The Black Panthers Desire Stronghold in New Orleans

“Death to the pigs!” “Death to the pigs!” “Death to the pigs!”

It’s fall 1970, and the folks who live in New Orleans’ Desire Housing Project are verbally unloading on police officers who have shown up 250 strong in an effort to forcibly evict the local chapter of the Black Panther Party.

Little kids are chanting, middle-aged folks are hollering, and old folks are shouting as well. The crowd is determined to drive the police out of their neighborhood, and in a result that seems shocking a half-century later; they did just that. The cops withdrew.

Hey y’all. I wrote a 2,000 plus word article on the Black Panthers stronghold in the Desire Housing Projects. Between research, writing, and editing it took me a week to create the piece. If you’d like to read it I’ll send it to your email address for $1. My Venmo is @Russell-Reeves-6 or you can paypal me at

Please add your email address when you remit the $1 payment. Thanks, hope you enjoy the article.

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