The Flagpole Coffee Shop in Treme at 2032 Esplanade

I’ve been driving past the petite flatiron building on Esplanade for years, and always wondered why no one had turned it over to the hands of commerce.

A few months ago a team of workmen descended on the tiny space and began transforming it into a neighborhood coffee house, and snoball stand.

The Flagpole Coffee Shop finally opened this week.

A hot cup will set you back $2.19 and it’s a well-considered brew. For a little south of five bucks you can get a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice that comes rushing from a Rube Goldberg apparatus where the barista drops oranges into the top of the contraption, and juice dispenses from the bottom.

It’s a cash-only enterprise with limited hours but is a much-needed addition to this little wedge of Treme.

2032 Esplanade Ave
New Orleans, Louisiana

Kermit’s 9th Ward Juke Joint

Kermit Ruffins is opening a brand new spot here in New Orleans 9th Ward. The doors were kicked open on Sunday afternoon for the Big 9 second line and Kermit was outside the establishment greeting folks as they caroused their way down the street. Ruffins took over the former Mickie Bee’s.

Could live music be coming back to the Lower 9?

5119 St. Claude Ave
New Orleans, LA

Liberty Cheesesteaks On Freret Street

Liberty Cheesesteaks on Freret spent the past few years in a tiny sub-500 square feet cubbyhole across from Dat Dog. We were on a po boy research expedition when we noticed they have recently re-opened in the old comedy club that stood at Soniat and Freret.

And they have draft Rosé on tap for all the sorority girls.

We are considering featuring one of their sandwiches in our 500 Po Boys Series


Our website just marked 8 years of operation. In that span we’ve published 3,412 articles. An average of 426.5 posts per year.

We went from being the best, most active food blog in Austin, Texas to being the best, most active food-based website in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Time to throw a rack of ribs on the smoker and crack open a bottle of Heaven Hill Bottled In Bond.

Our most popular article ever

The Scrumptious Chef crew straight up ran the pop up restaurant scene when we lived in Austin, Texas. Our feasts were legendary and we regularly sold out every venue we appeared in but we never had the wherewithal to try and pull off a liquor bar pop up.

An alcohol license was too high dollar.

SXSW Frida Kahlo Pop Up

SXSW Frida Kahlo Pop Up

The entrepreneurs behind Tamale House East are now segueing into the world of liquor with Austin’s first ever alcohol-based pop up: a new concept called Bar Frida, an homage to Frida Kahlo who legendarily loved a good tipple now and again.

And they’ve got the liquor license to do it.

Expect daily tequila-based punches using fresh squeezed fruit juices, craft beer from heavyweights like Saint Arnold, Hops and Grain and Austin Beer Works as well as crazy shot and a beer specials for the blue collar workers who frequent Tamale House East.

Alcohol is all well and good but a top flight Mexican bar will always offer food.

Yani Diaz Smith, head cook at the Tamale House #3 on Airport Blvd will be preparing a special menu for the SXSW crowds that grew accustomed to visiting Bobby Vasquez’s (RIP) legendary, now-closed restaurant.

Does this mean that Diaz Smith will be bringing back some of the iconic Tamale House #3 menu items like brisket tacos, barbacoa and carnitas?

If so we may have to pile in the Econoline and roll back over to Austin for a day or two to soak in some old 1970s style Tex Mex and daydream about the groover’s paradise that no longer exists.

Bar Frida will take over the back bar that abuts the rear patio at Tamale House East during SXSW. Opening day is Saturday March 14th 2015 at noon and the bar will be open noon til Midnight each day through the 21st.

Bar Frida inside Tamale House East
1707 E 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78702

Ben Edgerton and Andrew Wiseheart have officially announced their new restaurant concept. It’s to be called Gardner in honor of Andrew’s father, a man named Gardner.

Seasonal vegetables shall be the matrix of the new venture.

In keeping with current Austin trends the restaurant will be located east of I-35 near the intersection of Chicon.

Like oblique photos of food? Step right this way

Rainey Street’s White House Charity Bar shuttered recently after Lustre Pearl general manager Christian Hawkins complained to TABC that there had been an increase of drunk people due to the bar’s presence on the busy entertainment corridor. White House Charity Bar was the “nation’s first not-for-profit bar” where you made a donation to charity in exchange for your Singapore Sling or Pearl Light. That went over predictably well with TABC who showed up at the venue in December of last year and slapped the cuffs on owner Wendy Gay Thomas saying that their operatives had been “required” to donate to charity prior to being served.

The devil’s in the details.

You can’t keep a good woman down however, and now Thomas is wading back into the fray with a brand new venture on the big empty lot at 70 Rainey.

We were strolling along like a couple young boulevardiers a few days ago when we noticed workmen trundling giant wooden spools onto the property so we inquired as to what sort of business was taking shape.

Two men; two different opinions.

The first man claimed that Austin was about to see it’s first food truck devoted to liquor while the second gentleman opined that the new venue was going to be a “liquor garden” where you paid an admission and drank free “all night long”

Sounds like the glory era of Acuna from where we sit.

Both men agreed that there would be plenty food trucks on site to keep the alcohol tamped down in your belly and that liquor cart? An idea whose time has clearly come. Maybe TABC will get on board with roving cocktail and craft beer carts fanning out across Austin on a daily basis?

And maybe that hoary old “no drinking after 2 am” thing will soon be a thing of the past too?

We could be standing on the precipice of an imbibing golden age in Central Texas.

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Big sausage party coming next week: April 4th from Goldis Sausage Company, a new food cart on east 6th street.

It’s their grand opening

Thug Passion, with Alize® liqueur and Champagne will be served along-side a wide variety of handmade sausages.

-The Goldis (formerly known as the Mustardy Beef)


-Green Curry w/ Peanut


-The Mac-n-Cheese Sausage!

-A Duck Fat Surprise!

Sounds a mite fancy for our old school taste buds but could be a good time.

907 e 6th st, Austin, Texas 78702

7:30 pm

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photo credit: Keenan Goldis

We’ve been wondering about the transformation of Rabbit’s Lounge on East 6th street for awhile now so we decided to drop in and talk with the construction crew to see if they’d be willing to let us in on the project.

They were. Scranton Twohey, formerly of Lustre Pearl is the force behind the new bar which is to be called Whistlers. Twohey has fanned out across Texas to land antique store scores to decorate the establishment and found an old bar sign emblazoned Whistlers; thus the name.

The work crew has gutted the old lounge to install a long Pecan wood bar and a variety of antique iron fixtures. The eastern exposure will feature retractable garage doors in the time honored ice house format.

Tap beer, bottled beer and cocktails will fuel the revelry downstairs while the upper level will serve as offices.

We’re looking forward to Whistler’s opening though the loss of Rabbit’s Lounge hit hard; it was our all-time favorite East Austin bar to watch El Tri and do some hooting and hollering with La Raza.

an obituary for Rabbit’s Lounge

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