A Texas barbecue shootout I was judging a few years back. Unsurprisingly those were not kegs of Sip of Sunshine

As cult beers go Three Floyds’ Dark Lord is at the top of the scrap heap. Once a year the Indiana brewery throws a big Dark Lord party where people get drunk and lose their everloving minds. Of course you can’t throw a party based on one beer so the brewers batch up a handful of “variants” on the original and people go berserk trying to lay their hands on them. Continue Reading

The Catfish Queens Of St Charles Parish, Louisiana

Once a year we drive out to Des Allemands for the state of Louisiana’s finest fried catfish party. You will not meet a group of friendlier people in all of Acadiana than the congregants of the event’s host: St Gertrude the Great Catholic church where being kindly to strangers is just part and parcel of everyday life.

Oh, and the Louisiana Catfish Festival also chooses the most beauteous woman of St Charles Parish to be their queen. more