2019 CTC Steppers Second Line In New Orleans

The CTC Steppers (Cross The Canal) rolled yesterday in New Orleans; their parade marks the final 9th Ward social aid and pleasure club procession of the season. There will still be plenty second lines and a few may traipse over the 9th Ward boundaries but CTC is the last one that calls 9th Ward home.

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2018 Women of Class second line parade in New Orleans

Just as 2018 Women of Class Social Aid and Pleasure Club second line was set to launch out the doors of Portside Lounge (formerly Joe’s House of Blues) a light rain began to fall. As all y’all know the minute the rains come during a second line the crowds dwindle by 50-70 percent. Continue Reading

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Ronald Lewis, Artie Anderson, Edgar Jacobs Jr, Peter Alexander, Robert Starks and Ricky Gettridge created the Big Nine Social Aid and Pleasure Club in 1995.

Lewis is also founder, owner and operator of House of Dance and Feathers, one of the finest museums in a New Orleans that has hundreds of them.

House of Dance and Feathers
1317 Tupelo St
New Orleans, Louisiana


tours via appointment only

2018 Big 9 Social Aid and Pleasure Club Second Line

Big 9 Social Aid and Pleasure Club brought chaos to the 9th Ward yesterday. The parade saw the biggest crowd of the season with some estimates ranging in the 10k-plus people range. We’ve never seen that much law enforcement at a second line. Ever.

2018 Big 9 Social Aid and Pleasure Club Second Line

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2018 Men and Lady Buckjumpers second line

As the storm rolled in from Kenner we parked a mile riverbound of Nice Guys Bar and Grill, and sauntered up Earhart Boulevard. The 2018 Men and Lady Buckjumpers second line was due to kick off at noon, and we wanted to be posted up when the dancers erupted from the cafe.

A few big fat drops of rain spattered on the hot grills and mobile daquiri machines as the crowd broke out their umbrellas.

As the brass band began blasting, the heavens opened and the deluge came.

We got one shot.

Dumaine Street Gang roll this weekend, Sunday December 2nd 2018. link