Johnny's Greek And Three from Southern Foodways on Vimeo.

Tim Hontzas has the distinction of making me the finest cornbread I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant. No, it’s not as good as my father’s but it’s still a masterpiece of southern cooking. In a new short film (7 some odd minutes) documentarian Ava Lowrey goes ‘fly on the wall’ style and shoots Chef Hontzas in his Homewood (Birmingham) Alabama meat and three restaurant. Continue Reading

My father Russell Sr still makes the finest pone of cornbread I’ve ever eaten. His technique is an odd one as he pours the batter into a cold pan that’s been liberally rubbed with Crisco shortening. Most top bar cornbread cooks aver that starting with a scalding hot pan is the one true method. And actual lard should be the pan grease. Continue Reading

Duroc Pork Chop From Henry Fudge Of Madison Alabama

Duroc Pork Chop From Henry Fudge Of Madison Alabama

We drove up to Madison, Alabama from New Orleans in late Spring to meet the legendary Henry Fudge of Fudge Family Farms. Driving up Interstate 65 is a thrill as the old highway cuts through native hardwood forests with soaring stands of oak, hickory and maple proliferating just yards off the freeway. Continue Reading

We were rooting around in the freezer awhile back trying to ward off starvation and seeing which frozen meat packets we’d spirited in from Acadiana still held promise.

We found a log of Andouille from St John The Baptist Parish, a few smoked chicken wings and a sandwich bag filled with Hatch chiles. The peppers mark the end of the case we bought in Texas in September and roasted before trundling them home to New Orleans.

Time to hit the test kitchen. Continue Reading