Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans

Worst meal of the year: Antoine’s shrimp and grits. Mealy, crumbly grits with nary a hint of cream, butter or salt; prettily presented on a plate with a few stale, pre-cooked shrimps that had zero flavor (discounting a hint of bleach.) This was my 3rd recent meal at the oldest restaurant in the U.S (the other two were really good.) To be fair, on this inglorious recent visit, my table mate had a seriously delicious entrecôte. It must be noted that the accompanying mashers were dull and lifeless. Antoine’s needs to up the purchase order for butter and heavy cream and put a box of good salt on the hot line. Continue Reading

Charlie T’s Specialty Meats in Breaux Bridge Louisiana

We published our 2016 Year End Review two weeks ago due to the holiday season taking a big bite out of our time.

Somehow, we managed to get 51 posts up in December 2016 in spite of a ball-breaking load of obligations (work, scouting po boy restaurants, and holiday parties)

Final tally for our year’s work came to 624 posts. Nowhere near a record but still a decent year.

Traveling Through The Great State Of Louisiana

Traveling Through The Great State Of Louisiana

We posted 46 articles during the month of June 2016. Here are the top five (ranked via page views) for the period.

1) 500 Po Boys Visits Spuddy’s Cajun Foods. From the piece: “If you like whiskey barrel-cured tobacco and andouille sausage, St James Parish, Louisiana is where the conversation begins. Purists claim this is the one true place on earth where Perique, a spicy tobacco varietal is grown, and this same region is famous state-wide for producing some of the finest andouille sausage in all of Acadiana.” Continue Reading

2016 Ole And Nu Style Fellas Social Aid And Pleasure Club

2016 Ole And Nu Style Fellas Social Aid And Pleasure Club

We penned 41 posts in the month of April. That may represent an all time low in the history of the site, but frankly we’re too lazy to go back in time to dig up our old statistics to see if that holds true.

But we spent a nice chunk of the month in Amsterdam and were not concerned with grits, hotplates or po boys while we were overseas. We were too busy riding bicycles and eating heaping plates of Dutch Pork Ribs

Here are our top five most popular posts for April 2016:

Field Report: 2016 Downtown Super Sunday Mardi Gras Indian Party

500 Po Boys: Chef Punch’s Fried Catfish At Brother’s Food Mart

Field Report: 2016 Ole And Nu Style Fellas Social Aid And Pleasure Club Second Line

Field Report: 2016 Faces Of Festival International

Field Report: 2016 NOLA FoodFest

March 2016 was eerily quiet at the Scrumptious Chef site as we only managed to post 57 times. We apologize for our sloth and will double down our efforts in April, our second favorite month of the year behind the behemoth that is October.

Here are our top five articles of March 2016:

Suzanne Green Is The 2016 Texas State Open Chili Champion

500 Po Boys: Monica’s Restaurant In Beaumont Texas

Seeking The Last Chili Queen Of San Antonio

The History Of Italian Grocers In New Orleans

A Recipe For Bacon Fat Mayonnaise

February was a quiet month at Scrumptious Chef as we only managed to post 67 times. We’ll ramp up our efforts for March as we have no interest in being regarded as a slog. Still, we’re easily the most active New Orleans food blog and we don’t see any real challenges on the horizon. If you know of a good New Orleans food blog please comment below. We have yet to find one.

Here are our top five most popular articles for February 2016:

Chili Con Carne Public Forum

500 Po Boys: Boutte’s Bayou Restaurant

Field Report: 2016 Treme Sidewalk Steppers Second Line Parade

Brisket Prices In Austin Texas

500 Po Boys: Vaucresson Sausage Company

The Hightower gets raved up by the folks at A Time To Kale

Completely obscured by high profile Italian joints in Austin, Quattro Gatti just keeps hammering away

I love Angela Shelf Medearis

Hungry Girl Austin continues rampaging, Godzilla-like across Austin eating everything in her path. Titaya’s report

Bufalina is hiring

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