Meet The Dixie Mafia by rl reeves jr

The Dixie Mafia were a roving gang of sadistic killers who did dirty business in the Deep South for the oldest reason of them all: money.

Powerboats, high-performance Cadillacs, and turbo-prop airplanes criss-crossed Louisiana, and the rest of the south as the cartel waged a reign of terror that saw dozens of killings, and enormous amounts of money go into the gang’s coffers

By the mid-seventies, 75 deaths of drug dealers, police officers, people in the wrong place at the wrong time, and enemies of the gang had been attributed to the cartel.

But a home invasion gone wrong in New Orleans’ Lakeview neighborhood would spell the downfall of the Dixie Mafia.

Hey y’all. I wrote a 2100 word article on the legendary kingpin of the Dixie Mafia, Kirksey McCord Jr. Between research, writing, and editing it took me a week to create the piece. If you’d like to read it I’ll send it to your email address for $1. My Venmo is @Russell-Reeves-6 or you can paypal me at

Please add your email address when you remit the $1 payment. Thanks, hope you enjoy the article.

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