2019 Dumaine Street Gang Second Line in New Orleans

The Dumaine Gang are one of the biggest s&p clubs in New Orleans. They’ve been rolling for over two decades and consistently put on one of the best second lines in the city. Their kids division features some of the best adolescent dancers in town and their gray-bearded elder statesmen still know how to shake a tail feather with the best of the young’uns. Continue Reading

2019 Sudan Social Aid and Pleasure Club Second Line in New Orleans

The Sudan Social Aid & Pleasure Club Second Line stood in stark contrast to Black Men of Labor and their contentious showing a couple weeks ago. There was no haranguing of the crowd and the men and women performers were happy to have a big crowd of celebrants taking their photos and posing for pictures with the men and women of the clubs. Sudan are legends and it’s easy to see why; they always show and prove when it’s time to get down. Continue Reading

2019 Black Men of Labor Second Line in New Orleans

No ropes-men to define the dividing lines between the paraders and the crowd led to some testy exchanges yesterday at the 2019 Black Men of Labor Second Line in New Orleans. One bellicose member of B.M.O.L spend the majority of the parade hollering at attendees to “Get back! Get Back!” Continue Reading

2019 Krewe of Boo Parade in New Orleans

Krewe of Boo kicked off Halloween season in New Orleans this past weekend. It’s one of the biggest parades of the year and could hang with any of the more feted Mardi Gras krewes. New Orleans’ broken municipal government tried to cancel the parade due to the Hard Rock Hotel fiasco but the hue and cry was so great that they backed off and allowed the party to go on as scheduled. Continue Reading