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I have quarts of master stock available.

It’s 54 months old so it’s young in the world of master stock where some professional chef’s families have been working on their particular stocks for multiple generations. Once a week for the past 54 months I’ve smoked pork, beef or chicken bones over American hardwoods, and combined them with my master stock then pressure cooked the broth for 90 minutes.

I’ve done this 216 times so the richness of the broth is assured.

It’s like regular stock but extra-strength and will take your soups and stews up to masterchef level. Use a quart as a starter for your own master stock program or use one quart with 3 quarts water as a base for a gallon of your favorite soup or stew.

My first article on master stock from 2015 when I started the project

$30 rlreevesjr@gmail.com

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