2022 Fats Domino Second Line Celebration

It’s been nearly five years since Fats Domino passed away. His memorial second line in November of 2017 was one of the largest I’ve ever seen and even rivaled that of Tootie Montana held in the summer of 2005.

This Saturday, October 15th, 2022, there will be yet another second line to honor the great man. If you’ve driven down Caffin Avenue in the past few months you may have noticed the Fats Domino Avenue signs that went up along the old thoroughfare.

New Orleans is always down for a party and those new signs are getting their own second line fete. Yes, the renaming of Caffin to Fats is having its own throwdown. The Stooges Brass Band, old second line veterans who rarely stomp the earth on the Sunday afternoon parades, are dusting off their Nikes to lead MLK High School Marching Band, King and Queen Zulu 2022, Zulu Tramps, Black Hatchet Indian Gang, Big 9, Cross The Canal Steppers, Lower Ninth Ward Steppers, and 9 Times Social Aid and Pleasure Club.

This is a vast array of some of the finest downtown clubs in New Orleans.

Party starts promptly at 11am and will roll from Fats’s big fancy house at 1208 Fats Domino Avenue (formerly Caffin) and will end at Oliver Bush Playground. Walking route

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