Eat in a few hundred Texas cafes like this one then write an article about Texas Red chili

Katie Workman begins her hopelessly flawed Washington Post (AP) article on Texas Red chili thusly: “If you know anything about Texas chili…”

Workman then goes on to prove that she knows absolutely nothing about the food so revered that good men have lost their lives over it. Continue Reading

John Nova Lomax speaks on Texas chili con carne

Every so often a new voice arises in the world of Texas chili letters. John Nova Lomax recently published a treatise on Texas chili that deserves a mention. Writing on the Texas Monthly platform, Lomax goes deep into the origins of our state’s official dish.

The Bloody San Antonio Origins of Chili Con Carne is a rigorously researched longform article on the most beloved food in the Lone Star state.

However, chili con carne is not the only official dish of the state. There are eight in total.

We wrote The Rules Of Texas Red nearly eight years ago.