Perfect Gentlemen Social Aid and Pleasure Club Second Line in New Orleans

The Perfect Gentlemen Social Aid and Pleasure Club second line went down in New Orleans yesterday. It was the penultimate second line of the 2018-2019 season. Next week we’ll finish things up like we always do with Uptown Swingers. An eight week break will follow. Continue Reading

A Texas barbecue shootout I was judging a few years back. Unsurprisingly those were not kegs of Sip of Sunshine

As cult beers go Three Floyds’ Dark Lord is at the top of the scrap heap. Once a year the Indiana brewery throws a big Dark Lord party where people get drunk and lose their everloving minds. Of course you can’t throw a party based on one beer so the brewers batch up a handful of “variants” on the original and people go berserk trying to lay their hands on them. Continue Reading