2017 Women Of Class Second Line Parade

We rolled over to Portside Lounge in Central City yesterday to watch the 2017 Women Of Class Second Line parade. Portside was formerly a short-lived barbecue joint that thought it was a good idea to open in one of New Orleans poorest neighborhoods and try and sell $25 a pound brisket. Needless to say that shit didn’t fly. Portside’s angle is Tiki drinks. We wish them the best. Continue Reading

2017 Goodfellas Social Aid and Pleasure Club Second Line In New Orleans

Sometimes a dream comes true. The two hottest brass bands in New Orleans marched for the 2017 Goodfellas Social Aid and Pleasure Club Second Line yesterday. New Breed Brass Band, formed in 2013, rolled out three trumpets, two trombones, a sax, a tuba and a bass drummer for the parade. Continue Reading

RL Reeves Jr Reporting From Amsterdam Netherlands

The best seafood restaurant in Amsterdam is Eénvistwéévis, a tiny cafe located a stone’s throw from Het Scheepvaartmuseum, The National Maritime Museum. Chef Klaas has spent decades developing relationships with local fishermen.

The salty old fish men show up every morning at the chef’s backdoor. Klaas carefully selects the best, freshest fishes on offer then begins the hard work of butchering them to prepare for the evening service.

In spring of this year I was hanging out with chef in his restaurant when he proposed that we take a long journey through the canals of Amsterdam on his small runabout. I immediately agreed and filed this report.