2021 Boudin Cook-Off and Acadiana Bacon Festival

The Boudin Cook-Off and Acadiana Bacon Festival took last year off due to Covid but the organizers have decided to come back stronger than ever for this, their 14th year.

The party is held out of doors and most sentient observers long ago determined that conducting one’s affairs in the great outdoors is largely safe and bug-free.

Boudin journalist Robert Carriker is the man behind the event and he vows that all necessary safety protocols will be followed to the letter. The sausage obsessed promoter of Cajun charcuterie noted that, “this will be the place to be to sample everything from boudin rouge to bacon-wrapped boudin balls, to cheesy bacony grits, to boudin pie, and everything in-between.”

2021 Boudin Cook-Off and Acadiana Bacon Festival
October 16th, 2021
Parc International
Lafayette, Louisiana

Hope to see y’all there

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