The Ensley Grill was a legendary soul food restaurant in Ensley, Alabama

A cracking hot piece of Whiting fish on Wonder bread with a skift of mayonnaise and a few shots of Crystal Hot Sauce is soul food in its finest form. Whiting is not a fish you see on New Orleans menus but as you travel north and up into the Deep South you’ll find it’s quite common in Mississippi and Alabama. Golden Flake potato chips make a great side dish for a Whiting sandwich.

LuCretia’s Kitchen up in Louisville has Whiting on their menu. Owner LuCretia Thompson also does brisk trade in jumbo wings, rib tips, salmon croquettes fried chicken, beef brisket, fried pork chops, meatloaf, greens, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, coleslaw, cornbread and other soul food staples. more

Soul House is a pop up soul food delivery service in Austin, Texas. It’s run by an R&B band Sam Houston and BLK Odyssey. Austin’s soul food scene took a major hit when the dominant player, Queen Lola, moved out of town a few years ago. Maybe Sam Houston can fill her shoes? His opening menu includes “fried chicken (which involves a blend of six seasonings, a 12-hour brine, and a hot honey glaze), thin waffles, and sides like mac and cheese, candied yams, corn bread, and garlic green beans.” more

Millie Peartree of MP Fish Fry and Soul Food in the Bronx shares her semi-legendary mac and cheese recipe here

Alabamians are distrustful of Huntsville resident’s claims that they are southerners. Huntsville is just too far north- too close to Tennessee to rightfully belong to the South. The city of Cullman marks the Mason-Dixon line for many life-long Alabamians. So, can you get true southern soul food in Huntsville? 3 Sistas Kitchen asserts that indeed that is exactly what they’re serving. more

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