A group of friends visited our Bywater home from out of state back in the Spring. They’re from a place where crime is not on New Orleans-level (Texas for the record, but Kinshasa, Belgrade and a number of other cities could be held in the same estimation)

They would blithely walk in the front door and go about their business without immediately pivoting to lock the door behind them. Yeah, a bunch of marks, hardened New Orleanians would say, but in their defense you may or may not stop, drop and roll to lock your door the moment you enter your home in Austin.

A man living in the 600 block of France Street learned a hard lesson Friday morning when he briefly let his guard down upon entering his home and didn’t do the lightning-fast 180 pivot and lock routine that’s crucial to Bywater living. Continue Reading

And then they came for the bourgeois.

Patois, the fine dining restaurant in Uptown New Orleans got taken down last night. A trio of bandits strolled into the dining room at 11pm, walking through the front door that the staff had propped open to enjoy a rare, pleasant August evening.

The attendant diners, 15-20 of them, were relaxing and perhaps enjoying chef Lisa Gustafson- Alessandro’ handmade “Snickers” ($11) over their French Press coffees.

Paying no heed to the guests digestifs, the robbers ordered everyone, including employees, to the floor and relieved them of their possessions.

The contents of the money till were also taken.

With the popularity of credit cards we doubt that the money drawer held a king’s ransom.

But diners at Patois tend to be well-heeled as the tariff for a supper for two is quite dear.

We can’t help but wonder how much more lucrative a take-down of a Chili’s or TGI Fridays would’ve been. Working class folks pay with cash at a higher rate than the upper crust.

At the time of the robbery there was a big cluster of police cars five miles east at Calliope and Annunciation. The dedicated team of officers had set up a roadblock to make sure people had the proper license plates and what have you.

New Orleans has shown time and again that prioritization of city resources is not the government’s specialty.

We expect the robbers’ success will lead to more such takedowns.

Meanwhile the mayor and council continue to dither over statues of old, dead Confederates and whether people should be allowed to rent out their spare bedrooms to tourists.


We’re cheating just a little bit on the veracity of this post’s title as this old abandoned movie theater sits just a few blocks outside of the proper Upper 9th Ward.

As you proceed lake-bound on Franklin Avenue from St. Claude, the boundary of the Upper 9th follows Almonaster at the confluence of Franklin.

But we could not resist posting this photo as we love old movie theaters and this abandoned hulk is quite the sight to see.

9th Ward Daily Photo: The Grit Adult Theater via RL Reeves Jr

9th Ward Daily Photo: The Grit Adult Theater via RL Reeves Jr

This is the old Tiger Theater, a sister to two other old, long-shuttered New Orleans movie houses: The Pitt and The Delta.

The Tiger opened in 1950 and closed nearly a quarter century later in 1973. In 1974, the theater would reopen as a porno house called the Riget. One imagines this was to save money on an expensive sign as the new tenants could just swap a couple letters and voila!

In 1976 the Riget would morph into the Grit Adult Theater enjoying a four year run til closing for good in 1980.

Hat tip to Cinema Treasure, an excellent site devoted to documenting current and shuttered movie houses.

The Grit Adult Theater
2941 Franklin Avenue
New Orleans, LA

Huge news breaking out of Central Texas as Erik Ogershok prepares to leave Real Ale. Ogershok, one of the top brewers in the entire state, is leaving the town of Blanco for the big city lights of Houston to head up an unnamed brewpub.

Richard Doyle (x-Harpoon) has partnered with Friedman, Fleisher & Lowe to purchase Louisiana’s Abita for an undisclosed sum.

Whip In Beer Store In Austin, Texas via RL Reeves Jr

Whip In Beer Store In Austin, Texas via RL Reeves Jr

Craft beer is taking hold in France.

Is Matthew Lincecum of Fremont Brewing Co. in Seattle a madman or a pharisee? He has revolutionary ideas on the craft beer industry. we have a feeling his workers approve.

Broken Wheel Brewery is worth a visit to Avoyelles Parish.

We ducked into Red’s Chinese in the Upper 9th Ward back when they were in the ramp-up to opening.

Tobias Womack was a gracious host as he showed us around his nascent restaurant.

9th Ward Daily Photo: Tobias Womack

9th Ward Daily Photo: Tobias Womack

The rest is history as now Chef Womack sits astraddle the finest Chinese eatery in New Orleans.

3048 St Claude Ave
New Orleans, LA

telephone (504) 304-6030

Hours of Operation (they’ve shifted from time to time, please call)
Monday 12:00 – 11:00 pm
Tuesday 12:00 – 11:00 pm
Wednesday 12:00 – 11:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 – 11:00 pm
Friday 12:00 – 11:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 – 11:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 – 11:00 pm