The legendary Mr Junior of Little People’s Place in Treme

While the swells and fat cats were charging into one another for beads and trinkets on the St Charles parade route, a different kind of Carnival party was going down in the oldest black neighborhood in the US. The Treme hosted our big Scrumptious Chef Cajun gumbo pop up this past weekend and it was a wild scene. Continue Reading

Scrumptious Chef 10th Anniversary Cajun Gumbo Pop Up at Tamale House East

And it’s free. As a bit of lagniappe for our early arriving guests we’ll have smoked crawfish boudin on a fried chicken skin cracklin’ with a fat dollop of homemade remoulade.

Here’s the rest of the menu:

$14 Gumbo, smoked chicken and andouille from Best Stop in Lafayette Parish

$14 Fried catfish with white beans and rice

$15 Kentucky country ham charcuterie plate from Penn’s Country Hams. Est. 1957. One of this company’s hams just sold for a million dollars this past summer.

$10 Shrimp Fondeaux bisque with French bread crostini (Cajun queso)

$5 Bananas Foster w/vanilla ice cream

$5 tickets

Live music from Gypsy jazz band Scrapelli

Party starts at 6pm

Scrumptious Chef 10th Anniversary Cajun Gumbo Pop Up

Here’s a list of Louisiana parishes we visited to procure goods for our Scrumptious Chef 10th Anniversary Cajun Gumbo Pop Up

Lafayette Parish: Andouille sausage

Lafourche Parish: Fresh crop White beans

St Bernard Parish: Fresh-cured ham

Lafayette Parish: Crawfish boudin

Iberia Parish: Fresh bayou catfish

Acadia Parish: Medium grain Louisiana-grown rice

Of course we scored plenty goods and sundries in our home parish, Orleans, and we’ll tighten things up once we arrive in Austin (Travis County). Looking forward to seeing y’all. Here’s an eventbrite link so you can score a $5 ticket