The Rootbeer Stand in Corbin Kentucky

In business for over 50 years, The Rootbeer Stand in Corbin, Kentucky is a curiosity, a time travel restaurant where a $1.10 will get you a grilled cheese sandwich and you can park in a spot where a man was murdered over a love rivalry back in 2009.

Southeastern Kentucky is the sort of rough and tumble region where sticking your head inside a man’s tow-truck window, unbidden, can lead to all manners of bad things happening.

Like getting yourself killed. more

RL Reeves Jr visits Curtis Park Creamery in Denver Colorado

The modern version of Curtis Park Creamery was opened in 1969 by Lawrence and Beatrice Rodriguez. It took me almost 50 years to find my way to their front door.

Walking in, the gritty, old Den-Mex restaurant smells of lard, boiling pinto beans and fried corn. Denver is hotter than New Orleans on this summer day, and I’m excited to battle the heat with the Creamery’s famous red chile sauce. more