The long-shuttered Iron Horse in Austin sold tamales from a crockpot on the bartop

How do you feel about tackling a 30 ingredient recipe that yields eight tamales? Tamale production is always a bear but the result of a long day in the kitchen generally yields bushel baskets of tamales that you can freeze and then eat on over the next few months. That ain’t how Elizabeth Falkner likes to do it. Bored and restless? Try this formula for Collard Green Tamales from the James Beard site. Continue Reading

RL Reeves Jr reports on the national tamale scene

It’s hot as Hades over here in the 9th Ward and we’re still getting up in the morning to steam hot tamales for our breakfast. One big, fat, hog-meat tamal with a couple fried eggs on top, and a generous ladle of jalapeno hot sauce starts the day off right. Continue Reading

RL Reeves Jr covers the national tamale scene

High dollar Mexican food has arrive in east Austin, Texas. The old days of women selling tamales in lavanderias, and gas station parking lots are long gone. Nowadays the swells have arrived to sip on $15 shots of tequila añejo, and eat overpriced molotes. Earning six figures in Austin? Like to blow a bunch of money? Pat Sharpe breaks down Suerte a new Mexican restaurant lodged in the former Dario’s, one of the best old-line Tex-Mex joints in east Austin. Continue Reading

RL Reeves Jr reports on the national tamale scene

Nurses make an average of $71,000 per annum. After working for 30 years as an RN in Knoxville, Tennessee, Sonya Curl could have been forgiven for rearing back in a Barcalounger and watching TV in her golden years. Instead she took to social media and began vending what she calls Tennessee tamales. There is a long history of tamale making in eastern Tennessee, and while they could not be more different than the Tex-Mex tamales we grew up eating they do have a niche in our bellies. Continue Reading

RL Reeves Jr reports on the national tamale scene

Out on the frozen flatlands of Lubbock, Texas Pedro’s Tamales has been in business since 1977. Owner Mike Hale hangs his hat on beef tamales, an outlier in Texas where pork or chicken are more common fillings. You’re never going to lose money selling beef to Texans. Continue Reading

I just finished watching a five minute short film on Scott’s Hot Tamales in Greenville, Mississippi. It’s a beautiful thing. Owner Elizabeth Scott (now departed) is a charmer and gracefully breaks down how she and her husband Aaron began selling tamales in the Deep South back in 1950.

Their stand is still up and running and being operated by their descendants. Continue Reading