Little People’s Place 1226 Barracks St; New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

It’s been a quarter century since charbroiled oysters hit the menu at Drago’s Seafood Restaurant out in Metairie. Since then hundreds of cooks, chefs, housewives, dockhands, and oystermen have all taken a crack at what has become one of southern Louisiana’s archetypal dishes. Continue Reading

Bon Creole Lunch Counter In New Iberia, Louisiana

“Who killed the buffalo that’s hanging on the wall over there?”

“Mr Randy, but I forgot where he was when he killed it”

Randy Montegut opened Bon Creole as a crawfish processing plant in 1982. As the business evolved it grew into one of the most famous restaurants in Acadiana. It’s storied, beloved, and regularly the locus of fevered roadtrips from all across the South. Continue Reading

500 Po Boys Rides Across The Huey P Long Bridge In Jefferson Parish Louisiana

A one month hiatus on crabbing in Louisiana was announced recently leading us to ride out to the Shrimp Lot in Westwego to see if we could score some soft shells before the age of darkness fell on New Orleans. Continue Reading

Charlie’s Restaurant In Violet Louisiana via RL Reeves Jr

We were hanging out with the butchers at Jeanfreau’s Meat Market out in Chalmette when the subject of po boys came up. Jeanfreau’s has a little diner on one side of the butchery, and they put out good sandwiches, and hot plates but St Bernard Parish is rich in food, and you can’t eat at the same restaurant all the time. Continue Reading