Mildred “Mama Dip” Council has passed away at the age of 89. The legendary North Carolina soul food cook, and restaurant owner sat down with Professor Florence Soltys in 2003 for this 30 minute interview. RIP Mama.

There is a new vegan “soul food” restaurant in New Orleans. We’re certain the vegans have plenty fine food but we’d happily kick the pins out from underneath somebody that tried to feed us vegan gumbo or jambalaya. Continue Reading

Soul Food Universal Register

We’ve been eating nothing but soul food for the past month. Collards, grits, fried chicken, black eye peas, cornbread, liver mush, and neckbones have been on our menu every single day as New Orleans has seen temperatures in the 20s and days on end without a hint of sunshine.

We’re moving to Puerto Rico. Continue Reading

Brown Sugar of Boutte’s Bayou Is One Of The Best Soul Food Cooks In Louisiana

Amarillo Texas is not a stronghold of soul food. Up on the plains of Northwest Texas you’re more likely to sit down to a grain-fed ribeye or a plate of enchiladas than stewed neckbones and collards. That’s about to change as Family Soul Food is now open. Expect “gut-busting portions of pork chops, cheesy meatloaf and fried ribs (that) can be accompanied by green beans, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and other sides.” Continue Reading

New Orleans Soul Food: A Grocery Store Hot Link Stuffed Into A Po Boy Loaf

Beaumont, Texas is one of our favorite cities in the great state. It’s old, rough and around the edges and home to some of the best restaurants in the Lone Star. At Sonny’s BBQ II you can get a square meal of fried chicken, pig feet, homemade hot links, fried fish, smoked boudin, and pork ribs. Continue Reading

Kentucky Soul Food

At Irma Dee’s in Louisville “…the menu of the day included Salisbury steak, smothered pork chops, fried whiting and catfish, chicken wings, ham, ribs, plus a range of sides from potato salad to greens.” We want a lady named Irma Dee to prepare every meal we eat from here on out. Writer Kevin Gibson has all the details. Continue Reading

Natchitoches Meat Pie is pure Louisiana soul food

“Princess Pamela’s Soul Food Cookbook” is back in print thanks to the Lee Brothers of South Carolina.

“The recipes are incredible, really deep dive on South Carolina cooking before the war, very sophisticated combinations of ingredients like hog chow and turnip greens, pigtails and butter beans, 12 different permutations of sweet potato confections.” Matt Lee Continue Reading

A Ya Ka Mein Lady Hard At Work In New Orleans

For supper tonight we’re chopping up a head of cabbage, a bunch of green onions, and an Irish potato. We’ll line a casserole dish with the assemblage, pour a cup of master stock on it then top the affair with a roasting hen slathered in T-Boy’s Garlic Seasoning. As the hen roasts the schmaltz drips onto the potatoes, cabbage and onions making for a fine soul food Continue Reading

RL Reeves Jr Reports On USA’s Current State Of Soul Food

Cleveland’s on fire with soul food these days. Douglas Trattner, writing for the Cleveland Scene, breaks down the current state of hog maws and chitlins in the Rock and Roll Capital of the World”

We can’t imagine how hard opening a soul food restaurant in Fargo, North Dakota is. Daran’s Southern Soul Food and West Indian Cuisine recently swung their doors open in the onetime “divorce capital” of the Midwest. Darrell Randle’s carving himself a tough row to hoe but the North Carolina native will do it one bowl of grits at a time.

Aurora, Colorado checking in. Cora Faye’s Cafe quit Denver, a town they’d vended Red Kool-Ade and fried chicken in for the past decade for bigger, better digs in nearby Aurora. ‘Soul Food Scholar’ Adrian Miller is all over Cora Faye’s calling their coconut cream cake “…next level”

Speaking of Adrian Miller. The Soul Food Scholar is a dogged researcher as he pens historical volumes about the role of soul food in the United States.He implements many tools when he’s falling down ‘rabbit holes’ Newspapers among them.

Do y’all like chitterlings, fried chicken gizzards, and liver and onions? Then Sally’s Famous Kitchen near Nashville might be your bag. Writer Nancy Vienneau explores Sally’s joint.

Soul Food’s Standard Bearer Is Fried Chicken

Ewa Safi is cooking Hebrew, English and French soul food in Tel Aviv. If we make our way to Israel we’ll be loading up on veal sweetbreads, lamb shoulder, Moroccan fries, and farina bread. Buzzy Gordon filed this report. Pay special attention to the photos as they exhibit a skilled hand behind the lens. Continue Reading