Brouwerij ‘t IJ in Amsterdam is a nice place to hangout but I wish they practiced better line maintenance.

Arcane beer laws that have existed since the early post-prohibition-era have created massively profitable beer distribution companies. You’ve certainly heard of Glazer’s, Southern Eagle, and Ben E. Keith. Writer Marc E. Sorini offers the best explanation of the three tier system we’ve ever read. Continue Reading

Woe To Drunkards

National media come to Acadiana and report on Bayou Teche Brewing Company in Arnaudville. Karlos Knott’s beer company is eight years old, and their brew is marking steady improvements. Ok, we know they used to make some pretty bad beer but still. Rachel Wharton reports for the New York Times. Continue Reading

This Week In Craft Beer News

British beer drinkers are going to be paying more at the local pub as the pound’s value is plummeting due to Brexit. When we plan our overseas excursions we never even consider the UK as the pound has consistently hammered the dollar since we reached drinking age lo those many years ago. We’d far prefer visits to Bratislava or Turkey where the dollar has always been a strong performer. Rob Davies, writing for the Guardian, explores the cause and effect of Brexit on UK drinkers. Continue Reading

2017 Treme Sidewalk Steppers Second Line

Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting is executive producer of Anheuser Busch/InBev’s new beer website ‘October.’ Much hand-wringing has ensued over this development. Kiser has bills like the rest of us, and if he wants to draw a paycheck from InBev whose business is it? Still, there are plenty people ready to rake him over the coals. Continue Reading

Lord Knows How Many Cans Of Beer We’ve Downed Right Here

We spent a few hours compiling a list of all the breweries producing beer in our great state. A similar list for Texas would’ve taken days while we could knock a Mississippi list out in about five minutes. Great Raft continues to put out the finest beer in the state and we will not mention the breweries on here that mysteriously remain open despite putting out godawful beer. Continue Reading

This Week In Craft Beer News

Port Orleans Brewery is slated to open on Tchoupitoulas later this year reports Nora Mcgunnigle. Their head brewer is Brian Allen an industry vet with over two decades of experience. Here’s a little background on Allen. He worked at Boston Beer Works, Fox River and Mother’s Brewing Company previously. Continue Reading

RL Reeves Jr reports on the world of beer

Summit Brewing is suing two former employees. Jeffrey Spaeth who worked for the company for 30 years, and Timothy Daly another former, long-term worker are facing allegations of “conspiring to sell the company’s confidential trade secrets to high-level executives for “a direct competitor.” That competitor is unnamed. Continue Reading

Drink A Stout Today And Think Of What Might Have Been

There are 57 craft breweries in Maine. Nathan Borchelt, a writer for Paste Magazine, set out to discover what the finest ones the Pine Tree State has on offer are. As one would expect the writer stopped at Allagash, the king of Maine’s brewing scene. You can’t buy a pint of beer at Allagash which is baffling but you are allowed a handful of free samples. Click through to read more on how Maine folks drink beer to survive being frozen for 6 months out of the year. Continue Reading