Washing off a pork belly in the charcuterie kitchen of RL Reeves Jr

We normally dismiss out of hand any vegan’s attempts at charcuterie but when Florence Fabricant of the New York Times speaks we listen. It’s doubtful we’ll ever get a chance to try a vegan carrot “hot dog” from Harry & Ida’s but we appreciate anybody who will cure a freaking carrot for seven days and then smoke it for a few hours to keep the vegans well fed and satisfied. Take it away FloFab

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The rebirth of Hubig’s Pies

Local media are in full frenzy this morning as Hubig’s Pies has announced a relaunch seven years after their old pie factory in New Orleans Marigny neighborhood burned to the ground.

You know you’re a big timer when Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards issues a press release regarding your concern’s comeback.

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9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

We’ve been on a multi-year deep dive into old Louisiana record labels of yore, and feel like it’s time to mention Rocky Robin’s N-Joy label out of West Monroe, Louisiana.

Roland “Rocky” Robin didn’t get his start the way most rock n roll entrepreneurs do. He first attained his pre-med undergraduate studies degree at Tulane University before receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeast Louisiana University with a designation in Pharmacy.

Robin then shepherded 17 45 singles into existence between 1964 and 1967. N-Joy burned bright as the sun before flaming out.

This morning we’ve been blasting Duane Yates’ blue eyed soul classic “Passin’On By” which came out in 1965 on N-Joy. It’s a screamer and best enjoyed with a group of loud friends drinking and carousing in your living room.

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

It’s a Memphis Slim morning in New Orleans 9th Ward.

Stan Lewis opened Stan’s Record Shop on Texas Street in Shreveport back in 1948 but he didn’t make a national impact until 1963 when he founded the Jewel Records label. Perhaps a few of y’all are old enough to have purchased the Capricorn Records box set of old Jewel recordings that came out in 1993.

If not, run to your nearest record store and pick one up. It would cost you thousands of dollars to collect all the old vinyl that found a tidy little home on the box.