When we lived in Austin we routinely visited Texas Sausage Company before we started our own Texas Hot Guts Project.

Franklin Barbecue has famously used the old East Austin charcuterie business for their sausage needs for years.

On sunny weekends you will be standing in a line when you walk in the door as neighborhood barbecue cooks know Texas Sausage Company makes some of the best hot links in the entire state.

We were on a deep dive on the internet this morning when we stumbled upon a fresh photo gallery of the old meat company.

Check out how the sausage gets made in Austin, Texas.

Franklin Barbecue’s Original Food Trailer

Before moving to New Orleans we lived two blocks from Aaron Franklin’s barbecue trailer in the French Place neighborhood of Austin, Texas. When the wunderkind first opened for business we quickly became regulars. Then Shaggybevo got on board, and the scene slowly became unnavigable as lines grew to previously unseen proportions.

On this day in 2011 we paid one final visit as the Franklins had announced they would be moving into the former Ben’s Longbranch down the road apiece on 11th Street.

Six years go by in a flash but if memory serves we cleaned the trailer out of their remaining brisket, and may have had a stray pork rib or sausage link.

We may have even shed a tear or two, and read some Thornton Wilder. Six years is a long time but it does pass quickly.

Sterling Of The Much Lamented Ray’s Barbecue (Austin, Texas)

There’s plenty we miss about living in the great state of Texas: endless supplies of tacos of every description, free chips and salsa the moment you sit down in any restaurant, ranch culture (where waitresses readily bring you homemade ranch dressing at the drop of a hat) easy access to Lone Pint Yellow Rose, and perhaps most importantly: barbecue shootouts. Continue Reading

Brisket King Randy Valentine

Brisket King Randy Valentine

Earlier this month we were sitting in New Orleans lamenting missing the 2016 edition of the Meridian Texas National Championship Barbecue Cook Off.

Unlike in Texas where you can walk into any one of over two thousand smoked meat houses, New Orleans is a tough place to find expertly cooked brisket.

That’s why we keep our antique Weber smoker loaded down with choice steer and hot guts, it’s easier to just do it ourselves. Continue Reading

A Pitboss Stands Next To His Smoker In Meridian Texas

A Pitboss Stands Next To His Smoker In Meridian Texas

It’s only 550 miles from New Orleans to Meridian Texas but we had to sit out the 2016 National Championship Barbecue Cook Off held this past weekend on the rich soil of Bosque Bottoms. We had a long run of perfect attendance when we lived and breathed barbecue over two decades of hard living in Austin. Continue Reading