In New Orleans we call them hotplates; in Alabama they’re called meat and threes; out in Acadiana they’re simply known as plate lunches.

The formula is simple. Take a melamine plate or a styrofoam or pasteboard box, cram it full of pork chops, meatloaf, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, mashed potatoes or stewed okra-then sell it for a pittance so the working man can wolf it down and get back to work at the refinery or insurance agency where he earns his living.

This past weekend in Youngsville, Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, Plate Lunch A Palooza saw its debut. 16 regional restaurants competed to see who puts out the best plate lunch in Acadiana.

When the dust had settled, Sean Suire’s Cajun Table emerged victorious with their country style pork ribs, fresh sausage, rice and gravy, smothered cabbage and black eyed peas. The plate sold for $5.

Cajun Table
4510 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy
Lafayette, Louisiana

(337) 806-9565