Let Me Teach You How To Make Texas Red Chili

When that cold nor’easter blew in from Lake Pontchartrain last night I got to thinking about chili.

Texas chili.

Texas Red to be precise.

I retired undefeated from the Texas chili wars over a decade ago. Back in the 90s, well before Top Chef became a thing, I organized a series of cooking competitions called Texas Top Cook. I would visit the best restaurants in Austin with an open letter to the cooks in the kitchen.

The letter was a challenge to show up on my French Place proving grounds to compete over big iron pots in my backyard. We’d have 5-10 cooks competing in a variety of fields but the big ones were always concerning chili.

I never got beat in chili but I did taste bitter defeat in a casserole competition (the girl who won eventually admitted that she cheated, and stuffed the ballot box.)

Would you like to learn how to make Texas Red, the ne plus ultra of all chili?

Step right this way

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