Zephyr Wright’s Chili Con Queso Recipe

This November will mark four years since we threw our famous “Let Us Now Praise Texas Women” restaurant pop up. We celebrated the women folk of Lone Star by cooking recipes authored by Lisa Fain, Helen Corbitt, Sylvia Casares, Lady Bird Johnson, Mary Faulk Koock and LBJ’s cook Zephyr Wright. Continue Reading

A Recipe For Pressure Cooker Red Snapper Stock

Red Snapper season opened here in Louisiana on February 1st. Since then we’ve seen these beautiful fish at all the local seafood markets as well as on any self-respecting restaurant’s menus. Snapper are delicious, bountiful, and in the hands of the right cook, one of the best tasting things you’ll ever put in your mouth. Continue Reading

A Recipe For Cajun Prune Whip With Poirier’s Cane Syrup

When I was a kid, mom had to hide the prunes. I’d eat the entire box in one sitting if she didn’t intercept me. Prunes are like plums but better, more concentrated, and filled with that lovely prune flavor. If you like Belgian quad ales you might like prunes too. Dark, fruity Belgian beers are an excellent gateway to the world of prunes. Continue Reading

My father Russell Sr still makes the finest pone of cornbread I’ve ever eaten. His technique is an odd one as he pours the batter into a cold pan that’s been liberally rubbed with Crisco shortening. Most top bar cornbread cooks aver that starting with a scalding hot pan is the one true method. And actual lard should be the pan grease. Continue Reading