Ham Diagram (Virginia Cooperative Extension)

In January 2014 I flew to Kentucky, rented a car at the Cincinnati airport, and took a tour across the state’s ham belt. My mom rode shotgun. We spent the day rambling along and talking about her father, Big Jim Sullivan, a farmer famous in Eastern Kentucky for producing hams butchered off his sounders of Duroc hogs. Continue Reading

Charlie T’s In Breaux Bridge Represents Rural Louisiana Charcuterie Mastery

A bar devoted to cured meat? It’s about to happen in south London, UK. Charcuterie company Cannon & Cannon will launch the concern next month, February 2017. Menu items will include: pork and fennel salami from East Sussex; Gloucester Old Spot loin; cured, air-dried West Country beef with hazelnuts, rapeseed oil and tarragon; port and juniper cured, air-dried and smoked mutton with pickled walnuts; and duck, pork and Sichuan pepper sausages. Continue Reading

Hot Sausages On A Buddy's Brand New Weber Smoky Mountain

Hot Sausages On A Buddy’s Brand New Weber Smoky Mountain

We picked up a 13lb Henry Fudge Duroc pork belly last week in Madison, Alabama. It’s in the cure. Around the 12 day mark we’ll pull it out of cure and smoke it for a few hours over cherrywood. It’s proven to be our favorite bacon-smoking wood over the past few months. Continue Reading