Krewe du Vieux has cancelled their 2021 Mardi Gras parade

They’re lewd.

They’re salacious.

They’re bawdy.

They’re Krewe du Vieux.

And they’re cancelling their 2021 Mardi Gras parade.

With zero leadership from California-native Mayor LaToya Cantrell, the big Carnival Krewes are left to their own devices as far as their 2021 parades are concerned. Last week Krewe Captain Sebastian Boegershausen made the announcement that Krewe du Vieux would not be taking part in next year’s Carnival parades.

Boegershausen stated that the different factions that make up his krewe will “build satirical art installations or engage in activities in support of local charities.”

Krewe du Vieux was the only major Carnival krewe that I religiously attended. The old-fashioned mule drawn floats were a major attraction and the fact that they started their roll in my beloved 9th Ward sealed the deal.

They will be greatly missed.

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