John Mueller is back!

John Mueller Meat Company is open and serving brisket, beef ribs, Texas hot guts, pork ribs and side dishes for people interested in that sort of thing.

Yesterday was the grand opening and we noted block long lines at Kellee’s Place, the bar where his new food truck is parked at the corner of E.6th and Pedernales.

Unfortunately we had other affairs to attend to so we were not able to brave the 2 hour wait for a plate of meat.

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The Redemption of John Mueller

celebrate Texas Independence Day

The old bull of Texas barbecue, John Mueller, is set to open John Mueller Meat Co. in East Austin, Texas. We’ve been running by Kellee’s Place for the past few weeks to notate the progress taking place at the trim and tidy drinkery at the corner of east 6th and Pedernales.

This past weekend smoke was rolling out of the iron pit in the food trailer so we decided to venture inside, and see if the fiery tempered pit boss was up for some conversation.

He was. Unfortunately our 2 hour discussion was off the record.

This is what we can say. Kellee’s Place will host the new venture in the back lot of the old school beer bar. There is a giant stack of big pic-nic tables that will be arrayed across the property. A freshly rehabbed food trailer will anchor one corner of the lot.

Ice cold, dirt cheap beer will be available for the throngs of people that will descend as East Austin welcomes Mr. Mueller back to the side of town where he got famous over a decade ago.

The menu will feature beef chuck ribs, brisket, hot guts, pork ribs and the occasional special like prime rib, enormous pork chops and what have you.

Expect long lines of smoked meat lovers to pack in once the venture gets in full swing in the near future. With SXSW on the horizon we reckon Mueller’s timing to be spot on.

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For the hard partying school girls at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders life is about to get a lot easier. Wheatsville Co-op will be selling beer and wine at their new S. Lamar Boulevard location, opening in June 2013.

The Austin City Council recently voted unanimously in favor of the alcohol sales waiver that the hippies running the joint had been fight tooth and nail for.

Expect backpacks to be filled with Lagunitas starting in June for the poor young gals stuck in summer school. Out of all the high dollar grocers in Austin, Wheatsville is easily our favorite. They’ve really vectored in on the customer service dynamic that’s sorely missing from 99% of markets in town. Ask for a certain item and a worker will attach himself to you and lead you through the shop til you’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

We like that. Too often a specific request at local markets is met with a wave and an “it’s over on that wall” bunch of nonsense. We miss the days when going to the store meant walking in and immediately being met with a counter-all the goods were accessible only to staff; you gave the man your list and he set about filling your order while your Packard Goose set outside idling at the curb.

And even homeless men wore suits and ties.

Those were the days.

recent score from Wheatsville

Big news breaking out of South Austin. The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co has secured the location of their brew house; it’s to be located at 1305 West Oltorf near the intersection of Lamar Blvd.

Here’s what’s coming:

10 taps, all in-house brewed beers

Pizza, thin crust, New York-style Live music, we’d be curious to see if a business in Austin could make a go of it without live music. When we went to pay our motorbike insurance recently a band was setting up in the corner of the office. No word on what kind of bands Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co will be booking. Let’s hope they can get Lightning Bolt to play the opening party.

Amos Lowe and Brian Peters got their own spot y’all!

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We had a great time at the friends and family, soft opening at Freedmen’s in West Campus last night. No matter that we are neither, there were plenty folks who were none the wiser.

Freedmen’s is a barbecue restaurant and craft cocktail bar. Let’s hope University Texas students are thirsty for well made pre and post-prohibition cocktails as that is the slant of the drinkery part of the establishment. We were absolutely stuffed from a previous holiday fete but the menu is quite ambitious and forward thinking. To wit:

Smoked banana pudding

Smoked foie gras torchon

Offal beans

Head cheese

And of course the Texas standard barbecue offerings


Pork spare ribs

and Sausage

my ancient nemesis has reared it’s odious head as well: bread and butter pickles are available. Thankfully this roundhouse slap against all that is holy is mitigated a bit by their offering of the one true pickle: Dill.

The remodel on the old room is gorgeous, you can tell the money behind the business was intent on keeping the vibe antique. Lots of dim lighting and Depression-era jazz playing in the background.

A big patio sits off to one side and was seeing heavy use from the smoking set.

It’ll be interesting to see what, if any, effect, Freedmen’s has on Bert’s, as West Campus now has two barbecue houses a stone’s throw away from one another.

This has been one of the most anticipated openings of the entire year, right up there with Hi Hat Public House, so it’s nice to see fruition come to a project that’s been talked about for months.

more Texas barbecue

We broke the news of Justin Timberlake’s plans to set up a barbecue shop in Austin way back in August of 2011.

A snippet of our original article:

Round up the posse.

We just got wind of more corporate barbecue coming to our fair city. This time we wonder if it’s just a bad joke. An outfit from New York City called “Southern Hospitality” has announced an Austin invasion.

These days we’re feeling a mite prickly. Our Texas foodways are being infringed upon by non-Texas barbecue chains, corporations, franchisees and what have you.

They’re putting their hands in the pockets of places like veteran House Park Barbecue over on 12th st. [est. 1943] and upstart smoked meat cradles like Franklin Barbecue [est. 2009].

and the full piece

Today is the day. Juiceland opens for business, just underneath the giant tattoo sign in SpiderHouse’s courtyard. We predict plenty people will roll in, get completely drunk at the bar at SpiderHouse, then finish the night off with a celery smoothie to clean out all the devil rum.

Dozens of birth notices

The foreman on the work crew informed us that Épicerie Café and Market is about 2 weeks out from opening. Back in the Spring of this year the Rosedale neighborhood was roiled by controversy as the restaurant made formal its plans to open. Many felt like a quaint bistro was just what the neighborhood needed while some folks squawked over the thoughts of people drinking wine(!)in a neighborhood rife with kiddos. In a scene straight out of the wild west, a Facebook page arose to provide a rallying point for the folks who could not wrap their heads around the thought of a cafe going into a space that had formerly housed a beauty salon.

The world kept on turning.

The cafe is tiny. It appears as though it could hold 30-40 people, all potential wine drinking outlaws who park on city streets and eat crusty baguettes without regard for themselves or those around them.

The world will keep on turning.

Our inquiries to the work crew as to the nature of the menu or what sorts of goods and sundries the market would be carrying were met with naught. They just kept on hammering and sawing while we walked around the property taking pictures.

We’ll provide further information as it becomes available.

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