Big Bend Brewing is on the comeback trail

I just returned from a 10 day trip to Austin, Texas where I drank a fair amount of local brew. There are approximately 60 breweries in the city but I found myself constantly returning to Convict Hill Stout from Independence, and the world-beating Pilz from Live Oak. I believe there are 15 breweries in New Orleans so we’re still a few years out from being a robust beer destination. Continue Reading

Picking Fresh Hops In The Netherlands, Cervecería Non Grata in Bogotá, Surly, Girl Shooters, Trappistes Rochefort

I can’t imagine a better way to spend an autumn afternoon than plucking fresh hops in a field in Delft in the southern region of Holland. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is roughly 1/3rd the size of the US state of Kentucky, and Delft is just a 45 minute car ride south and west from Amsterdam. Dutch beer writer Tina Rogers talks about her hop picking experience here. Continue Reading

Dixie Brewing announces plans to change its name

Dixie Beer has now been consigned to the dustbin of history. Brought down by etymological ties to an old South that no longer exists.

This morning, brewery owner Gayle Benson announced there is a “process underway to change the name of Dixie Brewery and all Dixie-branded products.” Continue Reading

‘Good Jax Boogie’ and the Story of Jackson Bohemian Brewery

I wonder how much Jax Brewing Company paid Dave Bartholomew to cut this track back in 1950? The song is little more than a two plus minute elegy to the common lager that was widely available at bars and corner stores in that long ago time.

It is a jumper though.

Jackson Bohemian Brewery, locally known as Jax Beer, was founded by 27 year old Alsatian German immigrant Lawrence Fabacher in 1890 at 600 Decatur Street. The building was designed and constructed by fellow German Dietrich Einsiedel. Thos. Hofer was employed as head brewer after being spirited away from rival Weckerling Brewery. Continue Reading

Birrificio Walhalla, Spijkerkade 10, 1021 JS Amsterdam, Netherlands

The taprooms are shuttered and the bars are all closed yet somehow we’re all still drinking cold, delicious beer. After recent visits to Austin, and Birmingham I managed to collect plenty Spindletap and Blue Pants (RIP) to go with the normal assortment of Louisiana beers I keep on hand in the recesses of the fridge. Continue Reading

RL Reeves Jr visits Gollem beer bar on Raamsteeg in Amsterdam

Over at the Advocate newspaper, hardworking big man Ian McNulty has penned a decent guide to New Orleans taprooms. The scene down here in New Orleans is slowly growing and as we’ve said before, give us 10 years and we just may have something to brag about. Link Oh, and Dixie Beer is on the precipice of opening right here in the glorious 9th Ward. Continue Reading

Everyone has a “last pint on earth bar” and this one is mine: Cafe Gollem Raamsteeg

I just spent a week out in Austin and 90% of the beer I consumed came off exactly one keg: (512) Brewing’s absolute beast of an oatmeal coffee stout. I was routinely turning down pours of exotics from Jester King and Real Ale because I knew they would only take up room that was best reserved for this monster from (512). I did. not. drink. one. pint. of. Yellow Rose. That’s all that really needs to be said. On to this week’s update: Continue Reading

Drinking in Budapest Hungary

I just spent a few days out in Austin, Texas and it was exhilarating. Austin’s awash in breweries and I lost count of how many finely wrought IPAs and lagers I drank. Standout of the visit? The all-time king of Texas ales, Lone Pint Yellow Rose. Second place went to Live Oak’s note-perfect Pilz, the definitive take on the genre. St Elmo Brewing’s Carl, a Kolsch brought home the bronze. Continue Reading