Kartchner’s Specialty Meats in Scott, Louisiana

Best Stop, the long-running Scott, Louisiana Cajun meat house has had a serious dent put in their business by rival Kartchner’s. Kartchner’s opened a big fancy meat-based grocery store on the I-10 exit and now travelers have to roll right by it to even get near Best Stop. On recent visits Kartchner’s was packed and Best Stop was a ghost town. Best Stop has reacted by coaxing the controversial Rouse’s grocery chain into carrying their products. Read all about it here There’s plenty room in Acadiana for both companies.

There are dozens of hotplate joints in and near Lafayette, Louisiana. We’ve never had a bad plate of food at any of them but author Allison Entrekin takes a closer look at three of the very best: Laura’s II, Johnson’s Boucaniere, and Norbert. They’re all roughly two hours away from our home in New Orleans 9th Ward. Read more Don’t skip out on the backbone stew if you go.

Please for the love of all that’s holy don’t screw up your Easter ham by pouring that weird brown treacle that comes in a pouch from your favorite grocery store. That ham does not deserve to be treated that way.

Corned beef is so easy to make from scratch there is no reason for you to be purchasing the old classic canned version from Underwood Just follow this method

It’s been a decade since we wrote on x-Texan Craig White who moved to Japan after finishing his studies at UT Austin. Well he has hit the big time by placing his array of smoked and cured meat products in Costco Japan. more

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