RL Reeves Jr’s gateway beer.

Houston is booming but it still has a ways to go before it can catch up to Austin. 53 craft breweries call Space City home while Austin, the state capitol, can lay claim to 74 outfits brewing pure liquid gold. Cynthia Lescalleet breaks down the numbers in this piece for Forbes.

Heading to Houston? Make sure to visit Brash, and have a cold glass of Pussy Wagon, one of the Lone Star’s great IPAs. Continue Reading

Inside Dixie Brewing Company Headquarters in New Orleans East

It had been 20 months since we created our ‘Comprehensive List Of All The Breweries In Louisiana’. A lot has changed since then, and now we can lay claim to hosting 38 breweries in our great state.

Statewide we have Great Raft up in Shreveport in our number one spot on our power rankings while we adjudge Wayward Owl to be putting out the finest brew in New Orleans proper.

The list

Old Style Lager by Heileman’s

Clarise Kramer Cadarette Grzenkowicz is the Guinness-certified world’s longest serving barkeep. She’s been pouring drinks at the Maplewood Tavern near Alpena, Michigan for 78 years. I know a man in Austin, Texas that’s been pouring at the same establishment since 1971 but that’s a far cry from Ms. Grzenkowicz’s record. Miss Clarice is 99 years old. more I don’t know her but I love her. Continue Reading

Goetz Brewing of San Antonio Texas

Deep Ellum Brewing, formerly of Dallas, is now owned by Massachusetts’ Canarchy. more

There is a special circle in hell for breweries that sell their taproom pints for $7. That is one thing I miss about drinking in Austin: there are 62 breweries in the metro and my favorites sell their beers for $4-$5. The New York Times visits Stone Cow Brewery where they’re pulling in nearly $900 for one barrel of their IPA. more

“Harlem is high-end and upscale…” It’s so weird to think that gritty old Harlem has changed so drastically over the last few years. I remember getting lost there when I was a teenage roadie driving a van filled with music gear. And Harlem now has its first 100% black-owned craft beer bar. more

Meet the man behind Surly Brewing’s trenchant social media streams. more

De Bierkoning is the finest bottle shop in Amsterdam

We’re heading to Sint-Sixtusabdij Westvleteren, Belgium to take in a few pints of beer from the highest-ranked Trappist brewery on earth. If you’re curious about taking a similar journey please visit Christopher Barnes’ website for all the nitty gritty details about traveling in West Flanders. We’re looking forward to hoisting a few cold beers with the hard-working monks making what many say is the finest beer on earth. Continue Reading