Archibald’s Barbecue In Northport Alabama

Photo gallery from Birmingham News. The pit fire was put out by the fire department, and Archibald’s will, hopefully, reopen tomorrow.

We started eating at Archibald’s when we were teenagers back the 80s. When George Archibald Jr retired a couple years ago the quality slipped but we still run by there once a year to wool gather and dream about the old days.

Archibald’s has the best barbecue sauce we’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.

Mississippi Blues

We no longer write about music.

But a few time per year we’re stirred to put down a few words on field hollers and such.

It’s one of those times.

If you enjoy listening to old Black men born and reared in Mississippi, and laying down the old truth then please visit.

This is that sitting on the couch getting drunk on cheap whiskey shit.

Michael Corcoran and Tim Kerr’s Mural

Michael Corcoran is putting in the hard work to keep Texans aware of our state’s rich musical history. Recently he teamed up with Tim Kerr (Big Boys) to install a giant mural at the corner of 9th Street and Red River in downtown Austin.

We dialed up an agent in Austin to ride over to the site and take some pictures for this post.

Read Corcoran’s piece here.

Lupita is the proprietor of La Fogata in Austin, Texas and her kitchen is spotless

I’ve been fortunate in my life as a cook to have worked in some extraordinarily clean kitchens. When I was at Backstage under Ray Tatum, at the end of a shift we’d fill up a big kettle, bring it to a boil then use the 212°F water to clean everything in the kitchen including the floors. Continue Reading

Gram Parson’s Burial Grounds In Metairie Louisiana

Garden of Memories Cemetery
4900 Airline Drive
Metairie, LA

Anybody on here got GPS? 29.97553, -90.17761

We drove out to the cemetery on Gram’s birthday last year. It is absolutely vast so punch the GPS into your phone so you can find the gravesite.

Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia, Texas

“I’m gobsmacked as we roll into Mexia, Texas on US Hwy 84. We’re not a block from Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken when I spot Anna Nicole Smith walking down the side of the road. A cloud of cotton candy hair is floating above her brown shoulders, she’s wearing denim short shorts and a gingham blouse as she strides easily through the warm, spring air like a young Jayne Mansfield.”

It’s National Fried Chicken Day and there’s not a place in the world I’d rather be than Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia, Texas.

Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken In Mexia Texas: Nikki Hart Superstar

Mexia is pronounced ‘muhaya’