Update: Five hours after this article was posted the City of New Orleans relented, and agreed to allow go-cup sales in New Orleans restaurants.


The first domino has fallen.

On Thursday, The Krewe of Oshun officially canceled their 25th anniversary Carnival parade that was scheduled for February 5th of 2021.

It’s a smart, preemptive move in advance of what’s going to happen shortly.

California native Latoya Cantrell is the lame duck mayor of New Orleans, and will cancel New Orleans 2021 Mardi Gras season in the next two to four months.

What would be political poison for preceding mayors is just another day at the office for Cantrell. She’s certainly smart enough to know that she has slim chances of winning a reelection to the mayor’s office so why would she not cancel?

It’s a win win situation. She gets to appear strong before her shrinking political base, and simultaneously contribute to the permanent closure of numerous bars and restaurants in Orleans Parish. Local political mavens say this is the unstated goal of Mayor Cantrell.

When crowds of people took to Bourbon Street earlier this summer Latoya lashed out, and banned go cups in all bars and restaurants in the city.

It was the type of despotic move that’s been the hallmark of her administration. Thousands of people continue to flock to Bourbon Street nightly, they just purchase their alcohol from curb stores, and quick marts.

The neighborhood bars that had been clinging to life were immediately throttled by the Cantrell ban.

On a recent visit to the Deep South I was stunned to see drinkers sporting go cups on city streets of small towns in Alabama, and Kentucky. Strenuous alcohol regulations had been relaxed so that small businesses could keep a few dollars floating into their cash registers.

Meanwhile, back in New Orleans, the “spiritual home” of the go cup,” bars and restaurants have gone dark in light of Cantrell’s edict.

The bloodletting has only begun. If you’re not familiar with the political machinations of Latoya Cantrell I’ll leave you with this from The Lens:

“New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell and her associated political action committee, Action New Orleans, have collected at least $69,838 in political contributions from the partners of 1031 Canal Development LLC — the group behind the Hard Rock Hotel. The hotel was still under construction on Oct. 12 when it collapsed, killing three workers and injuring dozens more.”

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