Iron Age Bacon

In the bacon trade it helps to keep your ear to the ground as new developments in the cured hog belly game are always rising.

Late last year we were hanging out with the butcher at Shank Charcuterie here in New Orleans, and doing what we always do, talking about where the best pork bellies are coming from these days. Continue Reading

Ham Diagram (Virginia Cooperative Extension)

In January 2014 I flew to Kentucky, rented a car at the Cincinnati airport, and took a tour across the state’s ham belt. My mom rode shotgun. We spent the day rambling along and talking about her father, Big Jim Sullivan, a farmer famous in Eastern Kentucky for producing hams butchered off his sounders of Duroc hogs. Continue Reading

Charlie T’s In Breaux Bridge Represents Rural Louisiana Charcuterie Mastery

A bar devoted to cured meat? It’s about to happen in south London, UK. Charcuterie company Cannon & Cannon will launch the concern next month, February 2017. Menu items will include: pork and fennel salami from East Sussex; Gloucester Old Spot loin; cured, air-dried West Country beef with hazelnuts, rapeseed oil and tarragon; port and juniper cured, air-dried and smoked mutton with pickled walnuts; and duck, pork and Sichuan pepper sausages. Continue Reading