LaPlace dance team NOLA Dolls performing at Andouille Festival

St John the Baptist Parish is the buckle of Louisiana’s andouille belt.

Back in 1972 the city of LaPlace threw a fete to celebrate the revered sausage, and hundreds of people crowded onto the LaPlace Drag Strip to revel amongst vendors selling cracklins, po boys, and bowls of gumbo filled with the smokey forcemeat. Continue Reading

Carnival in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana

Update: Here’s our field report from the party.

Nobody on earth throws a party like the Cajuns. They can out eat and out drink any culture on earth.And you haven’t lived til you’ve thrown down on some muddy festival grounds in rural Acadiana with a group of natives running wide open on tumblers filled with rum and Swamp Pop. Continue Reading

Taco Tuesdays At Buffa’s Lounge

An “eat fit taco bar” fills me with a creeping dread but this is for a good cause so if being healthy is your thing then check Buffa’s out on Tuesday nights for the next three months.

I’ll be at the Scrumptious house eating carnitas or carne guisada or buche.

If you go please report back.

$5 Taco Tuesday Suppers At Buffa’s Lounge

Every Tuesday night til December 18 2018

5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

1001 Esplanade Ave
New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Dirtiest Restaurants

Todd Price is putting in the hard work over at the Times Pic. In this morning’s paper, Price outlines what he reckons are the least hygienic restaurants in the best eating city in the US.

There are over 1,000 restaurants in New Orleans, and many are run by neophytes who have only passing familiarity with sanitation. Others, run by industry veterans, are just as dirty. Their cleanliness is governed by their laissez-faire outlook on life. Continue Reading