Ms Linda Green The Ya Ka Mein Lady

There will be howls of outrage at the 2017 Oak Street Po Boy Festival.

The formerly free fest has announced plans to allow po boy purchases only by those patrons wearing wristbands that can be purchased onsite for $5.

Don’t care to buy a wristband? You won’t be allowed to purchase po boys.

We’re just going to sidle up to wristband wearers, inconspicuously slip them some money and have them buy us our po boys on the down low.

And hope that po boy fest’s goon squads don’t get wise to our parlay.

We looked over the list of vendors for this years fest and got really happy when we noticed that Gattuso’s was not invited back.

Soft Shell Crab Po Boy From Cafe Dauphine In New Orleans

The last time we ate food from the kitchen of Cafe Dauphine we left the restaurant only to take a post-prandial navigation through a gang of errant dirt bike riders in the lower 9th Ward.

By now those riders are famous; mainly for getting themselves killed as they zoom up and down the byways of New Orleans with nary a care in the world.

That ‘come what may’ attitude serves them well until they’re sliding face first down the tarmac at 60mph. Continue Reading

Elizabeth “Betsy” McDaniel of Betsy’s Pancake House

Some po boy articles come with a heavy freight. We’ve been eating at Betsy’s Pancake House since the 90s, and can’t help but think about Miss Betsy every time we walk through those doors.

Elizabeth “Betsy” McDaniel was killed in a home invasion in the New Orleans suburb of Marrero in the Spring of 2008. Bryant Boudoin was sentenced to life in prison for the crime. Continue Reading

Queen Gabrielle Price at the 2017 Gheens Bon Mange Festival

Driving 120 miles for a fried catfish po boy is part and parcel of our 500 po boy mission. We could stay in New Orleans, and arguably eat a better version of the Louisiana staple at any number of our old 9th Ward haunts but Lafourche Parish beckoned.

It was the 44th edition of the legendary Gheens Bon Mange Festival his past weekend. For the non-Francophones, bon mange means good eats, and that’s exactly what’s offered in the unincorporated community of Gheens, Louisiana. Continue Reading