2018 Brady Texas World Championship Barbecue Goat Cook Off

I retired from judging the big Brady, Texas World Championship Barbecue Goat Cook Off a few years back. I had a good long run out in the dead middle of Texas but when eating 5lbs of meat became a chore I backed off and made room for someone with a more capacious gullet.

I never looked back. Attending as a civilian is more fun that working the judges table; you have time to bond with the cooking teams, and kick back under the towering live oaks of Richards Park.

Only the good lord knows how many hundreds of cans of Keystone Light were drunk last weekend in Brady.

Here’s our field report.

Andy Cook is a longtime competitor at the Brady Goat Cook Off

It’s a 558 mile drive from New Orleans to Brady, Texas but it’s one we make every year over the Labor Day weekend. The World Championship BBQ Goat Cook Off has been held annually in the garden spot of McCulloch County, Texas every single year since 1973. We were latecomers to the party and did not begin attending til the mid-90s. Continue Reading

Texas pit boss Brian Mays

Brian Mays has weathered a hundred storms. The old Texas pit boss has been standing over hardwood pit fires in East Austin for decades, and he’s not retreating any time soon. On our rare visits back home we always make sure to run into Sam’s Barbecue for a half chicken plate and some good conversation.

It doesn’t hurt that Johnnie Taylor is on the hi fi and if you squint at the walls just right you can pretend like it’s 1988 all over again.

If someone offered you $3 million for your tiny barbecue restaurant would you take it? Brian Mays said no.

Bart Watson, Chief Economist of the Brewers Association in Boulder has created a mashup of two things near and dear to the bosom of the Scrumptious Chef crew: Texas barbecue and cold draft beer.

Texas Monthly dropped their Top 50 barbecue joint list this morning and Watson went into hyperdrive creating an interactive google map featuring each licensed brewery in the great state plus all 50 of the barbecue joints.

Now if we could just figure out why Micklethwait Craft Meats didn’t finish in the no.1 spot.

Here’s Bart Watson’s Twitter

Pitboss Scott Morales At Taylor Cafe

Scott Morales has been the pitboss at Taylor Cafe in Taylor, Texas for over a decade. We go here for handmade Bohunk sausage and briskets cooked over post oak fires. Vencil Mares is the owner of the old joint (est. 1948) but it’s Mr Morales who shepherds the meat from raw to a state of extreme deliciousness.

Morales runs through a half ton of brisket per week at the old smokehouse, and just like any other barbecue restaurant, Taylor Cafe has its good days and its bad days.

Here’s our field report from last summer.

When we lived in Austin we routinely visited Texas Sausage Company before we started our own Texas Hot Guts Project.

Franklin Barbecue has famously used the old East Austin charcuterie business for their sausage needs for years.

On sunny weekends you will be standing in a line when you walk in the door as neighborhood barbecue cooks know Texas Sausage Company makes some of the best hot links in the entire state.

We were on a deep dive on the internet this morning when we stumbled upon a fresh photo gallery of the old meat company.

Check out how the sausage gets made in Austin, Texas.