$15 Second Lines at the Broadside

What a joke.

Social Aid and Pleasure Club Second Lines have been rolling in New Orleans for more than a century. On Sunday afternoons the brass kicks off a roving street party that lasts for hours and covers miles of the most beautiful city in North America.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell banned these outdoor parties 13 months ago.

Now in a remarkable display of modernity and capitalism they are being brought back by Winn Dixie et al! For $15 per person. Oh, and those Second Line vendors that have toiled to feed their families and keep a roof over their loved ones heads for decades? Well, “no outside food and drink” says it all.

Nature hates a vacuum and there was a giant rift in New Orleans when Latoya Cantrell banned Second Lines. Now the hole has been ably filled by merchants who saw an opening.

If you want to watch a “Second Line” in a tiny asphalt parking lot in Mid-City the poster has all the details.

Meanwhile tens of thousands of people crowd onto Bourbon Street seven nights a week while real Second Lines are banned.

This is modern New Orleans under the watch of a mayor born and raised in California.

Dancing in the Streets: Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs of New Orleans Exhibit

When California-native New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell cancelled Second Lines in the winter of last year, thousands of Black New Orleanians were robbed of their ability to feed their families, pay their mortgages or rent, and keep groceries on the table.

Do you miss the Second Lines? I know I do.

The Historic New Orleans Collection just announced an exhibit that will fete New Orleans Second Line culture between now and June 13th 2021.

We’ve all come to realize that the big rollicking Sunday afternoon street parties are not coming back until Cantrell leaves office so this is one of the only available options to enjoy the culture til that moment occurs.

Dancing in the Streets: Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs of New Orleans
February 25–June 13, 2021
Tuesday–Saturday, 9:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Sunday, 10:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
520 Royal Street, Tricentennial Wing, 3rd Floor
Free ticketed admission

Free tickets

Tootie Montana’s funeral in Treme (photo courtesy AP)

Black Masking Indian gangs will gather tomorrow, January 6th 2021, at St Augustine Church in the 6th Ward of New Orleans to honor Big Chief of the Yellow Pocahontas, Tootie Montana.

A few old-timers may remember Montana’s great-uncle, Chief Becate Batiste who founded the Creole Wild West back in 1880.

Creole Wild West are recognized as being the first Black Masking Indian groups.

Tootie Montana died on June 27, 2005 as he was speaking out against police brutality in front of New Orleans City Council.

Tomorrow is officially Tootie Montana Day in New Orleans.

The gathering will take place at the Tomb of the Unknown Slave outside St Augustine Church in Treme at 3:30pm.

Photo taken at Big Chief Leonard William Brooks of the Golden Spears Tribe Memorial Celebration

In a recent interview with DJ Action Jackson of WWOZ, the president of New Orleans Social Aid and Pleasure Club Task Force, Tamara Jackson informed listeners that there will be no second lines in New Orleans til at least August of 2021. Continue Reading

Young Fellaz Brass Band second line in Armstrong Park

Saturday June 6th, 2020, Young Fellaz Brass Band are throwing an “all black attire” second line in Armstrong Park at 3pm. You will be required to stay six feet away from fellow celebrants.

When I was at the Big Chief Leonard Brooks of the Golden Spears Tribe second line back in mid-March I never dreamed that it would be the final parade of the spring.

Gallery of the Big Chief send-off