NuNu’s is producing some of the best charcuterie in Louisiana

“When the Bavarian patriarch Oscar F. Mayer immigrated to the United States in 1873, he worked as a butcher boy in Detroit and then in Chicago’s meat industry. Oscar F. soon started his own company with his brothers Gottfried, well-versed in “wurstmaking,” and Max, who kept the books.” Continue Reading

T-Boy Berzas at his slaughterhouse in Mamou Louisiana

When T-Boy Berzas, owner of T-Boy’s Slaughterhouse in Mamou got diabetes he knew something had to change. The dread disease had killed his daddy and T-Boy had no desire to see the same fate befall him.

Enter cauliflower boudin.

Purists may be outraged but Berzas is a savvy businessman whose sausage making skills are nonpareil in Acadiana.

Cauliflower boudin has only been on the menu for a short time but the meat shop has already sold over a thousand pounds of the stuff.

Of course if you still want the genuine article, T-Boy’s will be more than happy to oblige.

On The Road With RL Reeves Jr: T-Boy’s Slaughterhouse In Mamou Louisiana

Bryan Butler (left) Is Texas’ Butcher King

When we lived in Austin, Bryan Butler of Salt and Time was an invaluable resource. The man who is now known as Texas’ Butcher King was always willing to help us out on our kitchen projects. For instance: we scored an 18lb, two year old country ham from Benton’s up in Tennessee and needed the shank finessed out by a professional. Butler did it in under a minute.

Last weekend the old-school meat cutter faced off vs Michael Majkszak, owner of Majkszak’s Meat Market in Conroe, and Shawn Knowles, owner of Old Town Market in Lewisville in a showdown sponsored by The Texas Beef Council.

Butler, who’s logged 22 years in the meat game, schooled the upstarts to win $5k.

Bryan Butler is the king of Texas butchers.

Iron Age Bacon

In the bacon trade it helps to keep your ear to the ground as new developments in the cured hog belly game are always rising.

Late last year we were hanging out with the butcher at Shank Charcuterie here in New Orleans, and doing what we always do, talking about where the best pork bellies are coming from these days. Continue Reading