$15 Second Lines at the Broadside

What a joke.

Social Aid and Pleasure Club Second Lines have been rolling in New Orleans for more than a century. On Sunday afternoons the brass kicks off a roving street party that lasts for hours and covers miles of the most beautiful city in North America.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell banned these outdoor parties 13 months ago.

Now in a remarkable display of modernity and capitalism they are being brought back by Winn Dixie et al! For $15 per person. Oh, and those Second Line vendors that have toiled to feed their families and keep a roof over their loved ones heads for decades? Well, “no outside food and drink” says it all.

Nature hates a vacuum and there was a giant rift in New Orleans when Latoya Cantrell banned Second Lines. Now the hole has been ably filled by merchants who saw an opening.

If you want to watch a “Second Line” in a tiny asphalt parking lot in Mid-City the poster has all the details.

Meanwhile tens of thousands of people crowd onto Bourbon Street seven nights a week while real Second Lines are banned.

This is modern New Orleans under the watch of a mayor born and raised in California.

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