Terlingua-style chili pop up in Austin, Texas

The old-fashioned-style chili con carne that Texans have eaten for hundreds of years is hard to come by these days. There’s still a handful of restaurants serving “chili” but the kind that our parents and grandparents grew up on is vanishing fast.

On Sunday November 14th 2021 the Scrumptious Chef cooking team will cook two big pots of regional Texas chilis:

Terlingua-style with smoked beef brisket, dried chiles, garlic, masa and homemade stock. 15

San Antonio-style with pinto beans, smoked pork shoulder, fresh chile peppers, tomatoes and homemade stock. 12

Baked potato topped with your choice of chili plus longhorn cheddar cheese, and sour cream. 12

Guacamole with fresh fried totopos. 5

Chile con queso. 5

Texas sheet cake with vanilla ice cream. 5


In 2005 we, a group of Austin, Texas chefs, started a series of backyard cooking parties that we called Texas Top Cook, this was well before Bravo TV launched their Top Chef series. Hell, they probably ripped us off. We’d gather in backyards, establish a theme for the night, and feed a hundred or so friends and family.

Texas Top Cook morphed into Scrumptious Chef and our food parties steadily grew til we eventually moved them to the legendary Austin chef Raymond Tatum’s Three Little Pigs food truck and eventually to Tamale House (est. 1958) on east 6th street.

We’ve been going strong for nearly two decades.

During the chili party Conjunto legends Los Pinkys will perform a rare outdoors live concert.

We are looking forward to seeing y’all. This is our first pop up in 22 months. Let’s gather safely. There will be four large outdoor dining areas available.

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