The annual Hurricane Katrina march will begin at the corner of Jourdan Avenue and Galvez Street in the Lower 9th Ward on Sunday August 29th at noon.

The event is an annual commemoration of the lives tragically lost in the federal flood of 2005.

If we are fortunate Big Chief Victor Harris will give one of his signature speeches.

Following a 30 minute ceremony the group will process across the Industrial Canal where a brass band will join in for a second line that will conclude at Hunter’s Field at the corner of Claiborne Avenue and St Bernard [1659 N. Claiborne, New Orleans, LA 70116]

At the conclusion of the second line a host of local bands will perform at Hunter’s Field. There will be vendors selling all manners of food and drink.

What begins as a sombre morning at the site of a great tragedy ends in a raucous party in a park with hundreds of people dancing and drinking.

This is how New Orleanians both mourn and celebrate.

Website for the event

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