2018 Prince of Wales second line in New Orleans

“People go out to the second line to have a good time, that’s what it’s about, you know that special feeling of joy-spontaneous joy of life, that you can only get from a second line”

Joe Stern, Prince of Wales stalwart, speaking on the New Orleans second line tradition in an interview back in 2010. Continue Reading

Hot 8 Brass Band on the streets of Central City

Just like the headline says: Young Men Olympian Junior Benevolent Association Second Line Postponed Til Sunday September 30th 2018.

Dammit. Now what are we supposed to do? I guess it’s time to dial up some 5th Ward Weebie videos on Youtube and pretend like we’re at a second line.

2018 Valley of Silent Men second line in New Orleans

Valley of Silent Men Social Aid and Pleasure Club kicked off the 2018-2019 Second Line season with a riotous performance. It had been seven long weeks since we’d had a proper second line and the crowd was hungry for street daquiris, smoked turkey legs, and brass on the blacktop. Here’s what we saw (and do not skip the video at the end): Continue Reading