2018 Men and Lady Buckjumpers second line

As the storm rolled in from Kenner we parked a mile riverbound of Nice Guys Bar and Grill, and sauntered up Earhart Boulevard. The 2018 Men and Lady Buckjumpers second line was due to kick off at noon, and we wanted to be posted up when the dancers erupted from the cafe.

A few big fat drops of rain spattered on the hot grills and mobile daquiri machines as the crowd broke out their umbrellas.

As the brass band began blasting, the heavens opened and the deluge came.

We got one shot.

Dumaine Street Gang roll this weekend, Sunday December 2nd 2018. link

On The Road With RL Reeves Jr: The Taco Trucks Of Tarrant Alabama

Tarrant is a rough and tumble foundry town a moments drive north of Birmingham on Highway 79.

If you want to buy a cheap, wood-frame house, and you don’t mind living in the shadow of the largest merchant producer of foundry coke in the United States, then Tarrant is a good option for you.

There are plenty homes for sale in this part of Alabama for under $40k. more

Highland Park Drive In is on the Eastern Kentucky Chili Bun Trail

It’s a drive straight out of National Geographic.

Leaving Corbin, Kentucky and heading southbound toward Williamsburg on the “the old road” Hwy 26 offers a look into the new and old of Appalachia. There are solidly built brick homes, trailers mouldering into the earth, rushing creeks, burned down hulks of old houses, and tidy woodframe bungalows with pea gravel drives. more

Field Report: 2018 Sudan Social Aid and Pleasure Club Second Line

We’ll update this post as the day goes by….Sudan went all out yesterday. The old s&p put on the best roll of this young season, and Da Truth Brass Band were in the trees, just tearing heads off. It was the best set I’ve ever seen them play, and I’ve seen them over a hundred times. Continue Reading