A plump, sustainably raised chuck steak from Salt and Time in East Austin. New Bull In The Pen. Salt And Time Ushers In New Meat Culture Appreciation Era In East Austin link

Austin Daily Photo: Bryan Butler At Salt And Time Butchershop and Salumeria link

Once you’ve had real meat you will never go back to factory farmed, hormone and antibiotic-laden franken-foods.

Update! Bill Center from San Antonio won. Kerry Wier from Buda got 2nd. George Odom got 3rd chili and 3rd in beans. Linda Odom was 11th. 28 chili cooks competed.


Saturday November 17th 2012 Giddy Ups, the little honky tonk in far south Austin {Manchaca} will be hosting a chili cook-off titled Thanksgiving at Giddy Ups. It’s their 8th one.

There will be live music on Friday and Saturday nights as well as camping. You won’t meet a nicer group of people than the crowd that hangs out down that way. When we lived in south Austin Giddy Ups was one of our favorite hang outs. Chili turn in is at 2pm and the fee is $15 with proceeds going to the American Kidney Foundation. Best bring your A game as you’ll be butting heads with Terlingua Grand Champion George Odom. We sampled the man’s bowl of red at our Scrumptious Chef Terlingua pop up at 3 Little Pigs this past Sunday and the man earned his victory.

Ol boy can flat cook.

previous Giddy Ups coverage.

Make your own kettle of Texas Red.

Giddy Ups number 512-280-4732

A nice plump King Ranch Casserole adorned with plenty rajas, stuffed with corn tortillas and roasted chicken and bound together with heavy cream and mountains of shredded cheese. It’s the Texas housewife classic and is one of the Great State’s primary contributions to American cuisine.

We break down the legend:

The Rules of King Ranch Casserole, if you can’t follow the rules don’t tackle the formula.

and once you’ve memorized the rules and signed all documents promising to obey them, you’re ready to tackle the recipe

No shortcuts on this recipe either.

We don’t go in for opening up a few cans of soup and dumping them in a baking dish and calling it a day {although truth be told, we’ve had some very good King Ranches that were done in this fashion}

Casserole season is upon us y’all. Please report back with tales of your casserole cookery as Autumn progresses.

One of the highlights of Austin living comes each year when the Hatch chile peppers make their way to town on the dusty backroads from the Hatch Valley in southern New Mexico. Veteran food writers at the Austin Chronicle used to record this passage when the form of transit was burro or donkey but that’s a discussion left for another time. Recently, on our thrice weekly trip to Fiesta, we lost it when we spied these emerald green jewels lining one of the wooden stalls in the best supermarket in Austin. Our produce man was nearby so we got him to leverage us an industry discount and picked up 2lbs at .99c per. We’ll be buying a gunny sack later.

Rousting through the freezer we found a packet of Andouille sausage from Best Stop over in Scott, Louisiana and that’s when the recipe began to take shape. Here’s what we came up with to usher in the 2012 Hatch Chile harvest.

White Bean Soup with Roasted Hatch Chiles and Andouille Sausage


4 quarts Stock, Chicken ((link)

2 lbs Sausage, Andouille, smoked, chopped

1 lb Beans, Camellia, white (New Orleans finest)

2 lbs Chiles, Hatch, roasted, skin left on, chopped finely




* Sort and wash beans

* Bring stock, along with beans to boil, reduce to simmer

* Cook 1 hour

* Add sausage

* Cook 30 minutes

* Add peppers

* Cook til beans are tender

* Adjust flavors with salt and pepper

Bon Appetit Y’all

Cooking notes

I roast my chiles over hickory on my Weber grill in the backyard

I like the blackened skin left on although it does cloud the soup

If you want to make this recipe more like a chili, add 8 oz of beans {total of 24 oz}

The Andouille from Best Stop comes in a beef gut casing, some folks remove this before integrating into the dish but I leave it on, beef gut casing is tasty

A nice garnish for this soup is a dollop of crema salvadorena

After hanging out at Vintage Heart Coffee for a half hour or so earlier this week it dawned on us that we were sitting in the former home of El Rey, a mediocre Mexican restaurant that shuttered at least ten years ago. Memories fade. Sips on 7th was also a tenant but with the 900 pound gorilla that is Rio Rita nearby Sips could never gain traction and entered into the lore of failed Austin coffee shops.

Enter Vintage Heart. The little joint is jumping on a weekday morning. The clean, brightly lighted room is host to a gang of people hunkered over their laptops, reading books or vacantly staring into space. It’s a nice little scene. Coffee comes via Third Coast, the south Austin roaster and it’s respectable. It’s always nice to branch out from our standard Cuvee and try another local source.

Special note must be made of the speed bump in the alley that connects 7th street to the parking lot. It’s impressive. Perhaps Guinness record quality. Maybe there was a cruising problem and some pesky teenagers had to be reigned in. I’ve never seen one that big before. If you’re on foot make sure to bring some good sturdy rope and crampons so you stand a fighting chance of scaling this beast.

Barista and possible owner {gal in the picture} is friendly and on top of her game whipping around and manning her fancy La Marzocca espresso machine. The cafe is busy but she’s hustling it out and the line never grows too long.

We liked Vintage Heart. The outdoor seating is bare bones so it’s doubtful we’ll make it a regular stop but it’s definitely going on the intermittent rotation.

They have a website , check em out y’all ]

This year was the first Tales Of The Cocktail that we’ve missed since way back at the dawn of the double aughts. Just couldn’t pull it off.

That won’t stop us from hoisting a glass to Travis Tober, a bartender at Eleven Plates who won the people’s choice award at this years fete. His category? The Bacardi 150th Anniversary Hand-shaken Daiquiri Competition.

Anyone who’s been to New Orleans Tales Of The Cocktail knows that it’s the premiere cocktail conference in the USA and anyone who emerges victorious from one of their numerous competitions is world class.

We can’t wait to head out to the rough and tumble western end of Austin to sample Tober’s winning entry; the “Ode To Hemingway”