Photo taken at Big Chief Leonard William Brooks of the Golden Spears Tribe Memorial Celebration

In a recent interview with DJ Action Jackson of WWOZ, the president of New Orleans Social Aid and Pleasure Club Task Force, Tamara Jackson informed listeners that there will be no second lines in New Orleans til at least August of 2021. Continue Reading

Young Fellaz Brass Band second line in Armstrong Park

Saturday June 6th, 2020, Young Fellaz Brass Band are throwing an “all black attire” second line in Armstrong Park at 3pm. You will be required to stay six feet away from fellow celebrants.

When I was at the Big Chief Leonard Brooks of the Golden Spears Tribe second line back in mid-March I never dreamed that it would be the final parade of the spring.

Gallery of the Big Chief send-off

A Baby Black Masking Indian At New Orleans Super Sunday

When you get involved in it, it’s a serious piece of business

That’s Big Chief Darryl Montana of the Yellow Pocahontas speaking on the Black Masking Indian tradition.

The folks behind Jazz Fest are putting their money where their mouth is. They’ve ponied up a relief fund for New Orleans Black Masking Indian Gangs. The gangs are filled with musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and just regular folks who are trying to survive through this arduous time.

Can you imagine how much money the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival has pulled in over the last half-century?

It’s good to see them plowing some of that revenue back into the community.

Here’s how to apply for the funds

Louis Cottrell's second lineLouis Cottrell’s second line Tue, Mar 28, 1978 – Page 24 · The Town Talk (Alexandria, Louisiana) ·

Unfortunately second lines are now forbidden in the City of New Orleans but that hasn’t stopped me from keeping a running count of the ones that will take place once a sense of normalcy has been restored. I’d love contributions to this project so if you see any names missing please leave a comment. Continue Reading

The Death of Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club King Larry Hammond

I know it’s fashionable to hate Daily Mail but our local papers did not provide anywhere near this level of coverage on the death of Zulu King Larry Hammond.

I’m writing an article about the massive backlog of second lines that is stacking up due to the city of New Orleans isolation mandate, and I’ll publish it soon.