RL Reeves Jr visits Gollem beer bar on Raamsteeg in Amsterdam

Over at the Advocate newspaper, hardworking big man Ian McNulty has penned a decent guide to New Orleans taprooms. The scene down here in New Orleans is slowly growing and as we’ve said before, give us 10 years and we just may have something to brag about. Link Oh, and Dixie Beer is on the precipice of opening right here in the glorious 9th Ward. Continue Reading

Everyone has a “last pint on earth bar” and this one is mine: Cafe Gollem Raamsteeg

I just spent a week out in Austin and 90% of the beer I consumed came off exactly one keg: (512) Brewing’s absolute beast of an oatmeal coffee stout. I was routinely turning down pours of exotics from Jester King and Real Ale because I knew they would only take up room that was best reserved for this monster from (512). I did. not. drink. one. pint. of. Yellow Rose. That’s all that really needs to be said. On to this week’s update: Continue Reading

Drinking in Budapest Hungary

I just spent a few days out in Austin, Texas and it was exhilarating. Austin’s awash in breweries and I lost count of how many finely wrought IPAs and lagers I drank. Standout of the visit? The all-time king of Texas ales, Lone Pint Yellow Rose. Second place went to Live Oak’s note-perfect Pilz, the definitive take on the genre. St Elmo Brewing’s Carl, a Kolsch brought home the bronze. Continue Reading

Craft Pride beer bar in Austin, Texas

I earned a good living selling Fuller’s ESB in Austin for five years back in the aughts. There was a small group of elderly pensioners that came to the pub every single day and hoisted a few pints while they swapped lies and quietly gazed upon the college girls and soccer moms who made up part of our patronage. Continue Reading

Covington Brewhouse in Covington, Louisiana has closed.

Is it any wonder?

Covington was famous for making watery, indistinct beers that never made headway in Louisiana’s tiny craft beer scene.

The concern has been sold and the new owners are remaining mum on the plans for the operation.

Let’s hope they lure a brewer onto the North Shore from a genuine craft beer hub.

Covington had been in business since 2004 first as Heiner Brau and later as Covington Brewhouse.

Big Bend Brewing Company is closing

Big Bend Brewing Company is shutting down operations on the last day of December 2018. This comes just eight months after the concern broke ground on a new facility in San Antonio, 400 miles from the mothership in Alpine, Texas.

Big Bend was a major player from day one back in 2012 when they flung their doors open with brewing legend Steve Anderson (RIP) on the mash tun. Continue Reading