Homemade stock is the backbone of our kitchen. We’ve said it time and again. If you’re not making stock from scratch, you’re spinning your wheels.

On an evening ramble through Fiesta Mart last week we spotted some gorgeous catfish heads at the staggeringly low price of .75c per pound.

Time to make pressure cooker fish stock. If you don’t have a Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker in your kitchen arsenal, it’s time to purchase one. Yes, Fisher Price, Hamilton Beach, GE or what have you, probably make a version of a pressure cooker, but go ahead and lay out the extra money and get the Cadillac. It will be the only one you ever purchase, and will be one you can hand down to Little Ray Ray or whatever you named your progeny. Continue Reading

The backbone of my kitchen is homemade stock. It’s what makes the difference between a decent enough cook and a deadly serious one. If you’re willing to take the time to make homemade stock you can seriously up your game in the kitchen.

I make two basic stocks: Chicken and Pork. Beef stock is another beast entirely. Easy enough to make in a professional kitchen but quite a difficult road to walk down in a normal home kitchen.

This formula relates to pork stock. Continue Reading