2022 6t’9 Social Aid & Pleasure Club Second Line in Treme

Saturday October 29th, 2022, the 6t’9 Social Aid & Pleasure Club will be rolling through the Treme neighborhood. They have a heavy hitter in their guest, Big Chief Victor Harris – Spirit of FI Yi Yi and Mandingo Warriors. As anyone who lives in Treme knows Mr Harris is the prettiest chief.

1020 Henriette Delille Street

Short parade, no floats.

2022 Men of Class Social Aid and Pleasure Club Second Line

The 2022 Men of Class second line rolled out of Central City yesterday afternoon. What began as complete chaos finally settled into a nice affair as the club managed to get their floats and ropesmen organized. We managed to break off at the three hour mark as a colossal rain storm issued a surprise deluge. Here’s what we saw: Continue Reading

2022 Fats Domino Second Line in New Orleans

New Orleans had the funerary second line for Fats Domino five years ago upon the passing of the old lion in October of 2017. Today’s parade, a decidely more low-key affair, was to celebrate the renaming of Caffin Avenue to Fats Domino Avenue.

A modest crowd was on hand as the 11am start time precluded most normal attendees from being there. There’s a reason the Sunday second lines start at 1pm. We need the extra time to shake off last night’s rough and rowdy ways. Continue Reading

2022 Prince Of Wales Second Line

The Prince of Wales crew ambled out of their Uptown New Orleans lair yesterday afternoon to a crowd of thousands. The club is one of the oldest in New Orleans having roots that stretch back to 1928. A glorious autumn sun beamed down as we traipsed through the tree-lined streets of the 12th and 13th Wards. Nowadays the group proudly traverses the rail tracks on St Charles that were originally laid down in 1835, a privelege that was once not afforded the club.

This is what we saw:
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