2019 Revolution Social Aid and Pleasure Club Second Line in New Orleans

Revolution Social Aid and Pleasure Club win this season’s award for most unique get-ups. The crew came roaring down Rampart Street dressed in karategis! It was quite fetching. We don’t know who their primary dancer was but he is one of the finest in the city; right up there with Twinkle Toes, the legendary Pigeon Town he-bear with the body of an ajax and the moves of a prima ballerina. Continue Reading

Win Butler at 2019 Krewe du Kanaval In New Orleans

We were deeply suspicious of indie rockers Win Butler and Régine Chassagne when they launched a Haitian-themed carnival party last year in New Orleans. But we went and it was outrageously entertaining. We don’t reflexively hate people from California as many locals do but we went in skeptical and came out soaked in sweat and ecstatic. Continue Reading

Innside Restaurant
800 Chestnut St
Chattanooga, Tennessee

A few times a year I love riding up and over the Appalachian range through Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. The foodways in that part of the world are compelling and I’ve made a lot of friends in the heart of the deep south over the years.

Generally when I roll through I load my trunk up with regional treats like Double Cola and Moonpies and stop in to visit Shannon at Zarzour’s but on a recent trip I wanted to change things up.

RL Reeves jr visits Innside Restaurant in Chattanooga

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2019 CTC Steppers Second Line In New Orleans

The CTC Steppers (Cross The Canal) rolled yesterday in New Orleans; their parade marks the final 9th Ward social aid and pleasure club procession of the season. There will still be plenty second lines and a few may traipse over the 9th Ward boundaries but CTC is the last one that calls 9th Ward home.

We’ll update this post over the course of the day. Continue Reading