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We spent the last few weeks getting all het up over Carnival so the peace and quiet of Lent is most welcome. We’ve cast aside frivolity and pleasure seeking for quiet reflection and wool-gathering.

Until this Friday when raucous fish fry parties erupt across the city for the entire Lenten season.

It’s the grandest day of the year in these United States, and to think there are people across this country of ours who view it as little more than “just another Tuesday.”

We’re blasting Dave Bartholomew’s “Carnival Day” in celebration and whether you’re in Gray, Kentucky, Morris, Alabama or Taylor, Texas, you should too.

It’s guaranteed to give you some of that New Orleans spirit.

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Only a few precious days remain til Ash Wednesday rears up on us and we have to solemnly file into the nearest church with our daiquiri go cup precariously balanced on the nearest ledge.

Check out 16 year old Art Neville (RIP) singing “Mardi Gras Mambo” by the Hawketts on one of the greatest Carnival cuts ever recorded.

Can y’all believe it came out 66 years ago?

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Happy birthday to Bobby Charles, the Abbeville, Louisiana native who wrote dozens of the greatest songs ever committed to vinyl including “Walking To New Orleans.”

He was born today in 1938.

The backstory on “Walking…” is one of the greatest in the history of Deep South r&b, soul or swamp pop…whatever you want to call it – Charles was one of the finest at it to ever draw a breath.

Dig on Charles old LP “Rice N Gravy,” that’s Willie’s band backing him up with Neil Young rocking it. “The Mardi Gras Song” is one of the top tracks.