-grade beef.

There are 120 Frisch’s restaurants in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

If you grew up in Dayton, Columbus, Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis, Huntington, Nashville or Knoxville Tn in the 80s you are well familiar with Braun. His regionally syndicated show was a monster rating success enjoying a 17 year run before the tides of fate led to his cancellation.

Bob Braun died 16 years ago this week. He was 71 years old