The Closure of the Chicken Ranch Brothel in La Grange, Texas

47 years ago today the infamous Chicken Ranch whorehouse, out in La Grange, Texas shut down. I wrote a piece awhile back on what went on behind the scenes that led to the business being closed.

It had been the longest-running brothel (est. 1844) in the US til Marvin Zindler, a zealous TV newsman from Houston, stuck his nose into the affairs of madam Edna Milton.

Texas state attorney general, John Hill, was Zindler’s governmental mole who supplied the newsman with inside tips on the operation.

Zindler caught a fierce ass-whipping from local Sheriff TJ Flournoy for his troubles. When Mr. Zindler returned to La Grange a year and a half after his TV piece ran, the 71 year old Flournoy saw his chance and pounced, dragging Zindler from his black 1975 Continental Mark IV, and beating him from pillar to post, breaking his ribs and snatching his toupee right off his dome-then stomping it into the rich Fayette County dirt. more

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