Dick Beyer aka The Sensational Intelligent Destroyer aka Dr X has passed at the age of 88. Beyer was a superstar under the mask and the biggest masked, non-Hispanic wrestler of all time.

Never heard of him? We’re not surprised. He was rookie of the year in 1955 when few of us were born.

We prowled around a few corners of the internet and found what we feel is the best obit on the man. link

Big Jay McNeely at Ponderosa Stomp

I only managed to see Big Jay McNeely perform live one time but it was a bone rattler. McNeely was already in his 80s when he took the Ponderosa Stomp stage at Howlin Wolf that night.

You would’ve sworn he was 45.

I can still hear the wails of his tenor sax nearly a decade later. Ever the showman in spite of his advanced years, McNeely spent part of the set strutting through the crowd on the packed dance floor just chopping heads off with his sax.

The crowd roared, and swayed as he reeled off lick after lick.

Big Jay McNeely first topped the Billboard chart 68 years ago with “Deacon’s Hop” I’m sure it’s on Youtube if you don’t have the record.

Rest in peace Big Jay, there will never be another like you.

Hercules the hound dog

One of my dear friends in the animal kingdom has passed away. Hercules was a superb animal, a confidant, an excellent companion, and was loved and respected by all those who met him.

Hercules was born in Neshoba County, Mississippi in 2001. His stay in the Magnolia State was brief and most noted due to his being caught in a bear trap on one of his frequent sojourns out in the woods.

Hercules gnawed off one of his back legs to regain his freedom. He lived 16 years as a three-legged dog.

Rest in peace old friend.

Antlers of Lafayette has closed

Hearts are heavy in Acadiana as the oldest bar in the city of Lafayette has announced their closure. We were just there on Sunday and the workers did not say a word about the pending shutter. One imagines they were not informed by the owners.

Any time we found ourselves in Lafayette we always popped into Antlers for a cold beer and a meat pie. Rest in peace Antlers, shuttered at 97 years of age.

Dieske the mammoth donkey has died

One of our dear friends in the animal kingdom has passed away. Dieske, a mammoth donkey living in Zeist, Netherlands was put to sleep by his caregivers at Stichting De Ezelsociëteit recently.

Mr Dieske was 27 years of age. He had developed laminitis, a painful inflammatory condition of the hooves. Euthanasia may be in the best interest of the donkey in these cases as the level of pain the creature experiences can be intense.

Dieske’s remains were cremated and the kind workers at Stichting De Ezelsociëteit built a sort of shrine to this noble animal at their donkey sanctuary roughly 45 minutes south of Amsterdam, Noord Holland.

Two dozen donkeys are being cared for at this rural refuge.

Rest in peace Dieske. We love and miss you

Rest In Peace Queen Trini Lisa’s Quick Mart aka Hank’s Meat Market

The stove has gone cold at Queen Trini Lisa’s 9th Ward quick mart aka Hank’s Meat Market. We knew it was going to be a tough row to hoe when Miss Lisa lost her alcohol license last summer. But do not despair, Queen Trini Lisa will be bringing her Caribbean cuisine to Roux Carre, 2000 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd from January 30 to February 11th 2018.

See y’all there.

Thanks for the comment Queen. Glad to hear that this is now a permanent endeavor.

Ooh Poo Pah Doo Bar in Treme is no more. The building now holds Jokers Wyld & Mickeys Playhouse. We spoke with a girlfriend of Ooh Poo Pah Doo owner Judy Hill, and she informed us that Hill is looking at starting over in a new space as soon as possible.

The new concern will also feature a restaurant. Anybody that ate from Judy Hill’s crockpots knows that woman can flat cook.

At her one year anniversary party we showed up with a big pan of jambalaya straight from the Scrumptious Chef kitchen, and were greatly chuffed when Hill declared it the finest she’d ever eaten.

Ooh Poo Pah Doo was our favorite bar in New Orleans for some time, and we lost count of how many sweaty nights we enjoyed on Hill’s dancefloor.

Good luck Miss Judy, we can’t wait for you to reopen.