Breaking the rules a bit but you could throw a rock and hit the 9th Ward from where Hubig’s used to produce pies at 2417 Dauphine in the Marigny.

Of course Hubig’s Pies burned to the ground in July of 2012 as we documented here.

We pray they’re coming back as we would trade a fine work donkey for one coconut Hubig’s Pie.

9th Ward Daily Photo: Hubig's Pies via rl reeves jr

9th Ward Daily Photo: Hubig’s Pies via rl reeves jr

It’s interesting that very little media attention has been paid to Abita Brewing being purchased by Friedman Fleischer & Lowe.

Dan Adams of the Boston Globe breaks down the acquisition.

Abita Brewing is the 900lb gorilla of the Louisiana brewing scene. It will be interesting to see if their new owners can take the company out of the “grocery store beer maker” category and bring them into the craft beer fold.

The old building that sat on the Northwest corner of Louisa and N. Robertson is gone. We drove by last week when the track hoe (or steamshovel if you will) was hard at work tearing the structure to the ground.

9th Ward Daily Photo via RL Reeves Jr

9th Ward Daily Photo via RL Reeves Jr

A big dump truck hauled off all the rubbish and now the site is clean.

At one point the building had been a store as the entrance lined up in that peculiar way that all the old shops in the 9th Ward feature: catty corner to the street corner.

However, in recent years the soft glow of crack torches illuminated the inside of the building when we would drive by at night.